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  1. Where Do I Start? So Many Possibilities

    My experiencie   FORGET TO DESIGN VIDEOGAMES.   Just start working in the IT world programming in J2EE, it means a lot of money, less work and more reputation and career.   Then later you can start any videogame project for fun. Or you could start a project while you are working.   IMHO, i was shocked to know that some half baked programmers earned the double than my salary of indie game developer, working trivial business projects (in fact, most business projects are database, logic,web and security. Rinse and repeat thousand of times).
  2. type-a good at programming. so-so at art. bad at PR.   type-b good at art so-so at programming. bad at PR   type-c good at PR so-so at art bad at programming   type-d so-so at anything.   pick your poison!.   Game developing is hard because it requires multiples disiplines.  So, the trick is to know the weakness and turn around it. For example, if you are bad a programming then, some platform / projects are more code-less than other.   Other alternative is to "outsorcing" the problem.   And btw, it is not so hard to program (with some exceptions).  Some tools and languages ARE PAINFUL HARD (c/c++) but other are pretty friendly.  I know that exists some "efficiency" in some languages but, it depends in the projects. Also, there are not MERIT in work hard but in the result.
  3. Has anyone created a paid HTML5 game?

    There are a lot of paid games that are done for html5, not for browser but for a web container (that is pretty much the same), such for iOS, Android and WP. In fact, Metro applications (Store Apps) could be created using javascript (on steroids) + html5 or xamp.
  4. The Weapons of a Game Designer

    Don't forget the pipeline. Different pipelines involves different planning. The act to design a document should be in the pipeline (and in the Gantt of the project).
  5. Unity SDK For Android

    [quote name='jbadams' timestamp='1353149661' post='5001735'] You'll have a much easier time if you just use eclipse. Yes, you CAN use netbeans if you prefer, but you'll be on your own figuring our how, and you'll be working against rather than with the expected usage. [/quote] Nothing is easy with Eclipse. Sadly, some features of the sdk are only available on Eclipse.
  6. Number of inputs per second

    Depend in the kind of games but 5 input x second is fine for different cellphone games, mainly because many games runs with less than 30 frames x second.
  7. nds feature not just 1 but two processor (66mhz + 33 mhz). In any case nds is technically inferior to iphone and psp. Iphone uses a common StrongArm processor featuring some security measure,h264,floating point, usb, bluetooth,modem,irda,ac97,and mmc/sd feature. And PSP feature a 333mgz MIPS proccesor plus a 166mhz gpu processor. Iphone is a awesome machine but PSP is way better for 3d games, PSP was designed specifically for 3d games, instead Iphone was developer for connectivity and features.
  8. PhyreEngine promise a lot but i think SCE dropped it.
  9. Windows CE

    For ppc2003 / windows mobile you can program using the .net compact framework (visual studio 2003,2005 and 2008) For windows ce,pcc2000,2002 and 2003 you can use embedded visual studio (you can use c++ and evb =visual basic embedded), is free but i think its some hard to find in the microsoft webpage. You can use a emulator (included in the sdk), so you will not need a real device but some functions are not emulate using the emulator (for example bluetooth).
  10. Volumetric light

    What is the method to do a volumetric light? or how i can pass the volumetric light from 3dsmax to the game?. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3192/2807548416_c2867c6716.jpg
  11. In canada : - $60/month. 150 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 400 MB Data, 75 SMS sent, unlimited incoming SMS - $75/month. 300 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 750 MB Data, 100 SMS sent, unlimited incoming SMS - $100/month. 600 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 1 GB Data, 200 SMS sent, unlimited incoming SMS - $115/month. 800 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 2 GB Data, 300 SMS sent, unlimited incoming SMS :-/
  12. Quote:Original post by shadowisadog It may not seem like a lot, but I have had to learn the Mac OSX, XCode, Interface Builder, Objective C 2.0, and OpenGL as I came from a PC, DirectX, and Visual C++ 2005 background. i too want to jump from ms to apple, is hard to work with iphone? the sdk is decent or not?, for example symbian is cool but is pretty tough to work with it. And, do you buy a mac to work with it? i tried virtualization and is unusable. Also, Unity3d will promise a lot.
  13. The main trouble to work on "embedded" or portable devices is the hardware himself and their limiting. So, working only with a emulator is pretty risky, may be your application done on the emulator can run fine and find clueless why the same application will refuse to work on a real device. In fact, this happens on j2me, symbian and windowsce. For example, you must avoid the use of floating point operator (division for example) on many devices cause they can't support it or they support but with a performance impact.
  14. Quote:Original post by aleisterbukowski I'm going to start developing/learning how to use the SDK and try to throw my Orbox game on the iphone. Using iTouch to play that game with my twist I think would be really cool. Also like it being mentioned plenty of times before it being the hot new trend, one of the hottest products of 08 why are more people not delving into this? I own a PC, and the SDK is only available for Mac users, so is it worth converting my PC to a Mac for a the the sole purpose of developing iPhone Apps, or must I just wait until it is either hacked, or I buy my own Mac? Any suggestions? I was thinking about VMWare + PowerPC Emulator + Mac OS X Tiger 4 but my laptop is already a lagger, and can barely do what I do now, so not much of an option I'm really willing to try. If you own a pc but a iphone or a mac, then you can look at Symbian 9.1, out of the touchscreen interface the rest is the same, Opengl es 1.1, Strongarm and such.
  15. WiiWare

    Wiiware is running over thin ice, without harddisk we will see many customers not willing or able to buy a new wiiware game. Also, is the fact that the vast number of wii titles in the market right now.