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  1. Hi, i implemented realtime metaballs rendering for android devices. I made live wallpaper and called it Metaballs HD coz there was no such realizations on the market. The main problem i got is the performance, especially on arm5 and 1core cpu devices. For arm5 i simulated float-point arithmetics as int and for 1core cpus implemented complex optimizations of standart marching cubes alhorithm. But i am still not sure it works fast enough on low-performance devices. These optimizations include linear memory usage, adjacent edge calculations for storing already calculated points and half grid size calculations according z axes direction. If you have android phone or some suggestions about any more optimizations, please help me improve my wallpaper. Thanks. P.S. [i]can be downloaded [url="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hamsterbeat.wallpapers.metaballs.free"]here[/url][/i]
  2. [NEW GAME][ANDROID] Save the Baby

    Game difficulty is greatly reduced! Save the baby right now!
  3. [NEW GAME][ANDROID] Save the Baby

    Version 1.1 is realeased:[list] [*]Fixed highscores bugs [*]Adjusted game difficulty, now a little bit easier to win! [/list] [b]Enjoy[/b] defeating the Evil and saving your little baby!
  4. Hi eveyone! I'd like to introduce my first game for Andoid. Any feedback will be very much appreciated. Thank you! [img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-CjOh7NbIuTM/T3N7P-xFI_I/AAAAAAAAAAk/nTUXZ1eE4sQ/s1600/baby.png[/img] [b]Save the Baby[/b] is a [b]funny arcade game[/b]. Your baby is reward so it's [b]very hard to win[/b]! Evil Clown stole your little baby on the birthday and wants to play a game with you. Winner takes the baby. Rules are simple. You have 1 minute to win $1,000,000 or you will miss your baby forever. [b]Features:[/b][list] [*]Follow game hints to learn how to save your little baby from the Evil [*]Click the button to earn money, but be carefull! You do not have a lot of time [*]Make combos to earn extra money and bonuses by clicking the dollar sign fast several times while the price indicator is yellow or red [*]Pick up extra bonuses to increase your time limit and get more chances to win [*]Avoid picking up negative bonuses that descreases your time limit, money or even kills you! [*]Feel lucky to get a secret bonus to please your child [*]Save your baby from the Evil, see your detailed game stats and share your score with your friends [/list] [b]Notice:[/b] If you have problems with sound effects or game crashes on your device, please let me kwow. Your feedback will be very much appreciated. [url="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.exi.savethebaby"]Download Save the Baby[/url] from Google Play.