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  1. Quick copyright question

    Your right. I see your point now.
  2. Quick copyright question

    Quote:Original post by ToohrVyk Quote:Original post by mike25025 Your comment is rude, immature, and this is an English forum not a Japanese forum. I agree, but technically he did not say 'ばか'. Thats like saying 'sushi' doesnt mean the same thing as 'すし'. The script used does not change the meaning of a word.
  3. Quick copyright question

    Quote:Original post by Raghar baka Your comment is rude, immature, and this is an English forum not a Japanese forum. To the OP: 1. Your post lacks grammer and context making it hard to understand. You should try to be more discriptive when posting. 2. I think what you are asking about is covered by fair use but 3. You should contact a lawer.
  4. The download links at http://www.py3d.org/pycal3d dont work. Ive googled for it but I cant find anything. So does anyone know of a place where I can download it or can someone email me it? Thanks
  5. Heres my solution template<typename T> T _UMAX(T a,T b) { #define _UMAX_F(x) (((x)*(x))/(((((x)*(x))-1)/2)*2+1)) #define _UMAX_G(a,b,c) ((a)*(c))+(b)*(1-(c)) return _UMAX_G(a,b,_UMAX_F(a/(1-_UMAX_F(b)+b))); } #define umax(a,b,type) (_UMAX<unsigned type>((a),(b))) It should work for any input and any number of bits.
  6. Need help with blender(SOLVED)

    Pressing 'Z' to switch between solid and wireframe views should allow you to select all of the vertices.
  7. If you could, where would you live

    1. Canada 2. Japan
  8. impressive magic trick

    You wouldn't fell a coin appear in your hand. It would be like a pickpocket in reverse.
  9. sin and cos

    You need to include "math.h" or "cmath".
  10. You can apply these functions every frame to simulate gravity. x(t) = x(0) + tv(0) + t^2a/2 v(t) = v(0) + ta(0) x is the height v is the velocity a is the acceleration (gravity) t is the amount of time passed I do not know how to model air friction but I dont think you will need it in a game.
  11. Quote:Original post by Deaken Frost Quote:You should not use a hash to increase the length of a key. Why? I think it's common practice when you have to transform a user password into a key.Quote:If you're merely trying to turn a 10-character password into a 128-bit key, realize that your key is still only as strong as those 10 characters would be (which, if you use words/phrases, is not much at all).
  12. Quote:Edit: I should also say that I was only going to use a hash function so that I'm not forced to use a password of a particular length.You should not use a hash to increase the length of a key.
  13. It doesnt matter if you use the MD5 hash or not. Your password must be at least 20 characters to use the full 128 bits.
  14. [mdx] Moving through 3d scenes?

    rot is the direction the camera is faceing. Pressing left or right change the direction. Pressing up or down moves the camera forward or backward. This is done using the sin and cos functions to move in the correct direction based off of rot. If you dont understand this part you should find some tutorials on the web for basic trigonometry. The last part sets the target to some place infront of the camera.
  15. [mdx] Moving through 3d scenes?

    I use something like this to control my cameras rot = 0 if left: rot += time if right: rot -= time if up: eye.x += sin(rot) eye.z += cos(rot) if down: eye.x -= sin(rot) eye.z -= cos(rot) target.x = eye.x+sin(rot) target.z = eye.z+cos(rot) [Edited by - mike25025 on November 12, 2005 4:42:55 PM]
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