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    Just my opinion, but, C++ requires a lot of Library's to achieve a lot of what your looking for, or you have to do the grunt work to write the system handlers that you are asking for. If you don't mind shifting to C# you can use Game Studio and it's XNA Framework to do most of that heavy lifting for you, plus, you get the added benefits of having all of that Creators Club material at your disposal. This will allow you to use Visual Studio Express 2010 as your IDE and Game Studio 4.0, to target the XBox 360, WP 7+, and the PC. I realize this is all Microsoft specific and I will get trounced on by those that hate Microsoft, but this will get you started and building games faster, and then you can look for replacements for the XNA sub-systems, when you understand better what they are all doing. I have used these systems, while getting my Associate's in Programming, Bachelor's in Game and Simulation, and my Master's in Game Design Degree's; and I could now use anything I want because of that starting foundation. I now have a Game Framework I use for almost any project that I start, and can modify that as needed from project to project; as long as I'm targeting any Microsoft platform.