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  1. ghosted

    A little C++ quiz

    I smell a homework assignment.
  2. ghosted


    You'll want to set your colour back to white right before drawing the textured quad with glcolor3f(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f).
  3. ghosted

    Names For Game Companies

    Quote:Original post by Trapper Zoid Thinking about prospective company names at an early stage does have one benefit; choosing a domain name to register. If you're thinking of forming a team it's always a good idea to get your own domain and website, and it makes any posts you put in Help Wanted look more respectable if you have a link to your website and have a contact address at frank@molybendiumgames.com rather than d4rkl0rdfr4nk1337@yahoo.com. Well I'm still cynical of even that. Yes, a more accomplished site, with appropriate domain, does an awful lot more to convince potential recruits than webmail addresses and a geocities site but all this faux-companies with web-sites always seem to go a step further and announce that "the forums are up". Forums for a game that isn't made, by a company that doesn't exist and a team that is still forming. Surprise surprise, they're always empty, of course. It's just another sign that people are more interested in being recognised and feeling like they have a presence than actually making the game they want. There's nothing wrong with a registered domain but people need to wait until the game has something to show for itself otherwise you're just wasting time and money. Of course that begs the catch-22 question of "how can I recruit if I don't represent the concept as an accomplished project?" and the answer is to simply do things slower. When the project is simpy an idea, represent it as that. Find a programmer with a suitable interest, put some early work together and build from there. A project website should really only form when things start to become playable, until then fly under the radar and let the project drive you, not your aspirations of fame. [Edited by - ghosted on June 13, 2008 11:16:41 AM]
  4. ghosted

    Names For Game Companies

    Haha, these things always make me chuckle (well, briefly, then it fades into anger). Let's cut straight to the chase and admit this forum is full of people who want to make games but only a significantly lesser few who actually can (let's not quibble on numbers). Yet, despite this, company names seem to be attached to every new post and they always seem to follow the same generic template as follows... 1. Take an element from the periodic table. 2. Select one of the following: Studios, Games, Entertainment, Inc, Software or Designs. 3. Combine the two, declare yourself a "company" then name yourself CEO. 4. Boom, you're done - the game should make itself now. If you've given your team a name, labelled yourself with a title or promised proportionate compensation upon completion of work (to more plebs after a worthless title) you're deluding yourself. You clearly don't want to make a game, you want to look important, you want recognition and you're inflating your sense of self-worth. You're in this for the wrong reasons and your expectations are seriously mis-aligned. If you do any of the above I challenge you to drop it all, remove all recognition of a company name, take the "CEO of Radium Entertainment" out of your sig and just shut up about your game until it's complete. What's more important, the stature, or the game?
  5. I'm still in that stubborn frame of mind where I want to write every last piece of my game myself but your little library there has so nearly tempted to change my ways. Even if I don't use it, you seem to have done an excellent job with the thing. Top stuff sir, your rate++ is in the post.
  6. ghosted

    Beginners feedback wanted

    Quote:Original post by NickHighIQ It should be 'have'. It sounds like that when people say it just because they're saying "should've", which is short for 'should have'. Sorry, but I'm OCD and a little lesson in literacy couldn't hurt anyone! While we're correcting people. That's not OCD, that's simply being pedantic. In fact, I think I'll display a little pedantry myself and question if the phrase "I'm OCD" is at all correct? Surely the appropriate phrase would be "I suffer from OCD" as your original statement expands to "I'm Obsessive Compulsive Disorder". This would suggest your being is the physical whole of the aforementioned disorder? A disorder which causes terrible grief for many afflicted by and it would be a shame to suggest you suffer the same if it is in fact simply a case of being petty. Something we're all susceptible to from time to time. I'm doing it right now. Really sorry but I'm a massive pedant. Hopefully that little lesson didn't hurt. Whilst I've been unable to draw myself away from silly internet diatribes I really should take the time to at least comment on the original post. I'd say that irrespective of the target audience it never hurts to hear an opinion on the material. In fact, assuming you're capable of highglighting the more valid responses, the more you can get, the better. As such I'd just make it publicly available and watermark it clearly as 'Work In Progress'. Once complete, remove the old iterations and release the finished piece.
  7. ghosted

