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  1. Zimans

    Revision control for games

    Just speaking out loud here, not from experience. For reference where I work we use SVN for all of our projects, with the exception of kernel/u-boot work which is kept in git and patches stored in SVN.   I am a programmer, my wife is a graphic designer. I love revision control. She hates it.   What about having a system that autonomously monitors the live drop box folder. As files are changed / added / removed it keeps a secondary git repo ( separate from your code repo ) up to date. With the right tools on the server you can download a snapshot of all assets a any point in time without having to clone a terabyte of history, but the history is still ( mostly ) there. You won't get perfect history ( for example if a file is renamed ) and you run the possibility that a file is updated twice before your local copy is synced so you miss the intermediate. Maybe drop box has API's that would give you this information.   --Z
  2. Zimans

    I don't get c++11.

    c++11 to me was largely a quality of life improvement. Some other features that haven't been mentioned:   Non-static data member initialization - Being able to declare the default value of a member variable at declaration ( where it should have been ) instead of some constructor somewhere else. ( My personal favorite ) Delegating / Inheriting constructors - How many times have you had to write an init() because of multiple constructors. constexpr - Kind of like a type safe macro's.   --Z
  3. I had to implement configuration of network interfaces for a remotely managed system. I found shelling to netsh to be the most complete and reliable way to do this. The win32 API is incomplete, hacking the registry is a gambit, and WMI has quirks ( for example, if an interface did not have a cable plugged in WMI could not change its settings ).   --Z
  4. Zimans

    Rendering text

    I've based my font rendering on this: http://code.google.com/p/freetype-gl/   --Z
  5. Are you just trying to read from the device raw? You need to read events:   Quick hack cut+paste from another project:         int fd = ::open( "/dev/input/event0", O_RDONLY | O_CLOEXEC );         if( -1 == fd )             return false;         char name[ 32 ];         if( -1 == ioctl( fd, EVIOCGNAME( sizeof( name )), name ))             return false;                  // Grab input         if( -1 == ioctl( fd, EVIOCGRAB, (void*)1 ))         {             printf( "Failed to grab input %s: (%i) %m", name, errno );             return false;         } struct input_event ev; memset( &ev, 0, sizeof( ev )); if( -1 == read( m_input, &ev, sizeof( ev )) ) { printf( "read() failed: (%i) %m", errno ); return; } if( ev.type != EV_KEY ) return; if( ev.value != 0 ) return; if( ev.code == KEY_F11 ) next_channel(); else if( ev.code == KEY_F12 ) display().show_osd( !display().osd_visible ); You will want to enable non blocking, then handle the EAGAIN when the read fails.   -Z
  6. Zimans


    Milkshape: http://chumbalum.swissquake.ch/
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