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  1. I haven’t been into game programming for a long time, but I read up on entity/compent/system and thought it was an interesting idea. As an exercise, I’ve set up a basic framework to get this working: void Game::load(ILoader& loader) { scene.spawn( PositionCp { {0, 0} }, VelocityCp { {0, 0} }, CollisionRectCp { {100, 100} }, ArrowControlCp { 150 }, TextureCp { "sprites", {100, 100} }, TextureSliceCp { {0, 0}, {100/256.0, 100/256.0} } ); scene.spawn( PositionCp { {200, 300} }, VelocityCp { {-120, -60} }, TextureCp { "sprites", {100, 100} }, TextureSliceCp { {100/256.0, 0}, {200/256.0, 100/256.0} } ); scene.run(LoadTextureSys, loader); } void Game::update(const UpdateContext& context) { scene.run(ArrowControlSys, context); scene.run(MovementSys, context); } void Game::render(IRenderer& renderer) { scene.run(RenderQuadSys, renderer); } At this point I’m a bit stuck. How do you go on from here to model game behaviour? The classic “If X happens, do Y” doesn’t really seem to map well to this design. I’d be super happy if someone could lay out some basic principles or points me to an article that does so.   One thing in particular that I’m wondering about is how specialised you should get with your components and systems. In this code I already have an “arrow control” component and system, but it seems to me like that wouldn’t scale. I read an article on building bomberman on an ECS design, and it seemed contrived for that reason. I’d imagine an engine would supply a set of generic components and systems, letting you basically script the rest on top of that. Is that a common approach? How would that be implemented?
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    Promit, great explanation. You're awesome.
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