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    Getting Back In The Game...

    Thanks, Misantes! I'm saving the game idea for a future post, though.
  2. nerd_boy

    Getting Back In The Game...

    Heyo! Been forever and a day, but I'm back, and hopefully to stay. And be productive, because like most others here, I've a game idea I want to see come to fruition. As such, I've disconnected WoW and Guild Wars and other non-productive distractions, trying to get down to business. Part of getting down to business for me is 'accountability', which will likely be taking the form in at-least-weekly journal updates. For now I'll be using this /old/ journal, but if my game starts to see progress and take off, it will get its own separate journal. For now, the game's ideas and concepts shall remain hidden in mysterious shadowy shadows. In the past week or so, in my spare time between whatnot, I've been researching what I'll need to be using to get the job done. It's a bit tricky since I've not done graphical game development in awhile, though I have been productive for a MUD of late, so I'm not really inexperienced, per se; however, I tend to like to reinvent the wheel, depending on the wheel, and learn best by failing. We'll see how this plays out. For now, the technologies and other stuff I've been looking at and thoughts regarding them (this is where I'd greatly appreciate feedback/criticism, for those so inclined): C#/Mono - Language (client/server/everything) Hopefully sidestepping Holy Wars and whatnot, I have some experience and memories of C# a few years ago, fond memories all. My language experience of late has largely been VBA, custom scripting language for the aforementioned MUD, and a bit of Java/Javascript/HTML/CSS. I'm more familiar with some of these, and other languages, but it has been a good while and I recall only more concepts than anything language specific, really. Regardless, my previous C# experience was all .NET, but as I would like for my game to be more cross-platform inclined, I've been looking at Mono and it seems to fit the bill, though I've yet to test how difficult it is to target to other platforms, just what I've seen on the web. Awesomium - GUI So one of the areas which I'd rather not reinvent the wheel too much if I can help it is the area of GUI. I had attempted some time ago to make a little coder control, and may end up picking that up again for all I know, but I realized that I got too caught up in the nuances and didn't make it very far. I honestly don't remember how far I made it, but I did learn a bunch of neat stuff, which I've since forgotten. Anyway, Awesomium looks to be a neat little HTML UI Engine for .Net/Mono. While I'm not sure of how badly this will effect performance, etc., I do like the idea of using HTML/CSS/javascript for GUIs in a game. Saves me a lot of trouble, and it can use existing technologies. I had looked at other such things, notably Chromium/Blink/etc, but they seemed...not as ready out of the box as I'd like at the moment, though I might end up using them in the future. Awesomium is free "for teams with
  3. nerd_boy

    Ah, nice to be back

    Greetings and Welcome! There is no escape from GameDev now.
  4. nerd_boy

    Crisis of Faith?

    Right-o. This will be my last post on here for about a year. Or it should be if all goes well. As you may have known prior (or just after reading the bit at the top of the journal), I'll be heading off to the Air Force in February. ~95 days left till I ship from the day of this post, give or take a day. As for my crisis of faith? Well, get ready for a n00bish excuse story. :| I'd been dabbling in programming since I was 10. A couple years were on and off at the start of it. For various reasons, mostly my lack of discipline/willpower and just being easily distracted in general, I've never made anything worth mentioning. Ever. I've dabbled plenty in various areas. I've independently researched a handful of chipsets and early consoles. Read plenty of articles over the years on various aspects of programming and gamedev. I just don't seem able to *do* it. Like my code editor project, for instance. I've made plenty of progress on it two or three times, but I always end up rewriting it for some asinine reason. Or I'm torn between whether I should make it for WinForms? What about WPF? Silverlight? AIR? :| Once I thought it would be helpful if I dropped dabbling in programming so I'd miss it, but I never did. I mean, I could go a week or two and all I'd do was read an article or mess with some code in Visual Studio that didn't accomplish jack squat. Don't get me wrong, I still have a "burning desire", if you will, to program/code/develop. But I just don't seem to appreciate it or something. *shrug* Anyway, I figure the 8 months between Basic Training and Tech School that I'll have away from computers/internets, both AF imposed at the start and probably self imposed at the end, will help, but an extra 3 months or so aren't going to hurt. So, as a test of my "crisis of faith" in programming, I figured I'll just drop pretty much everything. No coding. No article reading. Nothing. The most I'll do is maybe actually learn some decent maths, from calculus and onward. If after about a year (which it will be from now, if you include the ~30 days I get to spend home after Basic/Tech), I'm still interested, perhaps I'll appreciate it more. Besides, the discipline that BT will give me will likely help. And if I'm not still interested in programming...well, I dunno. I don't really see me not being interested in programming, but I suppose I could find some other hobby/activity to take up. It isn't really likely though. So perhaps my "test" isn't so much to test my desire to program, but rather to increase it? I dunno. So anywho, you guys take care. After a day or so to check up on comments, I probably won't visit GameDev for a year. So don't forget me when I come back. XD
  5. nerd_boy

    Theora Video Plugin, refactored

    Login screen looks good! Kinda reminiscent of the Freelancer menu screen, not sure if you were going for that. D:
  6. nerd_boy