    The Mint (scam tv)

    The uk version over here got their wrists slapped because because they had questions such as "Name something you'd find in a ladies handbag". One of the 10 possible answers which wasn't guessed was "rawlplugs". That's right, the plastic sheathes that you insert into brickwork before inserting a screw. I believe they got a mighty fine for that but I'm not sure I care that much. It's idiot tax - I'm normally fairly compassionate but I'm not sure I'm too bothered if someone is stupid enough to enter the damn things. However, a dj/presenter/comedian over here by the name of Iain Lee spent hours and hours (and a lot of money I guess) calling in and answering with "Ghostbusters 2" no matter what the question was. You can find them on youtube... Part I Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII
  8. ghosted

    chasecam problems. springs?

    Sounds to me like in step number three you are taking the vector to the target position and adding to your velocity so it's building up, travelling past the target and then doing the same thing in the return direction. For springy behaviour I simply determine the vector to the target position and set the camera velocity to that multiplied by something like 0.35 (or something like that). That'll make it slide into position easing in as it reaches the target position (albeit technically never actually getting there but you shouldn't be able to notice). The lower the number the looser the spring with 1.0 being rock solid. Doing this will of course lead to the camera being left behind as the craft moves faster so you could simply treat the camera position on that relative axis seperately and make that a much tighter spring.
  9. With a 3x3 grid I managed to get the first 6 number in no time by simply focussing on a single number at a time and careful palcement of the previous number when rotating the rightmost tiles into place. However, the last 3 obviously couldn't be re-arranged without compromising that which you've solved already. This 'brick wall' is due largeyl to the games major flaw - you cannot affect one brick without affecting 3 others and when that involves both position and rotation that is an awful lot of data to take on board for each move. Planning ahead is limited to little more than a single step - which aint good. I can't think of any immediate solutions to this as I suspect it's more a flaw in the core concept than something that needs tweaking but you could perhaps remove the concept of number themselves rotating and simplify it down to merely their positions rotating around each other for now. That's certainly ease the strain and make it more visible to the working mind.
  10. ghosted

    Speed painting

    Not bad, although when someone mentions speed painting I always think of this space painting
  11. ghosted

    Bioshock demo available on steam

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel Quote:Original post by cowsarenotevil I'm considering trying this, but since I haven't actually played modern games for a long, long time I don't even know what Steam does. Will I be able to download this demo freely without giving any personal info, etc.? Yep. Not strictly true. To get it via Steam you will need to set up an account and install the client and that will require an email address at least but there's certainly nothing to worry about on that front. Alternatively you can always get it from a number of download sites listed here on bluesnews
  12. ghosted

    Name of old RTS (with robots and laser)

    Ok, not sure if it had robots in it, but how about Perimeter?
  13. ghosted

    Name of old RTS (with robots and laser)

    It could've been either Z or Z: Steel Soldiers by The Bitmap Brothers
  14. ghosted

    Real-Life Skills?

    Quote:Original post by Qitsune I can navigate small sailboats (up to, say, 35 feet) I'm sure with a bit of effort you can sail further than that, especially in a survival situation. :)
  15. ghosted

    I'm an idiot.

    I'm assuming you mean the buttons of an arrow pointing forwards and backwards along the toolbar and I suspect you may have simply dragged the thing to another panel or potentially closed it. Just check you've not slid it alongside all the other elements along the top of the app or down the side amongst the tools. All the other components/panels can be toggled by selecting View->Screen Elements but the undo/redo option appears to be missing from that list (minor bug). However, as Palidine already mentioned you can select Edit->Undo or Edit->Redo from the Edit Menu or simply use the shortcut keys of CTRL-Z and CTRL-Y (which I'd recommend as it's far quicker anyway). If you have actually closed the undo/redo panel I'm not sure you can get it back without reinstalling/resetting the app but no great loss.
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