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    Anybody left from the 2003 crowd?

    2003 checking in!   remember the gamedev comics? who drew those, i forget   EDIT: wow! i found it     Boolean, that's right!   The rest of his comics:   http://benryves.com/gd_comic/
  2. DigitalChaos


    i like to swing dance. not too shabby at it either.
  3. DigitalChaos

    The Lounge through the ages

    yeah.. a few of the major contributors to the lounge don't post much anymore (if at all).. coming to mind are nes8bit and boolean.. but there are certainly more. i remember when i first joined this place was crazy.. things slowly started dying down with the rating system..
  4. DigitalChaos

    Gamedev: The comic?

    http://web.archive.org/web/20050207070847/www.gamedev.net/features/comic/past.asp?comicid=4 haha.. good times.. [grin]
  5. DigitalChaos

    need some help with electronics....

    so... it's possible? [looksaround] basically what i got from hedos explanation is that - yes gold and silver emit specific frequencies - they emit hundreds if not thousands of different frequencies - a chunk of gold won't have so many frequencies (this is where i got lost) so you're saying that the more gold their is the easier to detect the frequency? i'm not sure i understand hedos.. can you explain maybe in simpler terms.. boy do i feel stupid here... [embarrass]
  6. DigitalChaos

    need some help with electronics....

    uh... gold and silver. is it true that they emit some sort of frequency? i'm trying to either prove a buddies theory wrong.. or right.. depending on the outcome.. i've heard from several places that they emit a specific frequency.. yet i can't seem to find any information about it on the internet.. so i dunno. do any elements in the periodic table emit frequencies or wave lengths or some such thing?
  7. DigitalChaos

    need some help with electronics....

    i'm pretty sure i'm looking for radio waves... is it true that all elements emit a frequency?
  8. DigitalChaos

    need some help with electronics....

    ok, so i don't know much (anything) about electronics.. and i know there's some pretty smart people here.. so i thought i'd see if anyone could help me. Basically I want to make some kind of receiver that will detect and amplify specific frequencies and then give a direction of where the frequency is coming from. I have absolutely no idea how i would go about doing this. for instance have it look for a frequency in the 4-8 khz range or something and then specify where it's coming from. would i also need a transmitter if i just want to recieve frequencies already in the air? any help is appreciated.. thanks...
  9. DigitalChaos

    Mormon Banner Ad?

    man, that video is hilarious. Mormon theology is a bit.. different The book of mormon though, that is interesting reading. I don't believe in the Book of Mormon as a religious text, but as a historical text. If read purely as a historical text it recounts the events of the ancient people of south and north america. Very interesting stuff. And no, i'm not mormon.. just surrounded by them.
  10. DigitalChaos

    StarCraft 2!

    Quote:Original post by WanMaster Quote:Original post by aidan_walsh /me awaits inevitable World of Starcraft You mean you haven't played it yet? It's awesome! lol i can't believe vipejc jokes are still around...
  11. DigitalChaos

    Urban Empires - Help me pick my game's box art!

    i think the logo is great, i don't understand the colorful stick figure guy though. i think it would look better if it looked like a chalk outline of a dead body or something... maybe just make him not colorful and make him look different than the guy you see when you cross the street... and Urban Empires is enough, "And may he control the streets" isn't needed IMO.
  12. DigitalChaos

    New Name : Urban Empires

    been following this game for a while now. congrats on almost being finished. can't wait to play :)
  13. DigitalChaos

    Britney spears files for divorce

    it might have somethin to do with the sex tape of her and kevin coming out, the divorce that is.
  14. DigitalChaos

    First Tattoo

    wow man, a tribal tat? soooooo original
  15. DigitalChaos

    funniest reason someone got fired

    i got fired for dropping a 400 pound dead person. oops.
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