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  1. frecco2k

    Doom or Quake Collision Detection

    The full Quake 3 source code is in this file:
  2. frecco2k

    Doom or Quake Collision Detection

    cm_trace.c is in the qcommon directory in the SDK
  3. frecco2k

    Some of your top Songs

    Quote:Original post by Tha_HoodRat So much trouble in the world - Robert Nesta Marley War - Robert Nesta Marley Zimbabwe - Robert Nesta Marley Whom the cap fits - Robert Nesta Marley Johnny be Good - Peter Tosh One Drop - Robert Nesta Marley Mugove - Leonard Zhakata Smile for Me - Scarface and 2 Pac Hail Mary - 2 Pac Running - 2 Pac and Bigie Smalls wow we have the same taste in music :) The heathen - Bob Marley One drop - Bob Marley Them belly full - Bob Marley Bad Card Bob Marley Chant down babylon - Bob Marley I aint mad at cha - Tupac Zimbabwe - Bob Marley Violent - Tupac Nothing to lose - Tupac ..Hip Hop and Reggae in general
  4. frecco2k

    Tokamak Trouble !

    i think this is wrong: sizeinfo.overlappedPairsCount = totalbodies * (totalbodies - 1) / 2; should be something like this sizeInfo.overlappedPairsCount = ( rigbodies * animbodies ) + rigbodies * ( rigbodies - 1 ) / 2; try changing that.
  5. try using this exporter, its a ms3d exporter for 3ds max called "max2ms3d", it even comes with source so you can modify it to fit your needs and recompile it for newer versions of 3ds max Hope it helps. //fredrik
  6. frecco2k

    Good Morning Journal Land!

    first to post =) lookin forward to reading your journal. especialy looking forward to seing your work on the GBA anyway goodluck! //fredrik
  7. frecco2k

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    merry christmas and a happy new year WitchLord have fun in brazil lets hope we will have some snow here in sweden next year =) //Fredrik
  8. frecco2k

    Pure game programming...

    you might find something interesting in the Article & Resources section here on Hope it helps you out.
  9. there are tons of tutorials on loading for example .3ds files all over the net, try doing a search on this site for 3ds file loader or something similar. heres one on flipcode: Clicky
  10. raypicking is used for this check this thread out or just search these forums for "OpenGL ray picking" Clicky
  11. i would suggest you look at the glass shader that comes with rendermonkey, it has some good looking effects. hope it helps
  12. frecco2k

    Motion Blur Video

    works perfectly for me. it looks damn good in motion, and i realy like the reflections //fredrik
  13. frecco2k

    Time to P-A-R-T-Whhyyyy?

    hehe, i passed both the theaory and practical on the first try to :) oh and in sweden we have to do one more thing, we have to test drive on slippery surfaces, that was defenetly the best part of taking the license. best of luck to you getting the license
  14. frecco2k

    Time to P-A-R-T-Whhyyyy?

    congratulations!! it feels pretty good to pass that damn test. taking you license is basicly the same here in sweden. here you can start practise your driving skills when you are 16 after applying for approvement. when you have turned 18 you can do the theory test and then you have to pass on the practical, then you get your license.
  15. frecco2k

    Nebulae, part III

    wow, that looks pretty darn cool, especialy in motion
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