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    OMG OMG Natalie Portman and Spears do a Pr0n together!!!

    Something I noticed in two of the above posts: The posters must not be able to hit the shift key with only one hand on the keyboard ;)
  2. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    OMG OMG Natalie Portman and Spears do a Pr0n together!!!

    :O Read More at Howerd Stern
  3. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    help pick a domain name (fixed)

    ROFL, are you joking Raduprv?
  4. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    Homosexual smokers

    Well, it's very understandable, New Zealand simply traded one kind of smoking for another...
  5. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    help pick a domain name (fixed)

    *bump* any ideas?
  6. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    HELP! I can't do the math!

    If you want to "learn you the math" outside of your school's curriculum, go to your local public library and check out their math selection. If it looks slim, ie only two books on calculus, and one on algebra, forget about that. Instead, go to your local University library. Every math book you'll ever want for a long time will reside there. At most Universities you can check out books and renew them online, but I don't know about non-students. If you can't get to a University, goto your local used bookstore if it's large enough to even have math books. But most likely if you can't get to a sizeable college or uni you won't be near a used book store like this. Failing all of the above, go to your school's library, or your math teachers personal book collection. I put that last because in my experiences they're pretty lame. Find some way to get your hands on the books! That's the key. Don't pay more than 15 USD for say a Calculus book, unless you plan on utilizing it for a long time and you think it's well written. If you find a Uni library all of these books will be practically free, and if you don't like your initial choice you can go back and pick out of the thousands of other books. If you need help picking your first math texts this is a logical progression: Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Trig, College Alg, or Precalc, etc. (either one) Calculus I w/ Analytic Geom. Calc II, Calc III, etc. From here you pretty much branch out and read whatever you want, but you'll find out that there's still a progression that needs to be followed. For instance, you can't jump from Calc II to straight Topology, but you can pick up a real book on Geometry (not what they teach in Highschool) and Set Theory. Also note that in the above progression, if you've independently studies Trig and you think your knowledge of it is enough to go straight to Calc I from Alg 2, ask your teach what needs to be done. The above math courses are all elementary; they don't even begin to encompass what's in the world of Mathematics. But with Calc III you should be able to understand the problem you were asking about, which usually isn't taught in highschool. Another thing: you can take Set Theory before you take Algebra 1, it's based on basic concepts, but it's abstracted and becomes applicable to solving "higher" math problems. I still haven't taken Set Theory, because in college it's usually taught your third or fourth year (in US), so I picked up a few books and started doing excercises in them (excercises are good, don't pick out a book that doesn't have them). Another thing: a lot of math is notation, so don't be discouraged by it. It's very easy to. What math are you currently in? Algebra 2, Calc I? If so I'm surprised you're even considering the problem, because it requires that you know what the hell they're talking about. Who knows, maybe you could understand it in a few days of review, but there's no way you'd have an in-depth understanding, which is what you have of say the times table, but most likely the math in your Calc III book will not be understandable. There's a lot of stuff that goes on, math that spans over hundreds of years, that's packed in between Calc I and Calc III. So my suggestion (there's no other way IMO) is to drop the project and go with something simpler, maybe even from Calc I. There are a lot of cool problems that will interest you, that don't require you to know what multiple integrals or vectors are =) Not even the great Karl Gauss could do this problem at your grade level (was it even invented yet?). He too had to go to school and learn himself the math. Not only that, but if you've ever read about him, you'll know that he spent the majority of his time in the Uni library barried in math books. If unfortunately you can't get your hands on books of the mentioned kind, email me at daniel dot donnelly dot 1 at asu dot edu. And I'll try to send you some used books that I've found useful.
  7. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    Internation Slang

    The F Word
  8. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    Oh noes! My little sister lied to me!

    LMAO. Good one!
  9. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name


    That's a great idea!
  10. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    Oh noes! My little sister lied to me!

    Here's a review of the funny jokes posted: Quote: imagine her having hot steamy lesbian sex.. then feel sick, cause you just thought *that* about your baby sister roffles i'm thinking about it. i bet she's a hotty too ;) You could always make a deal with her that you won't tell your parents about it in return for some favours... Original post by Khaosifix Shes young and innocent...... *plays a Britney Spears' song* They suggested cutting her; not hitting her one more time. So you're suggesting that if she was 20 something, that they have SEX?! "Oops, I did it again" has a line "I'm not that innocent", which basically translates to "I like c***" I bet the dude who did the girl enjoyed it. While he's homing pissing himself off, she's doing some guy and liking it! this thread makes me lol. How does that song go... oh like this: I told you she's a h... on the subject of the OP, for some reason I thought of the song 'hey mister' by Custom... google for the lyrics if ya dont know it That's so mean! ;P http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/custom/heymister.html You're just assuming she's with a guy. For all you know, she could be with ten guys. All with cameras. I'd like to say that this thread has taken a very undesirable turn. We should all concentrate more on all the lesbian sex she's having and not on gangbangs, okay? imagin the embrassement he'd have if he walked in on a 5 lesbian orgy... that would mentally scar... Like Hell it would. :p well, that would lead to 3 things... 1) no lesbian orgy 2) no need to tell her off 3) no bf in the future to punch in the face But we can safely assume the other 5 are not his sister... It would be certainly amazing if they all 5 were the same sister of him. I'm beginning to realize why coldacid can't get poon. Since hitting on his relatives doesn't even seem to be working out. indeed, its lesbian jokes for this thread! Is she cute? Oh my gosh! I love 15 year old lesbians perform oral on eachother!!! Its so HOT! Indeed. Hell, she might be with ten guys AND ten girls. I agree with the second statement too. In fact, this post rocks. ROFL!1~
  11. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    Oh noes! My little sister lied to me!

    What are you talking about. That was funny as hell!
  12. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    Oh noes! My little sister lied to me!

    C'mon guys. This can still be funny. Khaosifix, tell your sister she's hot for me, and slap her ass. Call her a lesbian, they like that. Tell her you'll jerk off in front of her if she shows you her breasts, then maybe she'll take it to the next level. Make sure you jerk off before hand so you have so endurance. Tell her to invite her lesbian friends over. She'll thank you when she's 20. You won't even remeber treating her like a sex object. Hot steam lesbian sex, I can smell it now. Get her a bikini-line trimmer for Christmas with star and heart templates. That will look so hot. Dog her like the master and hit it from behind. It's manditory. I hear lil' sis's give great B.J.'s. You'll feel like you've known her for 15 years. You're practically married. Just knock her up. She's a hot sexy bitch, she won't care. Seduce your little sister. Call it coitus and sodomy and other terms that will turn you on more. I know I'd like to feel like I'm doing something naughty. Incest rocks! [/SARCASM] ROFLMAOLOLERBERRIES!!!! Continue on.
  13. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    Oh noes! My little sister lied to me!

    That the number of incest/lesbian jokes shouldn't have extended past the first two as a matter of principle... Where have you been?
  14. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    Oh noes! My little sister lied to me!

    Um, not as much as it is now, so I think society's choice plays a large part. Say it is fully based on natural behavior, that only helps my point more. edit: case in point: my chocolate lab and his father share the same mother, if you get what I mean...
  15. temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name

    Oh noes! My little sister lied to me!

    Please explain yourself.
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