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  1. Quote:Original post by Chantcd_com How exactly does it remind you of Time Cube theory? What is lacking on the website -- things like custom graphics? Because I think it has a clean functional look right now. I believe he was referring to the background image and the random large colored fonts. I think just dropping the background image and opting for a light, neutral solid color background would go a long ways. The game looks interesting, but I would rather not have to apply and give my email address to test it out.
  2. kevmo

    bigworld mmo solution

    I did some poking around on their website, and found some info that might be useful. BigWorld appears to be used in Dark and Light, a PC MMOG which is already in beta. Additionally, BigWorld was just selected by Secret Lair Studios. Secret Lair does not have much information on their website, but it appears they have job listings for both PC and Xbox 360 programmers. As far as price goes, according to the BigWorld website, if you aren't a major development studio, then you aren't going to get a license. They specify that they won't sell licenses to educational institutes or to un-funded startups, but rather only major game developers.
  3. It is likely that you need to distribute some DLLs with your program. Google to the rescue:
  4. kevmo

    Language Choice For A MMORPG

    Quote:Original post by programwizard Quote:Original post by kevmo The user would have to download the client for Java as well, whether it be standalone or as an applet in a web page. Not true; you can play RuneScape without downloading anything. Quote:Original post by programwizard C++ Cons -Client download could tighten bandwith The point was that the client is downloaded to the user whether they specifically have to download a standalone client or whether it is sent as an applet, and thus bandwidth is not an issue. If you had stated a con as the user having to do more work to be able to run the client, then that would have been a (semi) valid point. But comparing the bandwidth usage of C++ versus Java is not a valid point without getting to the size of the client itself. If anything, I think that going with Java would use more bandwidth in case the user's cache is cleared and they have to redownload the client data.
  5. kevmo

    Language Choice For A MMORPG

    The user would have to download the client for Java as well, whether it be standalone or as an applet in a web page. An advantage you missed for Java is portability. If you go with C++/DirectX, then you will be limited to essentially one platform only, whereas a Java client could be used on many platforms.
  6. Quote:Original post by jollyjeffers I'd really like to see the first one done. The second one is nice, but i could live without it. Anything to reduce the hammering my Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V keys get is a good thing in my book Cheers, Jack Jack Hoxley [ NeXe | F1CM | DirectX Docs | DirectX Debugging | DX4VB ] This post quoted with my new greasemonkey script to implement my second suggestion [smile]. Its not perfect yet (it includes sigs, doesn't replace smiley image code with the appropriate [ smile] tag, etc), but it works! For those of you with firefox/greasemonkey: my greasemonkey script
  7. I would really like to see the quote tag work like it does in other forums: I want to be able to do [quote="kevmo"] instead of [ i]Posted by Kevmo. Also, a feature I would like to see is that when you are replying to a thread, there would be quote buttons along with the text for the thread. The quote buttons would invoke some javascript magic to insert the quote code into the reply area. It would make quoting multiple posts (keeping the person who made the post listed) a lot easier. I might actually do the second thing as a greasemonkey script, but it would be a lot nicer if the site did it automatically :) [Edited by - kevmo on November 15, 2005 10:48:22 AM]
  8. kevmo

    Genetic Algorithm and Sudoku

    Quote:Original post by Metorical 27 equations. Cij where C00 is the upper left corner, i is the row , j is the column. Probably this CSP thingy but I'm not a mathematician. C00 + C01 + C02 + ... + C08 = 45 and similarly for all rows, all columns and all 3 by 3 grids... Solve the matrix. It's an interesting idea to do it with a genetic algorithm but it follows in the vein of using neural nets for everything. Certain techniques should be used in specific cases but quite often the popular techniques get applied instead. However if you're doing it just for fun then enjoy :-) Seems interesting enough! These equations aren't enough. A valid Sudoku puzzle is solveable without guessing, so you would need to be able to get an exact answer with the given square values. There are 81 squares on a Sudoku puzzle, but if you only used 27 equations, then you could only solve for 27 unknowns. This means you would need to cover up >50 squares for a solvable puzzle. Howevever, it is possible to make a Sudoku puzzle with only 20 or so givens, which would be 60 unknowns. The thing missing in your equations is that you need restrictions on the variables to make them in the range of 1-9. You can't really make that restriction if you were to solve your equations by matrix inversion. This is where the constraint satisfaction part comes in. You augment your given (but modified) constraints with the constraint that each square comes from the set of 1 through 9. Quote:Original post by Chrominium If the whole breeding process is totally random, then it seems like it is just wildly searching for the solution. Take a look at simulated annealing ;) (not for this project, you just may find it interesting) It's an algorithm in the class of minimization/maximization (along with genetic algorithms and hill climbing/gradient descent). It is kind of similar to genetic algorithms with only mutation.
  9. kevmo

