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    Help with .OBJ format

    Load all vertices in an array of: struct Vert { float verts[ 3 ]; } And all faces in an array of: struct ObjFace { unsigned int vertIds[3]; unsigned int texCoordIds[3]; unsigned int normalIds[3]; }; Now, in your rendering loop, for each face: setNormalsFromArray( face.normalIds[ 0 ]) drawVertexFromArray( face.vertIds[ 0 ]); setNormalsFromArray( face.normalIds[ 1 ]) drawVertexFromArray( face.vertIds[ 1 ]); setNormalsFromArray( face.normalIds[ 2 ]) drawVertexFromArray( face.vertIds[ 2 ]); It concerns me that I received around 10 IIS 500.13 errors in trying to submit this.
  2. Quote:Original post by Mercenarey I just noticed an ad on GameDev today, for André LaMothe's XGameStation (xgamestation). And a year ago I read his book "Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus". His book was very technical, and he tended to mix up the levels of software when he moved along. He would be explaining some high-level programming stuff, and then suddenly without warning you would find yourself in the nitty-grittiest of details.Read his responses on the forums. It's about the hardware, not the software. You're obviously quite confused. Quote:Original post by Mercenarey And now this xgamestation thing. With it he is actually taking people back to the age of Ataris, lol. And that on a HARDWARE level! Does he have any idea what it requires to be a modern game developer? Did he hear about API's? I'm under the impression that it's more of a hobbiest thing. Anyway, I don't recall seeing claims to the contrary. At the least, that's not the focus anyway. Quote:Original post by Mercenarey Generally, André LaMothe is lost in his age. Engineers needing to know the bare metal is a thing of the past in the game development world. Today as programmers, we have API's taking care of all that lowlevel stuff. We don't need to worry about it, and IMO it is a waste of time, when there is so much to learn to become a game developer. Are you a professional game developer? I'm assuming no. If my assumption is correct, than what do you really know about it what it takes? If I'm wrong, what platform do you develop for? What is your domain, specifically? Quote:Original post by Mercenarey And Im afraid LaMothe scares away alot of people with his confusing and technical-ridden texts. Reading them gives people the wrong idea what it requires to be a game developer.God, I hate those "technical-ridden" programming books. Personally, I take everything I read in any non-reference with a grain of salt.
  3. Woodsman

    support for "Beg. OpenGL game..."

    Posting your question/problem in this thread couldn't hurt any.
  4. Quote:Original post by grekster With system("cls") your cursor will start at the top of the window again. With Dakar's method im sure the cursor will end up at the bottom of the window. Just something to think about when choosing a method:)And the second scrolls which can be quite undesirable.
  5. Woodsman

    Morning's Wrath Community Sign-up

    The flashing text in firefox is rather annoying. :-p Aside from that, I'll be signing up soon enough. Sorry I haven't been online much lately (I think you've messaged me a few times without response, like others). Things have been totally crazy lately, but I'm keeping track of your work. Good stuff so far!
  6. Woodsman

    high school dropout + QVC == wtf

    Quote:Original post by Bazaillion Is this really such a big deal. Basically she is the first to market it. http://www.cse.wustl.edu/~bayazit/courses/cse362/project2.html http://home.freeuk.com/fpgaarcade/games.htm http://home.freeuk.com/fpgaarcade/vic20_main.htm With FPGA's you can esentially make anything just not as fast as ASIC.That's pretty neat.
  7. Woodsman

    high school dropout + QVC == wtf

    Quote:Original post by Shai Quote:Original post by Woodsman Nature or nurture? the politically correct thing would be for me to pretend we're all made the same and how each of us is a beatiful and unique snowflake blabla... but in reality men and women tend to proces certain brainstimuli differently (thus nature)Ok, so we're different. Does the accepted fact that we're different indicate that men tend towards that which you've stated? How can you be certain that men are more likely to prefer programming when the only test subjects are already thoroughly tainted by nurture? Concerning political incorrectness, note how one who uses that term never actually states that you're incorrect.
  8. Woodsman

    high school dropout + QVC == wtf

    Quote:Original post by Shai something to do with being more problem-solving-minded-thingie-stuffNature or nurture?
  9. Woodsman

