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  1. ccherng

    Funnel Filter algorithm pathfinding

    Yes 'fLeft+1' this f with a subscript of left + 1. I have no idea what it means.
  2. ccherng

    Funnel Filter algorithm pathfinding

    Its not even clear to me what the state of the deque is on the first call to Add(). And once in Add() its not clear what is going on there is this notation f_{Left+1} what is that suppose to mean?
  3. I read about Simple Stupid Funnel Algorithm at http://digestingduck.blogspot.com/2010/03/simple-stupid-funnel-algorithm.html That article made sense to me. You maintain one line to the left wall and one line to the right wall. When they cross in updating then you know part of the shortest path has been found. I was reading the thesis of Douglas Jon Demyen https://skatgame.net/mburo/ps/thesis_demyen_2006.pdf On pages 52 to 57 he describes a funnel filter algorithm using a deque. Is there anyone who understands the pseudo code he gives. The notation he uses is left unexplained. I don't understand how the code he gives works.
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