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    BGRA to ARGB

    Hi, I've a array of color data (ARGB format) which i pass in to OpenGL through GL.glColorPointer(4, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE,0, *MyColorData); OpenGL seems to be rendering with BGRA format so I have weird colors for my models. Is there anyway to specify what color format I'm using?? I don't want to reformat my data to BGRA. Thanks in advance.
  2. Dark Kai

    Vertex Buffer with C#

    Is it really impossible to call the ARB extension with managed codes? I don’t find any samples doing it in C# in the net. Even working in unsafe blocks.
  3. Hi, I've check out nehe's tutorial on vertex buffer(Lesson45) and was wondering if anyone have a C# version of the tutorial. Thanks in advance.
  4. Dark Kai

    DirectX & OpenGL Matrix

    hmmmmm... Ok here's part of my code assuming DirectX is default(both TranslationMatrix and RotationMatrix is works fine in DirectX). BaseConverterMatrix = 16 element float |1 0 0 0| |0 0 -1 0| |0 1 0 0| |0 0 0 1| I'm actually calling GL.glLoadIdentity(); GL.glMultMatrixf(TranslationMatrix); GL.glMultMatrixf(RotationMatrix); GL.glMultMatrixf(BaseConverterMatrix); GLU.gluLookAt(0, 0, 15, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1,15);
  5. Hi, I'm writing an application that uses both DirectX and OpenGL(one at the time). I'm facing some problems with the rotation matrix. How do I change the Left-handed Cartesian coordinate systems to the right handed one. Tried the one in the DirectX help file but it's not working. Thanks in advance.
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