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    Going from java to C++

    Thanks a lot for the replies, you gave me more than enough to get started :) I downloaded some C++ source, an IDE and I am checking out a couple of links you gave me. And oh yeah, two questions: what is the difference between a pointer and a reference, and what do all those 0x3425 type stuff mean? gcs584: Ja, ek praat afrikaans, ek het al een ander suid-afrikaner hier gesien (dink ek). Ek begin vlgnde jaar studeer by S.Bos en ek wonder eintlik nog of ek programmering wil gaan swot, so nou kyk ek maar so bietjie uit. Ek gaan ook einde v/d jaar bietjie UK toe :)...
  2. Hi, I've been coding in Java for a while now, it was the first language I really learnt, but now I want to move on to C++. For a programmer, what are the differences? I have no experience or knowledge about C++ pretty much whatsoever. Where do you get an SDK for it? IDE's? I'm already familiar with games programming in Java though.
  3. So you spent 10 minutes just jumpin into the fire? lol.. Yeah I was gonna make graphics for the ropes to make it more obvious but I ran out of time (it's a school project due Friday)
  4. Uh... Those thick yellowish lines are ropes... :)
  5. Hmm that would make it a bit easy to get away in tag mode.. Do you mean that you can't get to the platform above you without the powerup?
  6. IMO, webstart's overrated. An executable JAR is just as good (Though some ppl are gonna disagree with me). http://wiki.java.net/bin/view/Games/WebStart To use it you also need to create a signed executable JAR. Any suggestions for the game?
  7. Ok, this has been up before, but now the webstart is working and it's an entirely new version. It's 2-player,hotseat only so you'll need a friend. Control the red guy with WASD and Q for use and the blue guy with arrows & enter. http://grexengine.com/sections/externalgames/jnlps/stickduel/stickduel.jnlp Known bugs: sometimes crashes if you don't change player's names from null. Statistics don't get saved.
  8. Yes I'm aware of that bug (at least I think it's the same one), Working on it.. Oh yeah, thanks for trying it & posting the stack..
  9. My game is finally playable, sorry it's not webstartable, and it's two player hotseat only so you'll need a friend.. http://members.fortunecity.com/btenterprises Comments,ideas,bugs? [Edited by - sponge on June 26, 2004 2:17:53 PM]
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