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  1. [quote name='CoffeeCoder' timestamp='1338733547' post='4945811'] They did for the SNES. It's called "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars" :image: [/quote] And it was pretty awesome.
  2. Are the standard library folders in the include directories in the project settings? Also, if you're using C++ give cstdio and ctime a try instead.
  3. Copied from http://www.nonpareilstudios.com/ [quote] Hello, Shh. Top secret. Our development team is meeting many milestones lately. Honestly, it's a lot of fun. Our current project has had so many amazing twists and turns, but it's really starting to feel less like software and more like a child.. Is that weird? Even if it is, that's how it feels either way. I love my day job as a software engineer, but there's really no substitute for independent video game development for me. It's something I'll never be able to give up. In either case! Nonpareil Studios, LLC. will soon be launching its first title in beta / testing phases. Also, we will be attending the Too Many Games expo in the greater Philadelphia area. Should be a good time. The conference is not so much geared specifically towards video games, but rather games in general. Sort of.. nondiscriminatory I suppose, but games are games when it all comes down to it. You play games to have fun, and we just want to create fun. Seems like a fine fit. If you're in the Philadelphia area around the time of Too Many Games 2012, please come and stop by at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. Looking forward to it! -------------------------------------- Sheridan Bulger (President) Nonpareil Studios, LLC [/quote]
  4. I can make the transition faster, but I can't move them closer together.. They're 2000 pixels apart, for fear of high screen resolutions seeing two boxes at the same time. Technically, there are monitors with native screen widths of 2800 pixels, so to be completely safe, they'd have to be another 1000 pixels apart. Hmm.. Ponder.. Ponder.. I suppose I could take DOM window.width and use that to drive how far they are apart. I'll give that a shot and make another journal entry when I do it. Thanks for the feedback guys
  5. Also, it's programmed to take 3.5 seconds between page transitions.
  6. @Weasalmongler: It's not a wordpress theme, the news section of the main page uses my wordpress's RSS for the News category to drive its news postings . It takes ages through? It's pretty instantaneous for me. Mind if I ask what browser, operating system, and processor you're on? @Shanks: C#, no tutorials or books. I just kind of dove in and figured it out. In my 11th year programming now (6th of C# experience, which I use at work 60 hours a week), it's just another software library and toolset, it has high points and low points but overall it's pretty well designed. The model I'm using right now is server/client, where I have a static class persisting through all scenes to handle transactions with my server, and then everything else uses the game object framework tied together in the editor with public fields (traditional unity design it seems)
  7. Check out my few minutes of handiwork on nonpareilstudios.com. More to come! Also, I like Unity a lot lately. If you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself a favor and give it a serious run through.
  8. [quote name='JTippetts' timestamp='1319325966' post='4875473'] [quote name='Deranged' timestamp='1318994155' post='4874130'] ...writing accounting and ERP software... [/quote] Erotic Role-Playing software? Sounds kinky. [/quote] I wish it was that fun . Environmental Resource Planning though. It pays the bills ;)
  9. [quote name='Michael Tanczos' timestamp='1318782780' post='4873145'] [quote name='Deranged' timestamp='1318715374' post='4872963'] Oh hey, look at all of the familiar faces who's collective advice has helped me much over the last decade [/quote] And you still turned out alright huh? ;) [/quote] I suppose, well enough to bust my way into the software development industry at least unfortunately, writing accounting and ERP software seems to pay better than the game development industry for me. I still enjoy independent works though.
  10. Oh hey, look at all of the familiar faces who's collective advice has helped me much over the last decade
  11. C:\Programming\Ryfle\ryfle\Ryfle.sln: Number of lines = 15,380, number of code files = 104, number of code-generated lines = 648, number of user-entered blank lines = 2,015, number of user-entered comments = 812 Everything is coming along nicely here! Between my day job and side projects? Probably 70-80 hours of programming weekly >.>
  12. Adventures in collaborative sidetracking.
  13. A couple projects here. First one is my 2d surreal futuristic puzzle adventure for XNA supported platforms (PC, 360, WP7) [attachment=2195:ryfle_apr022011_2.png] [attachment=2191:particles.png] [attachment=2192:particles_ribbon.png] Screenshots are about a month dated. Trying to crunch on a demo. Project includes 2 editors as well as the game itself.. My secondary side project is my Windows PC Game engine [attachment=2193:fugitive_cel_shading4.jpg] [attachment=2194:fugitive_cel_shading3.jpg] </Showoff>
  14. Implemented background loading and two kinds of particle systems (ribbons and static). The color spectrum on the particle systems can contain any number of colors, have a general velocity to them, have randomizing rotations, and various other simple effects. The ribbons are nifty as well
  15. Yeah, it's a side project (although at the time, it's sort of becoming my main project aside from work itself) of mine with QRebound. I'm actually about to link a youtube video. Thanks, btw.