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  1. BDePesa

    Engine Status: Ready to rip.

    Quote:Original post by HopeDagger Good for you. It's tough to get back in the swing of things after a dry spell, but I think you chose a really interesting area to cast your lot with. Have you done any embedded game development before? I've done homebrew work on both the PSP and the GBA. Nothing spectacular, just a few small games. Quote:As ever, I'd be honoured to be able to be a source of motivation for my game developing bretheren out there. [grin] Do you keep a development journal anywhere that I might peer at as well? It would be very interesting indeed to be able to follow your progress as well! I'll have a journal here at some point in the near future when I have something worth posting. I'll be sure to let you know when it's up.
  2. BDePesa

    Engine Status: Ready to rip.

    I'm going through pretty much the exact same process at the moment. I just purchased my MacBook Pro last Thursday and I've been getting up to speed with Objective-C as I haven't done any real programming in almost 2 years. After I feel comfortable with that I figure I'll throw down the $99 for the developer program. It's nice to see someone that I've been following for a few years jump into the scene along with me! Hopefully it'll keep my motivation up. Good luck!
  3. BDePesa

    Serpent Rapture

    Love your idea for the shirt, first of all... Second, he is somewhat correct in my opinion. One of the things they told us in USMC boot camp, was that we are being trained to be desensitized and to have no hesitation when it comes time to pull the trigger. In real life, in WAR.. meaning not some tweaker on the street in a bad drug deal, living or dying can be the split second decision to pull the trigger or not. That's all I have to say about that. Whether you like it or not, that's the military's goal for what they do. Keep in mind though, that the military training games and simulations are bred for that purpose alone, not to entertain or tell a story of any sorts. As for games.. They're games. If you're not mature enough to know that going out and killing someone is a bad idea, you either have legitimate mental problems, haven't been raised correctly, or just don't care. Parents need to start taking control of what their children do, and none of this would happen in the first place. Nice post though, I enjoy your opinions.
  4. BDePesa

    Warhammer 40,000k

    Tau FTW! Never played as anything else, tabletop or PC. I just got the game today though... so that may be short-lived. I'm up for a game sometime after I polish my skills.
  5. BDePesa

    The Man with the Golden Guess

    Because I like cheese and goats.
  6. BDePesa

    Master of the powerpoint deck!

    Nifty. I almost went to school there. I live in that area :).
  7. BDePesa

    Master of the powerpoint deck!

    Which school in Arizona?
  8. BDePesa

    Mixed Media

    Gorgeous! Can't wait till you guys finish Axis Shift!
  9. BDePesa


    PS3: Nov. 17th, 2006. 499.99 / 599.99 USD - 400,000 at launch. WII: Nov. 19th, 2006. 249.99 USD - 4 Million by end of 2006. The winner I think is clear. All of parents looking to buy their kids the latest and greatest will be more than happy to shell out 250 when they realize that they can't buy a 600 dollar machine for their kids because they can't freaking find any! Nintendo's got a solid game plan here.
  10. BDePesa

    Curse you, allergenic substances!

    Jameson ftw. I prefer Jameson when I'm feeling out of it, and Bailey's when I'm relaxing and/or coding. Irish liquor rocks.
  11. BDePesa


    I as well read this :).
  12. BDePesa


    On an average coding night, I down 3 2-Liters of Dr Pepper or a 12 pack or two, depending on how much work I'm doing. It's gotten to the point now, that more caffeine doesn't affect me, but without it, I'm jittery. >_<
  13. BDePesa


  14. BDePesa


    Definitely! :)
  15. BDePesa


    Tighten up the graphics! http://tightgraphs.ytmnd.com
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