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  1. onebeer

    What is your favorite antivirus program?

    bjle, Check out Sysinternal. Lots of good little OS type programs and source.
  2. Can't run the game. Message popup says that "jpeg62.dll" was not found.
  3. I have the full versions of Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 installed with no problem. Not sure if it the same as what you are doing.
  4. onebeer

    [SQL] Distinct

    I think the problem is that you assume DISTINCT is only working on the first column when actually it works on all the columns. If you have multiple c1.[Contact] but one of the other columns is different (probably c2.[latestlsapexpiredate]), you will get another row. If you understand while the DISTINCT is working like it is, it might help with a solution. For example, if the c2.[latestlsapexpiredate] is the column causing you to get duplicate rows, which c2.[latestlsapexpiredate] value would you want if DISTINCT worked like you expected?
  5. onebeer

    Terrain: Mesh vs heightmap

    Why not do both? I think it is World of Warcraft that uses a height map for the general terrain and then uses meshes for overhangs other terrain that can't be built using a height map. Just a thought.
  6. onebeer

    Multithreading Quesiton

    Winsock should be thread safe. At least I've never had a problem with it and our main app (non-game) is a service that opens many sockets on different threads. Since you are using UDP, you don't need to deal with one socket like you would with TCP. Your main thread should be able to send the message to the clients without any problem.
  7. onebeer

    Muzzle Flashes

    It seems to me that a muzzle flash could be part of the partcle system. It is a quad that is tied to the end of the gun (or whatever) that lives for a short period of time. It wouldn't be parented to the gun's muzzle, but it's initial location would be at the tip. It would also not be a billboard. You would want it to use the orientation of the gun not the camera. Are you talking about an algorithmic muzzle flash or just a texture that is displayed? Just my $0.02
  8. onebeer

    Code formater

    Try Google. It looks like there are several. I found this one on Source Forge.
  9. onebeer

    [.net] C# + mySQL

    Check out this
  10. I use Toroise. It adds an SVN shell extenion to Windows. You can update and commit right from explorer.
  11. onebeer

    Flipping Y Coordinate

    Are you doing this in 3d or 2d? This is what I do for 2d, the GUI: void oglCanvas::SetupOrthoMode(void) { // Setup projection matrix glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); glLoadIdentity(); // Go into ortho mode with same dimensions as the frame // Reverse the bottom,top values so the coordinates are // 0,0 is upper left, not lower left. glOrtho(0, Frame->getFrameWidth(), Frame->getFrameHeight(), 0, -1, 1); // Go back to Model View mode glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); glLoadIdentity(); // Go into Scissor mode since we want to clip the windows glEnable(GL_SCISSOR_TEST); glScissor(0, 0, Frame->getFrameWidth(), Frame->getFrameHeight()); }
  12. onebeer

    syntax highlight

    Your best bet is to find an editor widget that does what you want. Our application is written in Delphi with a Basic-like scripting language. We found an editor component with source that allowed us to extend it as well as use the existing syntax hilighting. What language are you using?
  13. onebeer

    problems with file directories

    When you setup a shortcut under Windows, you can set the starting directory. If you run it from the command line, the current directory of the command line is the current directory of the application. Basically, you can't assume what your current directory is going to be. If you base it on the location of the executable, there should be a way to get the full path of the executable and you can strip off the directory. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  14. onebeer


    Check out X Develop. I haven't used it but it might be worth looking at.
  15. onebeer

    A few C++ Questions

    Is the Critter problem happening in the compiler or linker? Are you compiling this in an IDE like Visual Studio or from the command line. If you compile critter_app.cpp and link it without the critter.obj file(the compiled critter.cpp), the linker will complain because it can't find Greet().
  16. onebeer

    What the hell is up with mono develop

    I uses SUSE 9.1 to do some .NET and ASP.NET work. I used Redcarpet to install and update my Mono files. It works perfectly. Check out this message and it references this
  17. I used smart pointers for my manager class. I guess that would be a vote for indirect pointers, but the indirection is handled behind the scenes.
  18. onebeer

    Looking for cheap development tools

    Microsoft recently released simplified versions of Visual Studio with support for C#, C++, and VB, I think. Check out C# and c++. Both are beta and probably have some other limitations. But its worth a look.
  19. onebeer

    Notebook CPU's

    I just purchased a Dothan 1.8 based notebook with a ATI 9700 GPU. I couldn't be happier. As for comparisons between Dothan, Prescott and AMD 64, check out here
  20. onebeer

    CVS Servers

    Have you used the -t option to trace what CVS is doing?
  21. onebeer

    Directory Listing

    Look at FindFirstFile()
  22. onebeer

    Critique my new laptop

    www.discountlaptops.com I got this model.
  23. onebeer

    Critique my new laptop

    I just ordered a gaming/programming laptop similar to yours: Intel Dothan 1.8ghz ATI 9700 w/128MB 60GB 7200RPM 1GB RAM 15" 1400x1050 display Wireless 802.11 b/g Price: $1734 US I went with the Dothan processor for the longer battery life. Normally I buy Dell's, but I couldn't get a 6lb laptop with an ATI 9700 pro from Dell. All their 9700 equiped notebooks were the 9lb beasts.
  24. onebeer

    Forming plurals of class names

    We just finished a C# .NET non-game app for a big company. Their coding standard appends the word "Collection" to the object. So, Army -> ArmyCollection Yes, it gets wordy, but the auto-completion of Visual Studio kept the typing to a minimum and everything was standard.
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