    Image is broken. D: Wait, just took forever to load, it seems.
  7. nerd_boy

    Livin' on the Wave

    [Edit: Per the request of benryves, the apparent resident grammar expert, invite should not be used when invitation is available for usage. So I've changed it.] Huzzah! Thanks to dohtem giving me an inviteinvitation, I've been fortunate enough to play around with Google Wave for the past...almost a week, I think. I've completely bitten the hype and I think it is super crazy awesome, etc. So much have I bitten the hype that I'm going to have a go at "living off the Wave" in so far as a site/blog(wlog? wavlog? ???) goes, aside from this journal. So now it is just a countdown until some domain sitter grabs my old one up. Hope it isn't some pron site. [disturbed] So far as any of my projects go, nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. No progress. :| I really need to get some progress done. It isn't like I have a viable excuse such as a job, which I also need to get. Maybe. Only four months till I leave for Basic Training. Maybe there will be something to report next time. Maybe. FOUR MORE MONTHS! D: [EDIT] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, I've been playing around with the Google Wave gadgets thingy, only made one to display your XBox GamerCard. :| Any ideas would be appreciated.
  8. nerd_boy


    Well, other than the obvious 8-bit grayscale, Wiki Clicky has some palettes that are 8-bit(or less) and look pretty decent with the picture(of a parrot) applied to it. Nothing Mandelbrot specific, though.
  9. nerd_boy

    I'm An MVP!

  10. nerd_boy

    Numbers and Words

    Quote:Original post by rip-off What is the traditional gift for that anniversary? I think the Wedding Night has pretty much got that covered.
  11. nerd_boy

    Untitled SENG Game: Level Editor

    Just because the MFC logo looks similar to yours is no reason to use it.[disturbed]
  12. nerd_boy

    I'm alive!

    Editor? >_> You have a tool for this? Tool screenshots, plox.
  13. nerd_boy


  14. nerd_boy


    public class Vars { private Dictionary<string,object> data=new Dictionary<string,object>(); public object this[string index] { get { try{return data[index];} catch(KeyNotFoundException exception){return null;} } set{data[index]=value;} } } Is this what you're wanting, just more C++ish?
  15. Mirrored Here What? Part 2 already? ZOMG! SRS BIZNIZ TIEM! Anywho... Righty-o. So in my previous post, I went over the rough draft of the rnfnBNF language. And now I'm supposed to go over "Intellisense, Scope, and AutoFormatting ideas/problems I have, as well as any changes I come up with and/or from feedback." Well there hasn't been any feedback at the time of this writing, so that bit is out the window. And I haven't come up with any changes overnight in my sleep. So this leaves us with my ideas/problems regarding IntelliSense, Scope, and AutoFormatting. Scope Scope is a bit problematic, at least I think it might be. I'm presuming/hoping scope only ever works in levels, with the innermost/lowest level being the one with the most access. If I presume this, then I can just deal with having _startScope() and _endScope(). This, at least, allows for a kind of "general" scope. I'm still thinking as to whether or not there is any benefit/disadvantage to having the scopes be named, for IntelliSense purposes. IntelliSense My ideas for handling IntelliSense still have a few holes. The first of which is handling scope, etc. Which is to say, while I may know every function in class FooBar of namespace Foo.Bar, I don't want the IntelliSense listing them as Foo.Bar.FooBar.classname in the suggestion modal. Rather, I need some form of scope division, which'll probably just be taken care of by assigning a scope seperator(s). Also, for something like using System.Windows.Forms, I need something in place to handle this "prefix" bit, though I suppose in conjunction with the scope seperator(s), I could have _addScopePrefix("System.Windows.Forms"). Of course, I need some manner of getting the unknown bit into it. That is to say, if the rule were using="using ", namespace, terminating-symbol;, for example, I'd need to get namespace in _addScopePrefix(...) somehow. At the moment, I'm debating between yet another function, such as _setParse(variable:rnfnBNF grammar), or something like variable:rnfnBNF grammar. So the difference would be between using="using ",_setParse(_namespace,namespace) _addScopePrefix(_namespace),terminating-symbol; and using="using ",_namespace:namespace _addScopePrefix(_namespace),terminating-symbol;. Personally, I'm liking the latter example at the moment. Another problem with IntelliSense is building a "base" to work off of. For example, having the IntelliSense data for the .NET platform in a usable format for multiple languages. Or maybe I'll just let the program using the control provide this information. That'd probably be easiest/best. I still have to consider whether I want to allow for multi-language intellisense. >_> AutoFormatting Off the top of my head, the things that'd fall in this category mostly involve the placement of tabs, spaces, and/or newlines, the first two usually in regards to the level of scope that they take place. Something like _Scope()*'\t' would insert N tabs where N is the scope(or indention) level. As for actually making it part of AutoFormatting, and not just part of the rule definition, probably have something along the lines of _AutoFormat(rnfnBNF grammar), which would insert the rnfnBNF grammar if, and only if, AutoFormatting is turned on. Might throw in _AutoFormat(option=value:rnfnBNF grammar) to handle AutoFormatting options. Of course, I've have to come up with a safe way to generate a result for the rnfnBNF grammar, in case someone gets all funky with ORs and Optionals. I'll likely just take the first (left-most) of the ORs, disclude the optionals, etc. Will there be a Part 3? Who knows...
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