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  1. I'd say that using the ... operator as mentioned is a good use for what you want. Though, not very type safe. Probably want to override the << operator (like streams, cout for instance). For example: SomeObject foo; foo << 3.0f << 3.0f << 3.0f; The SomeObject can either store all the params, combine them, or do whatever.. If it needs to do something after it has them all, you could send a terminating symbol such as: foo << 3.0f << 3.0f << 3.0f << end; my 2 cents
  2. [web] Apache subdomains with only IP

    An easy solution is to alter you local hosts (works on windows/linux) file with whatever subdomains/domains you need pointing to the correct IP of the new server. This will let HTTP virtual hosts work correctly on the new server, and not affect your live server until you are ready to change DNS.
  3. With a lot of extra work: http://blogs.msdn.com/wpfsdk/archive/2008/09/08/custom-window-chrome-in-wpf.aspx
  4. Couple quick thoughts. Try remote desktop from the small screen system to a large screen desktop running the app. I think it will give you the ability to scroll the whole desktop/window. Or, simply re-parent the window into your own application window and add scroll bars. Should be trivial with a bit of C# and a few interop calls.
  5. You can write some udev rules that create the proper permissions for those files. I agree, that the stock rules simple suck.
  6. I've seen these guys do it with XMPP + javascript: http://code.stanziq.com/strophe/
  7. Windows Multimeda Joystick API

    Well, I'm a little biased (I'm the author), but I like the high level abstraction to Joysticks and Forcefeedback that OIS gives ya :) The Force Feedback should work on Windows & Linux, but that area is a little less perfected than basic device handling. If you check it out, you should get the source from CVS (grap the v1_2 branch). You only need DirectX SDK to build under windows (and VC8 or 9). - http://sourceforge.net/projects/wgois
  8. Non-blocking sockets in Java

    This is the best networking library I've found for Java: http://mina.apache.org/ Edit - I said threading at first, but meant networking :) [Edited by - pjcast on March 7, 2009 9:16:19 AM]
  9. How can I build a universal remote control?

    http://www.lirc.org/ or http://winlirc.sourceforge.net/ are some good resources for building remote control receiving /sending software/hardware. HTH
  10. Setting up a development server

    Win2k Can run .Net 2.0 apps fine, and I imagine .Net 2.0 web apps fine also. Though, I wouldn't recommend using Win2k, as it is old and not really supported anymore. So, if you are doing this for learning, you will be working with old tech. You can get a free trial of Win 2003 R2 Server in the form of a virtual machine from here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/try/vhd/default.mspx If I were you, I would simply develop locally on your own machine, and then when ready for deployment testing you deploy to an actual test server. Running a database, web server, etc on your own machine will not slow it down unless you also host a large site on your system too ;-) Plus, you can turn those services off when no needed.
  11. Cross-platform input handling api options?

    Well, there is OIS which basically is X11 event handling under Linux. It works on Windows and Mac OSX. The license is extremely liberal being zlib/libpng. So, you could take source code from it and do what you want, only requirement is that you keep the copyright information in the source code, and modified versions are clearly marked as such. Or, you could just use it as an example of a clean way to handle X11 messages in your own app ;-) Here
  12. I suggest sticking with FTP. Why? Already implemented servers, plenty of client side libs to help you out. Pretty well behaved protocol/service (as opposed to making your own). Requires just an FTP server (don't need to run a web server just for downloading files)... I don't see any benefit from using HTTP. FTP has features for resuming downloads, not sure about standard HTTP. There is also a secure form of FTP if you need security. But, then there is also SCP in that case. Plus, benefits of using TCP (which includes Web servers/HTTP) streams is that they are easier to load balance than UDP type protocols - since you ask about heavy loads. my 2 cents.
  13. Quote:Original post by Sneftel Well, there's OIS. I'm not much of a fan of it, but perhaps you'll find it useful. I would be honored if you could elaborate on your issues with OIS.
  14. Voice emulation and modification

    There is also Festival (there are some demos on the Festvox site) which does text to speech (TTS). Though, I have only seen one good qaulity example using that, which does not have the source. AT&T's voice demo is by far the best I have found and seen as far as qaulity goes - of course, I'm not sure of the cost
  15. Getting my boat off of dry land

    While I don't know of anything in Vista, there are plenty of studios in surrounding areas. However, getting a job without any expereince is difficult. You could try getting in as a QA tester (which just requires PC experience and a love of games). And in your spare time, work on learning programming.