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  1. rangler

    GUI implementation question

    Oh, no I've never used it, I'm most familiar with Java and Win32.
  2. rangler

    GUI implementation question

    I suppose. This may be a dumb question but keep im mind thats why I posted in the beginers forums but what is QT short for?
  3. rangler

    collision detection help needed

    Thanks for the tip I have no time to try it out now but it does sound promising. ldramire, what are you working on now? and howcome you never finished your pong clone? lol
  4. rangler

    collision detection help needed

    If two objects collide like so: |-----| |-----| |--|--|--| |--|--|--| |-----| |-----| do you set the ball |-----| |-----| |-----| |--|--|--| |-----| |-----| |-----| or     |-----|     |-----| |-----|-----| |-----|-----| |-----| |-----|
  5. Thanks for your help H_o_p_s actualy your last suggestion got me to thinking and I came up with this and it works perfectly! public static BufferedImage clipImage(BufferedImage src, Rectangle dim) { Graphics2D g; GraphicsConfiguration config; BufferedImage dest; config = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getDefaultScreenDevice().getDefaultConfiguration(); dest = config.createCompatibleImage(dim.width, dim.height, Transparency.BITMASK); g =(Graphics2D)dest.getGraphics(); g.drawImage(src.getSubimage(dim.x, dim.y, dim.width, dim.height), 0, 0, null); g.dispose(); return dest; }
  6. I would except that I want the the returned BufferedImage to be completely new, not to share the same data as the source BufferedImage. The documentation for getSubimage() states: Quote:Returns a subimage defined by a specified rectangular region. The returned BufferedImage shares the same data array as the original image.
  7. rangler

    [java] which graphics api

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  8. rangler

    [java] Java2D Clipping

    Thank you for your help
  9. rangler

    data structire help

    Thanks for you help.
  10. rangler

    data structire help

    Ok thanks, I am making a 2d game and for the scene managment I am using a quadtree. The sprites in my game need their Update() function called once per frame and I am debating whether to do this from within the quadtree or have a master list of sprites and travese through them calling Update().
  11. rangler

    how to wrap a scene?

    Thank you for you help, I see what your saying. Just write a function to find the needed edge leafs. That is the first half of my problem. The second is how to transition sprites to and from opposite sides of the map. Including the posiblity that a sprite could be in two or more nodes at once. Is there a tutorial anyone knows about that discusses quadtree scene managment pertaining to wraping a scene?
  12. rangler

    [java] RenderingHints help

    thanks thats exactly what I needed
  13. rangler

    Windows network programming help

    Thanks works perfectly.
  14. rangler

    winsock2 and wininet

    No, sorry that still does not work for me. Does a macro automaticly become global?
  15. got it to work with void StringTokenizer::Tokenize(LPSTR String, char *Delimiter) { char *temp; temp = strtok(String, Delimiter); while(temp != NULL) { Tokens.push_back(temp); temp = strtok(NULL, Delimiter); } delete temp; } thanks to everyone who helped!
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