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  1. D3DX10SaveTextureToFile and 8bit Textures

    Thanks a lot - I'm still looking myself, but with little luck.
  2. I'm creating batches of 8bit textures that I wish to save to file and currently attempting to use D3DX10SaveTextureToFile with files of format DXGI_FORMAT_R8_UNORM (although I have tried the other 8bit variants) and an output image file format of D3DX10_IFF_BMP, and giving me the error "Can't find matching WIC format." This process works flawlessly using a texture format such as DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM. I could output the file manually, but I suppose I would rather use the API if it provides the mechanism for me. 8-bit is a valid bit depth for a bitmap, so I'm surprised it doesn't work - or more likely, missing something obvious. Also, could anybody tell me what WIC refers to? Cheers.
  3. Books

    I wasn't sure where the best place for this was, but here goes. I am comp sci graduate from about 3 years back looking for a job in software engineering (preferrably C++). However, I've had no luck getting a job in that role in that period, and after a recent interview, I've discovered I've forgot an awful lot in those 3 years. To remedy this, I'm trying to get heavily focused on working on my graphics engine (which I started as part of my final year project, but rarely touched over the past couple of years). To support that, I'm after a couple of books. Firstly, I'm after decent C++ tome, preferrably of intermediate to advanced level (i.e. aimed at intermediate level bringing them up to more advanced levels, rather than galvanising a guru). I can find a lot of books, but not too many reviews, so informed opinion would be welcome - or some direction to review sites. I did read the tips on the sticky, but they're not too much use as I'll be buying online. Secondly, any recommendations on DirectX 9.0 shader books covering HLSL, PS 2.0 etc. Not advanced. Again, I've seen a few, but no real reviews. I'm not out of work atm, so I don't want to risk chucking £60+ at a pair of books that aren't too much use, hence asking for some guidance on this one. Edit, and two minutes later discovers that the new site has a book review section... Cheers.
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