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  1. List of free libraries

    Awesome list! Thanks for sharing this list!
  2. IMHO the following are three of the best freeware (well two are freeware) 3D modeling programs out there. Blender - Simply awesome, amazingly powerful, and incredible community. My favorite hands down! This program just keeps getting better and better and better. Milkshape 3D - Although not freeware, it's very very cheap ($29 or so). Another awesome program. Wings 3D - Freeware, another great program.
  3. Visual Basic

    Just about anything. Games, client/server applications, utilities like anti-virus programs, etc. You might be better off asking, what types of programs you can't make with VB (or most other languages like C++, Java, Delphi, etc).
  4. Quote:Original post by Etherstar This statement is false. These cards still provide hardware accelleration for DirectDraw operations such as blitting and scaling, and of couse the most important benefit to DirectDraw: extremely fast video memory. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Quote:Original post by EtherstarI also found DirectDraw far more easy to learn that Direct3D, so you usually can start making 2D games a lot sooner using DirectDraw. I heard others saying exactly the same thing.
  5. I've read/heard that although DirectDraw still works with DX8 and DX9, we're better off not using it because DirectDraw will not benefit from todays 3D accelerated cards. Is this true?