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  1. vetroXL


    Added glare to my engine :O I hope it's subtle enough and not too overpowering... movie
  2. vetroXL

    Sprning Cleaning

    I'm moving things around on my website/youtube and stuff... so please be patient and hopefully I didn't go too delete happy and backed up most of my things.
  3. I just added my particle system.... now I will polish off the collision detection and AI... it's getting close....
  4. vetroXL

    Launched My Website

    From, now on, I will just keep the videos on that website updated.... and even create a little image galary.... http://members.gamedev.net/vetroxl
  5. vetroXL


    So I implemented Parallel Split Shadow Maps. This works slightly better than Cascaded Shadow Maps. I think that the difference in PSSM is that there is a "crop matrix" which basically "zooms" the split according to the frustum size, and there is only one projection matrix used for the lights POV. The way I implemented my CSM was just rendering the scene with a separate light Projection Matrix for each split. The PSSM way seemed to have completely eliminated the artefacts without any tweaking! Anyways, this is where I got my implementation details. Oh and here's another movie :)
  6. vetroXL


    Well, I;m happy with my CSM implementation.... I didn't have a bug like I thought I did, it just required lots and lots of tweaking. Here's a movie
  7. vetroXL

    Cascaded Shadow Maps

    So, I am implementing Cascaded Shadow Maps (CSM) on DirectX 10 using geometry cloning to render the scene to multiple shadow maps only once. However, I have an "artifact", more specifically, I think it's surface acne... I tried different depth value bias, but I am not sure if a slopedepth bias would work or if playing around with the rasterizer state will help out... I will have to try when I get home tonight.
  8. I just added the first part of CSM to the engine, that's splitting the frustum up. I am now going to start implementing the shadow map rendering of all the splits and see what kind of optimizations I can come up with directx...
  9. vetroXL

    Added Shadow Mapping

    Thanks Twisol. I am now working on extruding the geometry for shadow volumes in the Directx10 Geometry Shader... I hope to have it complete within a couple of weeks...
  10. vetroXL

    Added Shadow Mapping

    Just added shadow mapping to the engine... I'm thinking of trying out shadow volumes instead... with mapping a very high res texture is needed to get good results in an open enviornment such as space... here's a movie
  11. Added parallax mapping with offset limiting and also played with the lighing code and physics code... it's starting to come together...
  12. vetroXL

    Happy With Camera

    I just updated my camera model and I like it better than my old one. The new physics engine is going to be quick... I plan on splitting it off into it's own thread. Here's a movie of the physics in action. Ad here's a screenie.
  13. I decided to drop Tokamak and write a physics engine myself... so far I have it about 70% done... it's an RK4 integrator and it models springs as well... it's much faster and of course, I have more control over it so I can tweak it on a per-project basis... Collision detection is next... I'm still not happy with my camera though... I'm thinking of porting my old camera over... basically it modeled the spring outside of the physics engine.. that's how I cheated.. I don't really need mass.. but springs make movement more smooth...
  14. vetroXL

    Just Added Rotational Physics

    Normal maps... I guess i could post some when I get home :)
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