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    Feasibility of Community Driven Design

    How would you go about getting enough people interested so that there were a good amount of suggestions to work with?
  2. I have a basic engine for an online RPG, and am thinking about trying to have the public submit ideas for which features should be implemented next. It would be done in an Agile way, where the number of suggestions for a certain feature would determine it's priority. My question is this - has anyone tried this for a new(ish) project? Do you think it could work? Thanks for your responses! -Shane
  3. I don't think you can have both a Click event handler and a DoubleClick event handler on a button. Is there a way to accomplish the same thing without relying on Double Clicking a button? Maybe by using a PictureBox control? -Shane
  4. shane1985

    [.net] debug...problem

    It looks like your problem is where you're parsing the data fields from the input line. Instead of keeping track of the length, and the indexes of the spaces, you can use String.Split(). For example, while (str != null) { string[] subscriberData = str.Split(' '); sub.name = str[0]; sub.number = Convert.ToInt32(str[1]); sub.street = str[2]; sub.city = str[3]; sub.zipcode = Convert.ToInt32(str[3]); } Hopefully that makes sense! -Shane
  5. You're correct, you cannot do that with default event handlers. A direct reference to the main form is not in scope in the event handler, but you can still reach the event handler through properties on the TabControl. For example, your TabControl's Parent property should be a reference to the MainForm your looking at. So then you could do something like this: ((MainForm)this.tabControl1.Parent).CounterProperty++ Does this make sense? -Shane [Edited by - shane1985 on February 15, 2009 4:51:47 PM]
  6. Dan, The method for calling out of scope variables in an event handler is the same as it would be anywhere else. You just need to have a way to bring the variable in the scope of the event handler. Maybe you could add a property to the MainForm that allows you to access the counter from your TabPage's event handler. What is the variable supposed to do? If you need more help getting this to work, let me know. -Shane
  7. shane1985

    Interactivity in a browser based RPG

    But switching to ActionScript doesn't solve any problems by itself. There still needs to be design elements tailored to increasing interactivity and immersion. I'm still trying to clearly define the goal. -Shane
  8. shane1985

    Interactivity in a browser based RPG

    I'm more interested in design elements than technological ones at the moment. I don't believe the technology precludes interactivity in either case. -Shane
  9. shane1985

    Interactivity in a browser based RPG

    esrix: I've always been a fan of the simple interfaces as well, but sometimes I end up making it too simple. Then it becomes boring. That's where I'm trying to figure out things to add to both the interface and the game world. I'd like to reward players for searching the world and finding information, so perhaps adding some of the things you mentioned fits well with my philosophy. Maybe adding stories that would help observant players against certain enemies would work well. Along the lines of interface, I was planning to have mouse overs on all of the objects in the world. This would include people, buildings, enemies, signs, and anything else. I'm not sure if this might be too much, or if it would add to the interactivity. If you've ever played HOMM, that's the basic look and feel I'm going for. It is a non-flash game using just javascript and HTML. What elements of flash games that you've played have created more interactivity? Thank you for your replies! -Shane
  10. I'm working on a browser based RPG and am trying to come up with ways to increase the feel on interactivity and immersion in the world. Right now I am in the design phase of the project and am kicking around a few ideas. I'd like to have informational mouseovers for most of the objects in the world. I'm also thinking about making some of the displayed game objects animate in place. Does anyone have any additional ideas along these lines? Thank You! -Shane
  11. shane1985

    Strategy in Turn Based RPGs

    I actually did start with random invisible battles, but quickly realized it was really annoying when you were trying to get somewhere. So I switched to be similar to the way you're describing, with the enemies on the map. Overall, it started out as a hardcore JRPG, but now I'm wanting to change the way I implemented some aspects of it. What I'm running in to with the battles being selectable on the map though, is the fact that I think most people will ignore them. Maybe the problem is that the battles are selectable and random, instead of guarding specific areas on the map. Then there would be more incentive to kill them. I don't want it to turn into a huge grinding game either, which is why I'm focusing more time on non-combat game actions.
  12. shane1985

    Strategy in Turn Based RPGs

    Thanks for your in-depth reply! I will definitely have to check out some of those games when I get a chance. So with the different attack types, do you mean that different items would have these different properties? Or would it be an in-battle decision? I like the idea of the player having to recognize what would work most effectively against a specific enemy, but I don't want it to become formulaic once they figure it out once. Maybe that idea is a little bit too ambitious though. As far as classes and character types, I was planning on having it based entirely on which skills the player chooses. Of course, the better characters would be those that specialized in a few areas, but the players would be free to create more well-rounded characters as well. It seems like most of the ideas I've come up with to introduce strategy to the game are more along the lines of character customization and item selection. This sort of makes the battles predetermined, as it's just a stat comparison. Maybe it comes down to introducing some enemy AI ideas to make the battles a little bit less predictable. -Shane
  13. shane1985

    Strategy in Turn Based RPGs

    Hey Krohm, it sounds like you're describing Heroes of Might and Magic. :) One of my all time favorite series. I do like the idea of being able to win despite being outmatched, due to superior strategy. In most RPGs of the FF style, you're rarely outmatched which ends up making the battles boring. I guess that leads to even more design questions. :) I guess the fact is that it's going to be more difficult to add strategy while having static enemies (which is how it is now), so I'll have to think about changing that. I really like the HOMM style battles, and that might be cool with a party-type RPG. Also, when the characters move, things like terrain and weapon range come into play.
  14. shane1985

    Strategy in Turn Based RPGs

    Thanks for the responses! I agree, I'd rather come up with something more unique to add strategy. When I say old school turn based RPG, I'm talking like the early FF games. Right now the battles play out like the crappy older RPGs, where you just spam the attack button. haha I also don't just want to do the fire, ice, lightning idea, where once you figure out the enemy's weakness there is no more strategy. It's probably going to be set in the future.
  15. I'm thinking about creating an old-school turn based strategy RPG, and am trying to come up with ways to add more strategy to the battles. What are some of the ways that you've seen this done well in the past? -Shane
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