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  1. One week ago I post a question there, the main content about clip view frustum against a portal, original thread link is : http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=433973 But nobody answer the last question that my post, so I have no choice but to post a new thread to continue this question. Because I really really dont know how to do :(
  2. I had read and understand it. Now I have only one question with such a line in your code: MFrustum portalFrustum(planes); I dont know how you generate a frustum from the variable "planes" if "planes.size() > 6"?
  3. Ok, thanks your sample code, I need a study, if I have problems, I will continue this thread
  4. Thanks, I have downloaded that sample. but it seems only a very based frustum culling tutorial, have not any portal correlative code? Now problem is: I know how to generate a view frustum from view and projection matrix and culling bounding volume with it. But I dont know how to clip view frustum against rectangle portal, i.e. how to zoom view frustum with rectangle when a frustum through the portal.
  5. Who can give me some code help about clip frustum against rectangle portal...
  6. coollofty


    Oh, thanks, expecting the new version and bug fixed version :)
  7. coollofty


    I found a problem, but possible my mistake. Write a as code and save it as bytecode to a file. The code can very sample, e.g: void Test(int i) { } Then, reload the file and run it, use : ExecuteString("Test(3)") The will arouse a VC assert dialog and tell me: index < length If the "Test" function has no any parameters, the will no errors. And if you dont use a bytecode file, direct load the text code and compile it then ExecuteString("Test(3)"), the will no any problem. Why?
  8. Heared a 3d graphics render optimize parlance: after you picked all the objects which need to be rendering, first disable the color write and render them into ZBuffer, then render them again with occlusion query and remove the invisible object which 0 pixel have been wrote. Last, enable color write and render the leaves objects into color buffer with the lessequal z compare function ... Really? Do these can improve performance?
  9. coollofty

    A suggestion...

    Hope the AngelScript can built in the #include and others preprocess keywords. But the first important is #include. because now, if we want to include other files, we must use the 3rd preprocess library. But it have a colud not resolved problem that is the included code will replaced the source code, so the compiler reported message will give us a incorrect line number and source file name :(
  10. Who knows how to used C# language as a script language in C++? I want to use it for my small game demo :)
  11. coollofty

    a novice's question

    The question 1 and 3 now is clearly, thanks erissian. The question 2 answered by RAZORUNREAL's: Quote:Instead of checking if two objects intersect, you check if they will intersect within 1 time step. So you sort of sweep the object through time. It means you don't miss any collisions for small or fast moving objects, but its more complex. maybe it is very complex, but I very like to have more information about it. can you give me some stuffs? such as white paper link. Thx :)
  12. coollofty

    a novice's question

    Im now working for a small rigidbody demo, from other stuffs and open source demo, I found some understand questions. so, I posted these questions: 1. Do I must repeat body collision detect with each other unit there were no body has collision occurred? 2. Whats the swept collision detection? 3. Do I must split the update delta time into smaller chunks to do integrate if the time value than the limit value?
  13. coollofty

    whats mean of character "@"?

    I found several register string have a "@" character, such the RegisterStringFactory register, need "string@" for the first parameter. So, whats the "@" mean?
  14. coollofty

    Who can give some examples about asIScriptAny?

    append a new question: :) Im now working for a angelscript common library and a coloring edit with compiler and debuger. But some of the common functions need use the string type. Yes, I can very easely register a string factory for these common functions. But someone registered owner string factory then they how to use my common library?
  15. My question very simple: What is the asIScriptAny and asIScriptGeneric interface mean? When and how to use them? I cannot found any stuff about them in documents :(
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