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  1. A_Borellus

    Civ 4

    Well I can't say that the graphics have really improved. More likely the whole thing has became more confusing. Obviously it's not easy to make sequels to a game like civlization, but I certainly hoped they would have developed the original idea to its maximum. I'm still relatively hopefull.
  2. A_Borellus

    Common misconceptions in Christianity:Part 1

    Quote:Original post by EvenLessBread Everything you need to know about Mormons can be found in Episode 712 of South Park. Joseph Smith was a prophet dum dum dum dum ....! I'm sorry. Well änyway, I'm certainly not an expert in religion but I belive the whole point about christianity was about being nice to people and loving people. Not about churches or religions or the inquisition or crusades etc etc...but genuinely caring about fellow human beings and thus being worthy of god, because of what you are, not because of some specific things you do. Shouldn't be that hard...but it is.
  3. A_Borellus

    The Black Plague

    I think that the dancing mania or "dance disease" which followed the plague is far more interesting than the plague itself. It has never really been investigated becouse of the primitive state of medicine in europe at that time, but it was reported so often, in so many cities, that it can be assumed that it really did take place. A lot of peole have made various theories about it and here is an article by sceptical inquirer if you are interested. (I'm not aware how credible these "discoveries" are...)
  4. A_Borellus

    Are people starting to rate me randomly???

    There's no need to worry about your rating, unless you spend most of your time helping people out and your rating keeps sinking. Then, there may be something fundamentally wrong with you. I wouldn't worry about the lounge too much.
  5. A_Borellus

    Three Indonesian students beheaded

    Ah yes, capital punishment. By vigilantes? The ultimate deterrant (or so they say). But for what...disagreeing with someone? I guess I could okay it in some special circumstances, but only when it's absolutely, positively necessary, and it usually isn't. It would certainly be hard to justify it for some mistake just about anyone could do or indeed if it is done just because of race or religion. Punishment does not correct anything, it's just a punishment. It's function is to punish people. I'm confident that in this case there is a political goal behind it, and that ultimately it will fail to serve that goal as usual.
  6. A_Borellus

    Young Singers Spread Racist Hate

  7. A_Borellus

    Young Singers Spread Racist Hate

    I still don't see any major war started because of racial issues, although I'm aware of many wars which began with irregulaties with income.
  8. A_Borellus

    Young Singers Spread Racist Hate

    Quote:Original post by LessBread Hitler's invasion of Russia? That had absolutely nothing to do with race. Hitler did not attack Soviet Union because of racial issues. He attacked because he thought it was an easy opponent, and would provide him with lots of "lebensraum"...I think. People always knew he was going to hell...What they didn't know that he was going to take half of europe with him. Dead or alive.
  9. A_Borellus

    Young Singers Spread Racist Hate

    Thanks for sharing!
  10. A_Borellus

    Young Singers Spread Racist Hate

    I disagree, the first battle you mention has proven itself to be very violent in all cases(the socialist civil wars of 1900-1920 around the globe), and later korea, Vietnam etc... However, I'm not aware of any large scale war which was waged mainly because of race.
  11. A_Borellus

    Young Singers Spread Racist Hate

    I can pretend you said something funny about racists. Because of this suspension of disbelief, I can consider you to be much cooler than anyone else here.
  12. A_Borellus

    Medical Procedure

    Brains are a difficult environment. Mostly because it is another set of brains which is trying to understand it all. It's pretty hopeless when you think about it.
  13. A_Borellus

    How to get a hot russian chick INSIDE your bed?

    Quote:Original post by Vanke Why would they stay hot? Do you think this is something that happens naturally to girls? Being hot takes work, if they ate badly they'd gain weight be fat and no longer hot. If they smelled badly no guy would want to be with them , I've broken up with a girl for smelling bad (and for listening to country music). Stop deluding yourself and start improving yourself. Actually, to be honest, my earlier request for you to not take care of your personal hygiene was a clever ploy to get all the hot russian chicks to myself. I apologize.
  14. A_Borellus

    How to get a hot russian chick INSIDE your bed?

    Gentlemen, please! You are letting women dictate terms to you. If we would all collectively refuse to lose weight or use skin products and if we would all collectively choose to drink excessive amounts of beer and smell bad then the hot chicks would not have any other choice but to have sex with some of us...Unless they all turn into lesbians.
  15. A_Borellus

    Ultima Online

    Which is why EA has not sued free shards I presume.
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