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  1. Looking for car trace

    do a search for 'skidmark'. Google has a few decent (but not quite perfect) ones.
  2. RTS Needs

    There's an idea I've been toying with; that you don't simply click a button on a building to generate units, but instead you specify roles for your existing units. That's worded poorly, let me explain. You start the game with a few specialized Builders, who can make and repair structures. They make a House. The House is the only structure which can generate units, they generate simple Citizens. Citizens require lodging though, so if you want more than a few Citizens, you'll have to build more Houses to support them. Citizens (and all your units) also require food, so you build a Farm. But the farm won't produce anything until you assign a Citizen to it, at which point that unit become a specialized Farmer. You also want an army, so you build a Barracks. You can then send groups of Citizens inside the Barracks to train, and out come your new Soldiers. It's all about using the Citizens you've generated to fill your necessary roles. But not all Citizens need to be converted to something else. Citizens left to their own devices will wander around your town and be assumed to be living out their lives. That means making and spending money, which helps your economy in the form of taxes. So, the more free-willed Citizens you have, the stronger your economy.
  3. Whats Your Ideal MMO?

    Action and skill based (but with crafting and all that). Not an RPG in the typical "target enemy, cast fire spell (which has a random chance of missing) for 50 damage" sense. No player levels! I'm sick of levels. As players progess they'll learn new skills and upgrade old ones, but it's NOT kept track of by assigning numbers (1-60) and doubling, tripling, (etc) your stats. I don't enjoy the tremendous gap it causes between players, nor the very concept of players "outleveling" areas and enemies. It forces you in a very linear fashion through these supposedly wide open games. ideal MMO. The game should be played repeatedly for the sense of adventure. Not because you need to kill 400 more goblins so that the number beside your name is increased +1 and you can now safely walk around a new zone without fear of being instantly killed.
  4. Tutorials & Downloads (Under repair)

    Sorry I haven't been looking for and adding links for this. And I'm also sorry no one else has offered up any in a while. If I find the time soon, I'll try to go out 'hunting' for some good tutorials. And always remember: Post 'em if you got 'em. [Edited by - Veovis on March 2, 2006 1:34:56 PM]
  5. Attention

    Heck, I've done this before in online Multiplayer games. In Tribes2, teammates had a green symbol above their head, and enemies had a red symbol. You could also wear a pack that protected you against sensor detection and thus showed no symbol at all. But that particular pack was rarely everyone was just conditioned to attack at the red symbol. I had loads of fun coming to the enemy base, turning on the pack, and casually walking around. Occasionally people would stop and stare at me, but so long as I acted normal (neither skittish nor hostile) they'd usually leave me alone. And then I'd continue on into the heart of their base to perform some nefarious act like blowing up a generator. It's a good idea. Just saying that it could work in singleplayer or even multiplayer games.. if done right.
  6. I play City of Villains. Once, I captured citizens and handed them off to a psychotic criminal gang who hack people up and reassemble their pieces into Frankenstein-style zombies in order to further their studies into immortality. It gave good money and experience. But the real reason I did it was because a contact of mine was having problems with said gang, and setting this all up was a way to get them into trouble with the law and off his back. I had no qualms with it. But, it's a game. I may have reconsidered had the oppportunity presented itself to me in real life.
  7. Design my game!

    A possible idea just came to me - 'The Busted Bike' You start the game as just a tire of an old bicycle. The goal is to locate all your pieces (frame, other wheel, handlebars, seat) so that you can become a whole bike again and once more be ridden. I imagine the gameplay would be much like the old 'Paperboy' game. You roll around as a wheel (and as you progress you become more of the bicycle) while avoiding obstacles like cars, and broken glass in the street, and jumping over fences and such.
  8. making textures

    Quote:Well if someone wanted to make a plane texture, do they draw a plane from top,bottom, etc, and then photoshop it. Well that depends on how you layed out your UVs ("unwrapped" the Airplane model) in your 3D program. You take a snapshot of your UVs all layed out, then open that image in Photoshop, and paint the texture over the UVs. (we are talking about textures for a 3D model, right? You never mention it, but you say Top/Bottom so I assume so.) Me personally, what I would do, is I *would* download images from the internet, and I'd place samples of the images for my texture, and use the Clone Stamp tool to spread it around and fill it in.
  9. The concept of a "hero"

