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  1. Not without implementing a scripting language. You'd need to write a parser that reads values and paths from the script file, but the functions for rendering, etc. would need to already be in the compiled code.
  2. I've done my time. Please close this thread before any more people stumble into it and dock me points before reading the entire thing.
  3. Quote:Original post by petewood Has DesCr pulled out? edit: heh, he's dropped off my radar. Going down... Ha, no. I had a long day so I'm sorry if I came across like a jackass, and even made some mistakes. I'm just so tired of seeing the debates, yet I seem to have started one of my own. WTF, I went down like 200 points. It's like you can't even post these days.
  4. This forum's point system

    . [Edited by - DesCr on July 13, 2004 12:52:25 PM]
  5. I'm not asking what to start with or which is better. I'm simply saying that I'm tired of the misunderstandings. Anyways, go to dictionary.com and look it up. C# was designed by Microsoft to replace Java. As for what that has to do with anything? You can't tell me that the main focus for C# isn't web development, .NET, etc. If you're goign to program your game in C# just to be cool and use the latest language, then you're dumb. I'm not saying my views are 100% the way you can think, just sharing them. If I get docked anymore points over this..... well I don't know what I'll do, but it's childish.
  6. I am getting sick and tired of finding thread after thread asking if C++ is dead, or if somebody should learn C# and ditch C++ because someone told them that C++ is going away. Folks, the bottom line is as follows: C++: A Stroustrup created language C#: A MICROSOFT created language Furthermore: C#: Designed to replace JAVA, NOT C++!!!!! THAT is the main point that people fail to realize. [Edited by - DesCr on July 12, 2004 1:54:19 AM]
  7. Weird PS2 Device

    I originally posted this in the console section, but I swear nobody goes there. After further thought, it's not even a game developing question anyways, so maybe this IS the forum for it. Quote:Original post by DesCr I found a weird device laying around at work, and nobody seems to know what it is. It basically plugs into the PS/PS2 controller port, and on the other end is a port to put a network cable in. If I had access to a camera I'd post a pic, but I don't :/ It's about the size of a memory card, but thicker. It's just one object, no cords. One end for the controller port, the other for an ethernet input. Anybody have any clue as to what this is? Google doesnt.
  8. Google vs Yahoo

    Quote:Original post by quasar3d Quote:Original post by DesCr Quote:Original post by Rob Loach Google. I mean, look how much crap is on the Yahoo! site compared to Try http://search.yahoo.com - crap free! and that's exactly what's so great about google.com, it's such a nice name to type. It goes soo smooth, because the letters are distrubuted over your keyboard so very well. I can't think if it that I would have to type search.yahoo.com everytime I want to search something. Even yahoo.com almost breaks my fingers;) Yeah well your search engine is usually your home page. If not, you can create a shortcut link bar. BTW, who docked me 3 points? This system is so stupid since I've not done anything wrong. Anybody can rate anybody, then you get down to zero and are not trusted.
  9. CRPG / ARPG

    I've noticed that console RPGs and adventure RPGS (diablo, baldur, etc...) seem to have the same things in common within the genres. What ideas from each would you mix into the other to create an original game? For example, in console RPG's you seem to run all the time with no effect on your stamina. I don't mean from battle, but around town and on the maps. Who walks? Why not implement the diablo style stamina system here?
  10. Google vs Yahoo

    Quote:Original post by Final_Divinity I'd take Google over Yahoo! anyday - I can't stand Yahoo. I've always gotten better results with using Google. Plus, I like Google's text Ads much better than those annoying graphical GIF's. Also, (although this doesn't have anything to do with search engines) Yahoo! has recently started doing all this crap lately, like trying to block third-party clients (such as Trillian and IM+) from using their IM service, forcing people to use their bloatware client which I would never use in 100 years if they paid me. Just another thing that makes me wish Yahoo! didn't exist... Yeah. Gotta love them Graphical GIFs.
  11. Google vs Yahoo

    Quote:Original post by Rob Loach Google. I mean, look how much crap is on the Yahoo! site compared to Try http://search.yahoo.com - crap free!
  12. easy windows console program question

    No because you are not sending messages to windows. Your console is, but it's nothing in your code or anything that you have to worry about. The console just sends the standard messages of resizing/fullscreen/etc... anyways.
  13. Google vs Yahoo

    It's just... If Google wins out, then nobody will remember Yahoo!, and I'll feel old. Also, I don't like the way Google does things since it's too easy to Google-Bomb. Then your results are total crap. Besides, everytime I've searched Yahoo! to no avail, Google did not come to the rescue. Actually, I usually get the same returns from both.
  14. simple read file question

    Here's some advice for pasting code into the forums. (code)Code Here(/code) (source)Large Source Pastes Here(source) Replace ( with [ and replace ) with ] . If you do that, then your code will retain its formatting here. // This is an example of code. int main() { return 0; } // This is an example of source. (For big files) int main() { return 0; }
  15. Am I getting this right?

    Hey, at least tell him why. When I was learning I always heard "Don't do this, don't do that" but never why. Anyways. If you use a global using directive in a header file, then any other file that includes that file is using the namespace. This can cause many collisions. Consider: // FOO.H namespace NS { void Draw(); void Flip(); } // BAR.H #include "FOO.H" using namespace NS; void f(){ Draw(); } // MAIN.CPP #include "BAR.H" // Thus, using namespace NS is also here void Render(){ // Define your own render funtion here. } int main(){ Render(); // Compiler says WTF. Since this file is using // the NS namespace by including BAR.H. The // compiler can't figure out which funtion you // wanna call. NS::Render() or Render() defined // in this file. } Thus, you need to make your BAR.H as follows: // BAR.H #include "FOO.H" void f(){ NS::Draw(); } And THAT, my friend, is why you don't use the using directive in headers. Not because you were told not to. Be aware that there are methods and times that you feel you must do this, but just don't.
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