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  1. I am planing to prototype a soccer simulation. For this i was thinking that the heartbeat of the simulation should be based at an "abstract" tick. The "tick" can the be called n times a second. Are there any examples around for this?
  2. AticAtac

    Godot or not?

    "Issue #1" was also for me the reason to go away from Unity to Godot. I like the simplicity of Godot (just 1 file and no internet connection or other overheads needed). Until now (i am porting my game from MadeWithMarmalade) everything goes fine in Godot and I hadn't any showstopper.
  3. AticAtac

    Photoshop based Avatar Creator for games

  4. AticAtac

    2D / ISO Soccer animations

    Hi, i plan to make a (2D/Iso retro) soccer game. For this i am desperately looking for different soccer animations. Animations and sprites in old soccer games like older version of fifa would be great, but that might  propbably have legal issues. Anyone knows any free or "cheap" ressources out there?
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