    One solution to these difficulties strikes me, Have the ability to become a powerful Hero be an isolated, temporary, thing. Perhaps in your game world the Gods meddle in the affairs of men and will grant and take power as they see fit. Or maybe there is a powerful artifact in the world which when carried will turn your player into a Hero, but it can only be carried for a limited time, else the character will become corrupted by it, or because the artifact knows it is time to move on to another. This temporary ability would still be decently long, maybe 3 days (allowing you time to make an impression on the world), and then the ability would leave you to go on to another. Determining who gets the ability could either be done randomly (with perhaps a factor added in for how long you have been playing), or based on some quest (if you could find ways to avoid mass camping of it). Once you've been a Hero, you cannot be one again for maybe a few months, but in the future it may come back to you.
  10. Making progress!!!!!!!! =D

    Let me make a suggestion, Matt. And it's not in regards to your efforts in 3DSMAx. You've made 3 new topics in about two days, which are all (basically) about the same thing....your further development in certain areas of 3D art as you play with them. There's many aspects to 3D art, and if you make a topic to announce that you've played with every single one....we're going to have a lot of topics from you. I'm not saying to stop posting your discoveries and asking for feedback, that's fine and why we're here. But my suggestion is to keep adding to one of your main topics, instead of continually making new ones. Cuts down on clutter and all that.
  11. Need Ideas [for space ship game]

    An unmentioned element of space combat - Energy control. Your ship's energy is use by three main systems: navigation, shields, and weapons. *Navigation determines your speed and maneuverabilitiy. *Shields lessen or prevent damage to your ship *Weapons increases the damage output and/or rate of fire of your attacks By default your ship's energy is divided equally between the three systems, putting their effectiveness at about 33% each. You have control however, and are able to redirect more energy to any system. If you're on the defense, boost energy to navigation or shields, and sacrifice your weapons. Or if you need to land a critical shot, jack up weapons to 100% do the most damage, but keep in mind that you're motionless and unprotected. To keep things a bit strategic, I'd recommend that any energy distribution you set has to be kept that way for at least 10 to 30 seconds before you can redistribute it again. This way it's not a constant shuffling, and you'd save your redistributions for when you actually need it.
  12. Casual 3d game = oxymoron?

    I played the latest MYST game recently, and it successfully allows 3 different control setups for moving around a 3D environment. #1) You have a static view where you can move your cursor around the screen. Clicking on the left or right side of the screen will will turn your view in that direction. Your cursor will change when you roll it over a part of the environment that you can move to, clicking will move you there. These "movement points" are limited and linear, allowing you to only travel to the spots you need to. The cursor changes again when you roll it over something you can interact with. #2) You have a total freelook view. Your cursor is centered in the screen, and you move the mouse around to look and aim where-ever you want. Movement is still point and click, with the linear spots. #3) Total freedom for view and movement. Use the mouse to look where-ever, and use the keyboard WASD keys to move where-ever. In this mode you can travel anywhere in the 3D environment. Being an avid FPS gamer, I naturally played using option #3. My father however, who is a rare and very casual gamer preferred to play using option #1.
  13. Yet another model ... not much! =)

    my advice to you would be to find (or take yourself) a front and side picture of someone standing in the same pose. Load those pictures into the Orthographic viewports (Front View, Side View) and then as you do your modeling, line everything up exactly. It will automatically give you better proportions and all that, but you try to directly mimic reality, you'll get a better feel for the sort of geometry you need to make things work. Also, go into it with the intentions of animating it later. Parts of the body with joints like the knees, shoulders, and elbows will need more detail (in terms of the number of vertices) to be able to bend better.'re coming along
  14. First 3DS Max Model!! =)

    You've got to start somewhere, and that's a decent start. now, the trick is to keep going, and keep improving.
  15. Tutorials & Downloads (Under repair)

    I've added Vorax's '3D level design' tutorial under Full Processes.