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  1. Lost

    Terrain engine

    Stunning as always! [wow] The "god rays" are really impressive and all that much better knowing that you are using OpenGL (since "god rays" were the big thing for DirectX 10). There will always be nitpickers. As you pointed out, some things need to be that way for performance or just the availability of time. I think that most of them/us are jealous of what you have done. [wink]
  2. Lost

    yay - free Windows Vista for me.

    Sure that is a lot of wasted space. But just think of how easy it will be to find space when you're running low on space and need to delete stuff. [wink]
  3. As always, stunning!!! Just as we think that it cannot get better, you break out these.
  4. Lost

    Space combat prototype - phase 4

    I think that you are taking the right approach by not responding to the posts (unless they are on your forums/emails). Fans of any game can be worse than a rabid animal in heat. [wink] I can’t say that I understand all the concepts behind the universe system that you are using, but judging by your engine I believe that you have it under control and know what you are able to do. I think that a lot of people will doubt new games that have features that they would like to see (especially from a small unknown), mostly because they have become cynical due to the failure of big name studios to deliver/live up to their promises.
  5. Lost

    Space combat prototype - phase 2

    Great to hear that things are progressing so well. [smile] I wish that I had the time to get in on the prototype testing, but I really need more programming done.
  6. Lost

    Space combat prototype - phase 1

    Congrats on the article in PCZone. I think it's a testament to your talent that Infinity has caught the attention of many people. Just watch out that the spam bots don't start filling your forum membership list with sex related web links in their profiles (which has happened to my little attempt at a site, which also uses phpBB) after quoting some other sites. *edited* Also credit/cheers should be given to the talent of Sean & the other artists that you're working with for their models.
  7. Lost

    Station screenshots 2

    I could be wrong, but I think that he means that the server will only worry that a player doesn't fly thru the center of the planet, but the server will not check if you fly thru a mountain on the surface.
  8. Lost

    Space station screenshots

    Quote:I give up trying to find words for this sort of stuff. Will a 'wow' do? I mean, if I enclose it in square brackets you get [wow] Could you, please, do the rest of us a favour and post some really rubbish screenshots? I know it must be hard, but please - just to make the rest of us feel better JackI can't think of anything more/better to say than Jack did. [wink]
  9. Lost

    New planet video

    Quote:DogCity I know its getting a little repetative to *jaw drop* at your latest shots, but i've never had a chance. So here I am, in awe. Incredible work!Seconded, it might seem repetitious for us to say it over & over. But it really is WOW!!! [wow]
  10. Lost

    Preparing the video

    Glad to hear that you're taking a break for X-mas. [smile] As the others have already said, I can't wait for the video. The future plans sound promising as well & look forward to reading/seeing more.
  11. Quote:They won't collide: they will all have stable orbits. The game takes place at human time scales anyway, and the probability of "seeing" this kind of event happens is extremely low. However, i plan to implement some more frequent events (like asteroids crashing on planets, eclipses, etc.. ).Don't shot the messenger, I saw this article today. Quote:There’s room in the universe for thousands of galaxies but that doesn’t stop them from running into each other. New observations support the idea that galaxies are in constant interaction with each other and that the biggest ones get bigger by engulfing smaller ones.(full article)
  12. Lost


    Just to ask. Judging by the deleting/locking threads & banning people from the Eternal Lands forums, you probably don't have a lot of friends on the forum. My questions: Do you play Eternal Lands just for the fun of it? If so do you hide who you are from other players?
  13. Lost

    Detail textures, step 2

    Quote:Original post by Laz I have a small request for you... Hook me up to some sort of brain knowledge transfer thing and transfer all your smarts to me. Make me smart too, please. kthxbye. If you have any left after Laz, I'll take some too. [wink] It keeps looking better every time you post an update, pretty soon we will not be able to tell the difference between looking out the window or looking at the screen.
  14. Lost

    Seams fixed, coming work

    I don't know the purple could work if it was pushed a little more toward pink/red for a sun set. They are both great screen shots. 8)
  15. Lost

    Terrain integration, step 3

    While I know that you are hard at work at getting earth like planets, I did noticed that said Betelgeuze is working on non-earth textures. Are/will you be doing gas based planets too?
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