    Genetic Algorithm and Sudoku

    Quote:Original post by Chrominium Does this need some form of backtracking - will it always give a solution and you wont get stuck half way filling the board? When solving an already generated Sudoku puzzle using constraint propogation, I do not think you would need backtracking. However, when generating a puzzle from scratch using DFS+constraint propogration, you will, because I think it is possible to choose a value for a node that turns out later to be impossible.
  10. kevmo

    So I interviewed for Microsoft today

    Quote:Original post by Extrarius Permutations are, by definition, created using all the possible options. If it is valid to use only some of the available options to make a sequence, you're talking about combinations rather than permutations. The problem was given as "I give you 5 balls of different color, how many different rings can you make with them assuming rotation does not count as a new ring" in the initial post. It is a valid concern to clarify whether all balls are needed. Additionally, you have somewhat mistated the difference between combinations and permutations. Permutation states, how many orderings can I make from these n items? Combination is, how many ways can I choose k items from this set of n items? You still use a set number of items, but order doesn't matter. So, if they were asking for the number of combinations using all the balls, the answer would just be 1.
  11. kevmo

    Programming Career?

    Again, I can only speak from my own experiences, but game programming isn't really something you learn at a standard university. Rather, you will learn about the field of computer science in general at school. If you are interested in game development, it can be something you learn on your own, but as part of your school work you would be focusing on general programming/software engineering topics. Basically what I am saying is that you don't need to "specialize" in one specific area of computer science/programming right now. Your school should teach you what they think is important for you to know, and in your own time you can study what interests you. A good place to start for any path you want to take would be to start learning Java or C++ (Java would be my recommendation to start with), and work from there.
  12. kevmo

    So I interviewed for Microsoft today

    Quote:Original post by Andrew Russell If you read what Joel says about Interviewing (he's an ex-Microsoft employee), you'll find that it's a standard technique - say there is an error where there isn't one, and see how the interviewee handles themselves. Thanks for the link! I'm heading off to Redmond for an interview later this week, and I feel a lot better after reading that site :)
  13. kevmo

    Programming Career?

    I can't speak on the England part of the question as I live in the states, but I can give my experience on the rest. I am currently a senior computer science major looking for a job, so I have an idea of what companies are looking for. There are a few recurrent themes that are showing up in my interviews. What to focus on really depends on what industry you are looking for, but I think one aspect that pretty much any company is going to look for is whether or not you can work in a team. About half my interviews have not asked a single technical question, and instead focuses on behavorial questions. As far as what languages to study, you should probably look at both C++ and Java. Both were used extensively throughout my time at college. C# is popular in the workplace, but so far every company that uses C# accepts applicants that know Java. As you get past the basics of programming, another thing you may want to look at is studying design and software engineering topics. I have found this is not something heavily covered in school, yet is a topic that companies are interested in. I don't know how things work in England, but here in the US getting internships is important. Companies like to see that you are applying your education to the real world. I hope this helps, Kevmo
  14. kevmo

    static_cast vs (int)....

    MSDN entry for static_cast In your example, if you want to convert a point to an integer, you should use reinterpret_cast (afaik).
  15. The reason to use private variables is to seperate your implementation from the interface, as other posters have alluded to. The motivation for this is that you can change the implementation, and as long as it still conforms to the interface, then other code using that class won't need to be changed.
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