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  1. Cibressus

    How to Turn $20 to $40 in 24hrs

    This question has plagued me for sometime, yet it seems simple enough. If you were given $20 right now and told to double it in 24 hours what would you do? Of course, it has to be legal and not "kinda" legal. The best I can think of is buying a case of cola and selling it at a park on a hot day.
  2. Cibressus

    No sleep.

    go outside and play. There are better things that could be done with your childhood then infront of a computer, i regret mine.
  3. Cibressus

    Windows XP Terminal Server

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya What about VNC, then? There are some security flaws but I think you can work around them. GUIs are slow, and for all intensive purposes, I really don't need one. Just a nice CLI for email, msn, IRC and code.
  4. Cibressus

    Windows XP Terminal Server

    Does anyone know of a good, free, Telnet/SSH terminal server for windows xp, something that I can basicly access the command line of my box from over the internet.
  5. does each mysql resource have it's own internal data pointer or is it a globabl one?
  6. To compile an array of entries into a single array I am using the following line of code. while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) I don't see how it automaticly increments the row i am fetching. what happens if I want to rewind or something? why do i have to do while( $row = ) on the last fetch what is happening? i'm assuming my_sql_fetch_array won't return anything if it doesn't find anything, and it will just fall thru. can someone help explain how this code works?
  7. Cibressus

    [web] feeding in SQL DML and DDL

    Thank you very much. the mysql command in command line works fine.
  8. i'm just learning SQL. according to this article, i can feed in DML and DDL to SQL and it will return a result. so i can streamline my learning and not get caught up in the nuances of a programing language, is there a application (prefreably command line and both windows and linux compatible.....and free...) that I can use to directly feed in DML and DDL and get the results back?
  9. Cibressus

    Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal?

    I live in Ajax (part of the GTA) and Toronto is the best place in the world to live if your rich. There is so little availble housing in the Toronto that most of everyone except the super rich have been forced out. you'll probably end up in the inner three (Etobicoke, North York, Scarbourough) if it's just you living alone, otherwise you'll be living in the exburbs.
  10. Cibressus

    C# Strings

    are strings in c# null terminated? if not, how does System.IO.BinaryReader know when to stop reading a string?
  11. Cibressus

    PDP-11: what are those switches for

    It's a Computer it does just that, it computes. for the PDP-11 and most microcomputers of the age, you feed instructions in via punch cards, and it will output via whatever method you program for (usually a TTY or something simmilar).
  12. Cibressus

    Sound Input API Needed

    bring up my post
  13. I'm programing a voice trainer, it will take microphone input, analyze the pitch and tell you if you need to go higher or lower or if your on key. I need a sound API that I can get the line in frequency from. can someone recomend a API? Prefably in C#, but C++, VB, or Python are also okay.
  14. Cibressus

    Relationships kick ass.

    If you become co-dependent i'm going to kick your ass.
  15. Cibressus

    Free stuff on the internets

    Quote:Original post by dojo Qoute"According to the Quarn itself, it's not supposed to be translated into any other language, so if you want to read it you're going to have to learn hebrew" I dont know who said that,and someone may have alredey pointed out that the Quarn isnt in hebrew:)its in aribic If they want me to read it, they need to stick it in english. I'd love to learn arabic, and i'd love to hear what the quaran has to say, but i have no intention of learning one to learn the other.
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