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  1. Code_Dark

    Actual post!?

    You're such a sloth.
  2. Code_Dark


    ... espacially if they happen when you add code that is totally correct, and then realize you haven't actually compiled in three weeks, and you have no clue what's causing it...
  3. Code_Dark


    Short answer to the topic? Yes. And yeah, it sucks :(
  4. Code_Dark

    Python - The Adventure Begins (and other tidbits)

    La Jolla Cove, I think is what you're thinking of (the beach with the seals/sea lions). I live up in Del Mar, so, whee! Yeah, Python is alright. I just started up with Perl a few days ago, and it's pretty nice too. I figured that I knew C, C++, Java, Smalltalk, and some Python, so I might as well throw Perl in for the ride too! Have fun in San Diego, and good luck with Python!
  5. Code_Dark

    Just Subscribed

    Hehe, yeah, good job with that, capn! As far as it being a plus... I simply can't resist. It's a GDNet+! [grin]
  6. Code_Dark

    Here comes another update!

    Wow. I like it. A lot. Mmm, post more pictars...
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