    high school dropout + QVC == wtf

    Quote:Original post by Funkymunky She's hot. I don't like people who get all uppity over "offending women" and whatnot. Modern American Society is ridiculous with the whole sexual-harrasment stuff. Sexual harasment is good...women like it when you show them you are attracted to them. Her: I've made this unique item and this is the story of my life. You: You're hot. As long as we're clear on that issue.
  10. Woodsman

    high school dropout + QVC == wtf

    Quote:Original post by Coward Quote:Original post by Woodsman How many women in those games are overweight? Have a small chest? Coincidence? Do you think men are just more genetically predisposed to programming etc? Well, do you? No. But men in general have higher interest in the field.Why? I have a rollercoaster of a rating. The lounge is indeed a sad place, fel.
  11. Woodsman

    high school dropout + QVC == wtf

    Cute doesn't carry the same connotations as hot so I wouldn't bucket yours with the others. The point, is that the focus and only content of some posts were to exclaim at how sexually attractive she is. What's the point? Who cares and why is it even said? As to my remark why more women weren't here, I meant it also as to why more women weren't speaking up in this thread. I have seen a few more feminine names recently. However, Quote: Yes. The only reason that few women is around is because we are a bunch of sexists. The fact that few women have interest in game development has nothing to do with it.How many women in those games are overweight? Have a small chest? Coincidence? Do you think men are just more genetically predisposed to programming etc? Well, do you? Quote: We're men. We see a female, we think about her looks. That's the way of life, and I bet you you can't say that you didn't think anything about her when you saw the picture. The difference is that you don't want to admit it while the other guys do. I didn't even look at her picture to be honest. I read the article when I first read about it and bookmarked the QVC link. Her appearance wasn't pointed out to me until I came upon this thread.
  12. Woodsman

    high school dropout + QVC == wtf

    To those who responded with something along the lines of "omfg hott" or "oh teh noes nawt hawt"... This can only be seen as offensive to the few women populating these forums. I wonder why more women aren't here... I find it rather funny that an article about an invention and a woman's life becomes a discussion on said woman's attractiveness. I'd like to see pictures of all of the men who've judged her appearance one way or the other. The audacity of a bunch of kids to sit around some programming forum and make fun of such a dedicated person. Note how I didn't say sex machine. Grow up.
  13. Woodsman

    Christmas is going to suck

    Quote:Original post by __Daedalus__ Quote:Original post by CoffeeMug Credit cards? Oh god no, stay away from these things. I once bought a new laptop and my CCNA course on my credit card (about £2000). I way paying back £200 every month (£50 of which was interest!) but I never got it down. In the end I took out a bank loan to pay it off because the repayments on a loan are stable and gets payed off quicker. I would say never put more than £100 - £150 on credit cards. Something you can pay off right away the following month.That's totally specific to whomever is using it. I regularly put several hundred or more per month and pay it off immediately. Not only do I have the money to sit on wherever else for up to 30 days, I get a number of rewards for using the cards.
  14. Quote:Original post by Binomine The same reason we rag on VB... Too many n00bs ruin the soup. An example todayWere you never a beginner? Quote:Original post by Binomine Flash can and does make great games, I love certian flash games and I play them regularly. However, the average flash indy game makers tend to be less mature than the average indy procedual language progammer. Baseless assumption. I think it would be more fair to say that "serious" C/C++ developers tend to think very highly of their intelligence and maturity regardless of their actual being. Quote:Original post by Binomine Lisp can be just as limiting as VB or Flash, however, we look at Lisp as 'cool' because the maturity and respectibility of the community.Ditto. Have you used lisp? In what way is it limiting? Who exactly called it cool and why? Since you used the word "we", and following in your tracks of baseless assumptions (well, this is actually slightly founded), I'm going to assume that you think lisp is "cool" because of the people using it. Subsequently, I will name you a "noob" because an "experienced" programmer would know that any language is a tool, not something that earns a title based on popularity. Furthermore, I would ask you to elaborate on the restrictiveness of Lisp as it pertains to Visual Basic or Flash.
  15. Woodsman

    Silly/fun/cool Lisp code snippets!!

    Quote:Original post by bishop_pass The interlude thread. And the companion thread.Semi-relatedly: Situation Creators Narrative interpolation Good story vs. connected situations (long but easy)
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