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  1. Penten

    Reccomend a Music / Guitar Forum

    For guitar you could try jam session, they're better than ultimate guitar at least.
  2. Penten

    Immoral acts

    Quote:Original post by Sirisian If you have the time create a sheet with pros and cons and make an educated decision. Just remember not to leave pieces of paper with titles like "To cheat on my wife: pros and cons" lying around your home.
  3. Penten

    Excessive Damage $80,000 per mp3

    To give some weight to the argument that even if nobody bought music, artists would still exists, there's pretty much that situation in China already. While the rest of the world was watching the Oscars, China had the baidu awards, prizes for the artists with the most downloads from All downloads are completely free, yet the artists were all up one the stage, thanking people profusely for "downloading my song so many times". Artists make their money mostly from concerts, the way it should be, and from television ads and product promotion and the like. The only bands that actually sell any music any more are tiny indie bands who put out their own cds to get exposure (they wish people were downloading them for free) and they mostly give those out too. Downloads equals publicity equals people who are willing to pay to see them in person. Either way there is a very successful and massive music industry catering for two million people without selling more than a handful of records over here, and nobody ever seems to refer to it during these discussions. It can and does work, the musicians won't starve.
  4. Penten

    BA will let you work for free!

    Quote:Original post by owl Because here in occident, most countries are capitalist. If you're not ok with their methodologies you can always go to Cuba/China/N.Korea/Russia (sorry krokin) where most salaries are all the same and where it won't make you any good to ask questions like this one. While I can't speak for all those countries, China in no way pretends to have all the same salaries, in fact it doesn't even claim a communist economy anymore. Nor Russia, as far as I know. In fact even during their communist years the people at the top always had significantly higher salaries than the people at the bottom. Replace "company" with "party" and it's pretty much the same system.
  5. Penten

    Chinese learning

    If you're in China there are many many local schools or tutors that want to teach you, in Kunming remember to find someone who speaks good mandarin, not everyone does down there. To supplement this the most important thing will be using what you learn again and again during the day to make it natural and eventually fluent, the traditional expat way is to find a girl who doesn't speak English and 'spending time' with her, try and mingle with locals and be careful not to get sucked into the expat subculture and never speaking the language. The thing that will require the most work will be vocabulary, I use Anki (Anki) for this along with the HSK vocabulary that I generated some cards from. I don't necessarily suggest using the HSK word list however, it's a bit outdated and skips some very useful words and expressions while including a lot of rather stiff formal ones. Your best bet is to use some sort of word list and add every word you hear during the day, try and read as much as possible and take words from there too (bbses if you can understand enough, like or tianya etc, or small texts such as those on can be useful). Finally one thing that can be useful is a good grammar book, I purchased Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar and it's been very good so far, shop around. The grammar is mostly simple and often nonexistent, but it's useful to have a reference. One more thing, pronunciation is important, chinese pod has a useful little flash app that will pronounce pinyin for you, if your tones and pronunciation aren't up to scratch practice them, it will become natural fast if you start with good habits. Personally I've made a lot of mistakes over the past two years learning the language, first by making very little effort at first, by never having official teaching, by not doing enough vocabulary practice every day, etc. Even so I've gotten to a quite decent level by now, so it's very doable. Good luck.
  6. Penten

    cheap lunch

    Quote:Original post by Trapper Zoid My usual cheap lunch lately has been a simple bowl of rice with soy sauce. Simple but I like it. Flamboyant. I'm enjoying the one benefit of living in a dirty little town, the restaurants selling 2Y noodles. (0.3 USD, 0.23 EUR apparently) Not a taste sensation, but it's hard to beat for cheap warming fare. Otherwise I'm partial to left over food from the night before, fried rice works well cold, meat can become a sandwich.
  7. Penten

    kettles should have an 80deg. C setting

    While the best temperature for making some black as night English tea may be close to 100 for best results, doing that to white or green tea burns the poor little leaves and makes the result very bitter and unpleasant, many of the redder black teas prefer 90ish degrees too.
  8. Penten

    kettles should have an 80deg. C setting

    For people who live places with undrinkable tap water we have to boil the water to 100° first either way, after which one can open the of the kettle top and wait for the right amount of time for it to hit the desired temperature (trial and error here). The best option if you want precise 80° though is just to buy a cooking thermometer and check it that way, this way you can adjust to teas that are best brewed at 90, 80, 70 etc.
  9. If I were you I'd look to local programmers, outsourcing to a site peopled mostly by American programmers when Chinese programmers are so grossly underpaid in comparison seems a bit strange. There are many popular online Chinese games, get in touch with their people maybe.
  10. Penten

    Google StreetView and 3D

    Better yet, hire one or two pixel artists and render the whole world like this.
  11. Penten

    The Food Pyrimid is a LIE!

    Quote:Original post by Zipster I see all your shapes, and raise you the 0-dimensional food point. . <--- bacon
  12. Penten

    Firefly, Chinese, and gov't & linguistic interaction

    Quote:Original post by Colin Jeanne Quote:Original post by Oberon_Command As a thought experiment: what would a language that was a hybrid of English and Mandarin sound like? Probably something like this? Or the fascinating singlish
  13. Penten

    Firefly, Chinese, and gov't & linguistic interaction

    Their Chinese was really pretty awful, you had to sort of guess at the words from context as pronunciation and tones weren't quite right. (they may have been speaking some future dialect or something of course)
  14. Penten

    If you are in Harbin, China...

    We should have a GDNet China meet. Qingdao is nicely between Beijing and Shanghai (although you're maybe a bit far north up in Harbin) and will be hosting the beer festival later than usual this year. If any members will be there around the 23rd of September I'd be up for meeting them.
  15. Penten

    What's your favorite tip/trick app on Windows?

    Win+e to open explorer, my most used shortcut
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