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  1. Good start for the document. "A Single Player Game" is long and hard to digest in a single reading. Recommand you use a simple flow chart. Menu and UI these type of things recommand you draw an example with boxes and like for easier comprehensions. No design document in the world is perfect, but so long as it's got a clear goal for everyone on the team to discuss and easy to modify down the road, then it's all good. Heads up
  2. firewindshadow

    Good speakers for music and gaming?

    Imo Promedia GMX series is worth the extra money for the bass if you're going to watch dvd with them.
  3. firewindshadow

    Quest Design Document

    Add on top, list the requirement and condition to begin the quest. I have a funny feeling you will also need a quest flowchart explaining how one quest lead to another. If you are applying to bioware... I'm sure they'll be expecting a lot more.
  4. firewindshadow

    The death of a great product

    I'm fully aware of "Band In A Box" software. What makes Madplayer interesting to me is, just as you said, a light portable hardware; and the fact that I have to spend an hour and a half everyday commuting on subway to and back from work with nothing to do. Also, I’m in the market looking for a small portable recorder to be used in conjunction with Nintendo DS’s music generating games, so Madplayer looks to be a very temping purchase.
  5. firewindshadow

    The death of a great product

    Interesting product... A quick search on Froogle comes up with a website selling it for $45. Please give a review of this product and post it here once you received it. It would be cool if Madplayer can be used as a portable grovebox.
  6. firewindshadow

    Starting Sound Engineering

    Sorry, I withdraw my previous comment then.
  7. firewindshadow

    Starting Sound Engineering

    If you have an audio card and headphone/speaker, just pick up a cheap copy of fruityloops for under 100 and that'll be a start for you to start composing and editing. After grasping the basics, chances are you'll want to expand with a keyboard, better soundcard, monitor speaker, controllers, a better sequencer program, and more VSTi... but those are a little further down the roads la.
  8. firewindshadow

    Good keyboard?

    What kind of keyboard are you looking for?... a hardware synth keyboard or a midi controller to work with soft synth? Then figure out how many octaves you need and the size of your table; they come in size of 25, 37, 49, 61 keys. 3 or less octaves are usually not enough if you want to play a full piano piece, but they are perfectly suited if you're simplely looking to drop a baseline in the arrangement. After that you have to take into account of the number of knob/button/faders you need to tweak the sounds. Anyway, Edirol/Roland got some good cheap midi keyboards...
  9. firewindshadow

    If you had money to blow, what would you get?

    Just got my Reason 3 yesterday. I'm having so much fun playing and tweaking with the combinator features building mini-vst like rack instruments. Now in the process of hunting down a cheap korg microkontrol to replace the oxygen 8 plastic toy.
  10. firewindshadow

    If you had money to blow, what would you get?

    Grado Labs RS-1 Access Virus T1 surround sound monitor to go with the Genelecs RME firewire-800 SCSI Raid hardrive
  11. firewindshadow

    Another jab at "no save" (Lord help me!)

    Quote:Original post by Sandman Character death in rpgs is more of a nuisance than a punishment. No way! If the character stood still in a combat doing nothing and he gets kill, the death is a punishment to warning him he should start fighting. Not because the game is designed to be a nuisance to the player. Why do I have a funny feeling that the same people who constant save/load game when they screw up are just going to make backup copies of the game's world state file. Or even more crazy, write a shell program that can save an instance of the game like most game emulator.
  12. firewindshadow

    Another jab at "no save" (Lord help me!)

    Quote:Original post by MadKeithV No, it would be a game where you are forced to live with your mistakes, if I read Wavinator's post correctly. Wait a darn minute that's not right!! IT would make the game where you are NOT forced to live with your mistakes because you can always pay a price and redo since the game goal is still obtainable. Wavinator said this is a single-player /co-op RPG so the player isn't competing with anything; while MadKeithV is making us confused pfffth :p This is all debatable really, can the game still provide a clear penalty to the player by with time and money? Damn balance question... the penalty needs to be less than the reward for resurrect ally/rebuild building while enough to make an impact on the player.
  13. firewindshadow

    Reason technique question

    Looked up "gate" on the help file... Think you could use the matrix to program the gating effect that you desire. It's been a while since I played with doing Reason's techniques... I take the short way out by rewire Ableton Live and do the gate on there :p
  14. firewindshadow

    Weapons Without Range - Different Way

    Quote:Original post by Darobat Now each str point past the required value to use the weapon, the minimum damage increases by damage/5, as does the maximum. Change that to percentage would be better. Otherwise at lower level where the player would have less strength, using a lower a low req could double or triple the total damage, while at higher level the bonus would be too little to notice.
  15. firewindshadow

    game audio - networking, anyone?

    If it's networking, you might want to check out G.A.N.G.
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