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  1. Quote:Original post by Erik Rufelt If you set your warning level to 4 in C/C++ -> General settings in the project properties it will warn about it. It can sometimes be useful to assign within an if(), like: if(window = CreateWindow(..)) { use window; else error; I had forgotten/not thought of that (since I'm a fan of doing that as seperate lines). Thanks for the tip about the settings! I will be changing that and hopefully saving myself future headaches. [wink]Quote:Original post by Lavinski If you're testing something to see if it's True can't you just write if(MyVariable) {} I've "tried" to do that, but I end up feeling the need to do the "==" just so that it is clear in my mind as I (re)read the code. Maybe in time I will feel more comfortable with that, as I program more and more.
  2. I'm using Microsoft VC 2008 and I've made this mistake a few times now (which is always fun to hunt down): if(MyVariable = true) When I meant: if(MyVariable == true) I'm just wondering why this isn't flagged as an error or a warning? Is there a situation were you would want to do an assignment within the () of an if? I remember at least one book that I read suggested doing this: if(true == MyVariable) So that if you do make the mistake, it will throw an error.
  3. Thanks to those who looked and tried to figure out what I was doing wrong. I figured out what I was doing wrong. It wasn't related to the insert (I didn't post my "real" code *due to my poor coding style would have driven someone insane*).
  4. I am inserting a empty class into a multimap and then I want to be able to access the class that has been inserted. class DummyClass{ public: unsigned long int x, y; void Assign(unsigned long int AssignX, unsigned long int AssignY){ x = AssignX; y = AssignY; }; }; main{ multimap<unsigned int, DummyClass> MyMultimap; multimap<unsigned int, DummyClass>iterator MyIter; DummyClass TempDummy; MyIter = MyMultimap.insert(pair<unsigned int, DummyClass>(3, TempDummy)); MyIter->second.Assign(6,7); }; I have been using CPlusPlus as a reference and thought that I would/could get the iterator to what I had just inserted. But I'm getting an error "map/set iterator not dereferencable", and I believe that's the "MyIter->second.Assign(6,7);" Am I misunderstanding the example shown at CPlusPlus? Or should I just do my "assigning" to the TempDummy and avoid trying to access the multimap this way? [Edited by - Lost on August 10, 2009 11:14:23 PM]
  5. Ok, I feel stupid. [tears] I realized what the problem is/was...... I put the function into the wrong class (which explains why the "right" class couldn't access it). It wasn't until I was pasting code into the forum that I noticed it. I did get the help I needed. [smile] Thanks
  6. I have a map with unsigned long int key and a class as the mapped value. I am trying/need to use one of the functions of that class, but I'm not sure how to go about that. I have tried "MyMap[x].MyFunction();" and I also tried creating an iterator "MyIterator->second.MyFunction();". Neither one show up as valid choices (Microsoft Visual Express 2008) and the build fails. I did try Google, but most examples of maps don't use a class as the second. Thanks for any help.
  7. There is an old write up about UO economy. (Link) Even if you don't know much about UO, there is enough of an introduction to give you a good understanding. Then it gets into the original economy that didn't work out and then how it was changed.
  8. Lost

    MMO Engine

    Multiverse has its good points. But there is a problem that could come up in the future. You can run your game for free, if you do not charge or make a profit (this includes donations (1) & advertising), and you don't have to pay (2). Since the game would be listed in the Multiverse network, unless you want to pay extra have it non-listed (3), you could end up with a lot more than the 10 to 20 friends you had planned for. That could be a problem for you server or bandwidth. Just some food for thought.
  9. Lost

    MMO Engine

    From the FAQ: Quote:If you want to make an MMORPG, there are some libraries as well: PlaneShift is open source to the core (including art). Nevrax/NeL is open source, but tools/art is commercial (The Saga of Ryzom). RealmCrafter comes with tools, starter art, and a small game; it's $55. Torque plus RPG Kit at $249 total make for an RPG toolkit. There are also several commercial libraries that provide more than just networking, such as Forterra Systems OLIVE, the Multiverse platform, Sun Project Darkstar, etc, but those are too extensive in scope to easily fit in the "multiplayer" forum.
  10. Lost

    Computer Vision

    This paper took me a while to digest, but it is good place to start for circle detection. (Link)
  11. Lost

    Selling your labor and EULAs

    I believe that the is one of the reasons that Microsoft has the EULA their web site and the url is on the outside of the package, so that you can read it before opening the software. (This might be in part due to a case they had to settle some years ago. *Link*) That said. If a company wants to prevent sales of in game items to protect their continued sales of the game, IP, community, etc..., they should be able to. Quote:AngleWyrm At work, I sell this time and effort to an employer.Since you choice to play, this is a bit of compairing apples to oranges.
  12. Lost

    Chicken & Egg - how to get started.

    *Double post removed*
  13. Lost

    Chicken & Egg - how to get started.

    Also there is: Business & Legal Primer for Game Development I would say that you should keep working at you presentation package (artwork concepts, story-board the major elements of the "game-experience" and essentially produce a decent pack (business case, financials & game overview) for potential investors). Along with what engine you will be using and developing a cost projection. You might/could look into something like Metaplace to build a small/simple proof of concept.
  14. Lost

    Terrain engine

    Stunning as always! [wow] The "god rays" are really impressive and all that much better knowing that you are using OpenGL (since "god rays" were the big thing for DirectX 10). There will always be nitpickers. As you pointed out, some things need to be that way for performance or just the availability of time. I think that most of them/us are jealous of what you have done. [wink]
  15. If it is any help. The dialog, is fairly stock MFC dialog template. All the heavy work is/was done in a console and then added to the dialog.
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