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    A Resource Manager for Game Assets

      I've done exactly this. Works pretty well. https://github.com/madeso/euphoria/blob/master/euphoria/cache.h   I noticed however that the create function probably doesn't need to be a parameter, should change that...
  2. A while ago I started converting my pet project from a vanilla visual studio solution to a cmake generated solution. CMake is a cross platform makefile/solution builder. While it makes it easier to have the same configuration for many platforms and compilers, the biggest win this gives (imo) is that you can comment and easily search your configuration files. Why I haven't converted to cmake earlier is because I though that I had not influence over how the output looked, however I recently found out that with source_group you can instruct how the files should be laid out in the solution explorer and, as far as I can tell, it supports placing files directly under the project node, making the solution tidy: source_group("" FILES ${game_src}) One downer is that you have to type the files to add. While this isn't that different from how visual studio works it is irritating. There is a glob command that can list files from a directory, and while it can, and some projects do, use this as list source files, it isn't recommended. I didn't want to go against recommendations and I didn't want to type files I decided to write a tool to write the files for me. So... two weeks of pythonscripting and four revisions later(iirc) I can add this to my cmake file: #autogen this: include(game_src.cmake) and that tells my cmakegen.py script to autogenerate game_src.cmake in the same folder as the "caller". While the generated files are manually added to hg, and you have to run cmakegen.py when you add new files it support relative include paths (though it is undefined when two different files include the same cmake file) and it does generate the same output on both windows and ubuntu.
  3. I am Gustav, I am from south sweden, and this journal is hopefully where I'm going to write about stuff. I'll probably be reposting some of my older posts from my other dead blogs and I got some content in the pipeline and I think this will mostly be about code and gamedesign on my game. Speaking about the game, the game is a third person shoot/beat em up with soldiers, wampires, zombies and wherewolves. Since I started designing on it back in 90-something, and coding it in 01/02 something, quite a bit has changed. I've gone through: 4 name changes (was "the best", "infection", "infection: survivors" and now "survivors")a change in perspective (was a fps)at least 2 gamplay changes: It was, and still is, a shoot and kill and walk through the environment, but there was a period of it being a travel back and forth between camps of survivors, delivering messages.3 different languages (C, C++, C# and now C++ again)3 revision controls (copy when needed, svn and now hg)2 engines (genesis 3d in the first write and since then custom open gl ones)3 opengl startup libraries(sdl, custom and now sfml)and at least 5 total rewrites With those stats out of the way, I started on this rewrite in July 2009, and I decided that I only will refactor in the future, so I converted the svn to hg less than a year later and it probably wont be long until I start on the refactoring as the rendering engine doesn't look like my target api. In the mean time I probably are going to change from my custom math library to cml (or something), visual studio project to cmake and intermediate mode to vbos, to name a few "smaller" changes that also need to happen. For thoose who like to have a look(I welcome feedback btw), my game/engine can be found on code.google.com/p/pwn-engine/. I'm not sure I'll be putting survivors related code there however, since I plan to keep everything datadriven. My c# attempt, among my other c# projects, can be found at code.google.com/p/prettygood/ Here are a few screens that I managed to dig up, for those that are wondering The first version, C and genesis 3d: http://i.imgur.com/v6u9r.jpg Some ot the later rewrites, still pretty old, I guess about 4 years ago, it might be my last C++ version before I tried C#: http://i.imgur.com/nC5Kt.png phew. This was fun, digging though the past. If noone has anything against it, I'll probably dig though my other games and since they doesn't have as much history I'll probably go a little more to the depth, both code, design and graphics wise.
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    Game Over

    I must say, I really like your artstyle Quote:Original post by Milkshake So if anyone knows a quick way to reformat BMFont output into simple white text on black background with an alpha mask that includes a solid-yet-smoothed outline, I'm interested.I used paint.net's outline feature, copied the layer several times and handpainted it to be clean for lolball (IIRC). Now I just use the latest version that has outline support built in :)
  5. sirGustav


    According to wikipedia 14:9 is supposed to look good on both widescreens and standards, so that's the aspect ratio I've been using.
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