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  1. Mazzachola

    Transfer w2k desktop setting to XP??

    Windows 2000 does support themes. Go to Start->Run and type "Themes". Then you can Save As the current theme. I think it should be compatible with Windows XP.
  2. Mazzachola

    Pwned by Pietersen

    Quote:Original post by WanMaster Just curious: how long does the average cricket match take? Depends on the type of match. You can have Test matches, One-Day matches and also Twenty20 matches. Test matches run over five days and two innings per team. Each day has three two-hour sessions with intervals for lunch and tea. Each day generally starts at about 11am and finishes at about 6pm. One-Day matches last, well, a day. Each team has one inning which is limited to 50 overs (a set of 6 balls). Twenty20 matches also last a day and are limited to one inning of 20 overs per team.
  3. Mazzachola

    Pwned by Pietersen

    Great finish to the match. Didn't think England stood a chance when Solanki got dismissed. Quote:Original post by superpig A batsman stays in until he's made out - either bowled out (the ball hits the wicket he was defending) caught out or run out. He can't be made out by being tagged with the ball. He can also be out LBW (leg before wicket). It can be quite complicated to judge, but is basically when the ball hits the batsman when it would otherwise be on its way to hit the wicket. So the batsman can't just stand infront of the wicket to protect it, he has to use his bat. This site has some common cricket terminology that could be of use.
  4. Mazzachola

    FF leaking memory

    Quote:Original post by twix Quote:Original post by Raduprv That's a very 1337 feature. However, what happens if a particular website crashes your browser? When you reopen the browser, it crashes again and again. In theory, yes, unless you can close the tab before it loads. Usually that's fairly easy to do, since they're arranged in a queue. In any case, no website has ever managed to crash Opera for me, and I've used it for a long time. In the absolutely worst case, you can always choose an alternative startup option. There's a menu that pops up if the browser was shutdown improperly last time. In my experience, if a website in a tab does cause a crash only the tabs that were fully loaded will reload, so the tab that caused the crash will be lost.
  5. Mazzachola

    "All American"

    There is interest in american football here. There are flag football leagues, a university league, junior and senior leagues. There is not as much interest in american football as there is in association football (soccer), rugby union, rugby league etc primarily because it is an imported sport. A 'home grown' sport is always going to have more coverage. MLS doesn't command as much of an audience as the NFL in America. It is also totally unfair to liken american football to rugby. The players need different skills to play the different sports. Hell, many players find it difficult enough to make the transition between rugby union and rugby league.
  6. Mazzachola


    Quote:Original post by Erunama Quote:Original post by red_sodium I was thinking of getting a Zen Touch, can anyone recommend this (in particular, over an iPod). If not, I'm looking for the following: - approx. 20GB (give or take 10) HD player - stylish - under £200 - playlists (can be made on the player itself) - battery life of > 10 hours - good sound quality and preferably: - a backlight - small/light - shuffle, browse and find - Support for WMA/OGG/WAV - decent earphones provided The Rio Karma fits your needs almost perfectly... if you can still find it online or in stores. I absolutely love mine. You could also consider an iAudio M3. I got the 40 gig version for £230, not sure how much the 20 gig version costs
  7. Mazzachola

    The 1-month body-building contest: IS OVER!!

    Whoa whoa whoa! Slow down with the allegations [smile] Here are mine Waist 82.5 Arms 42.5 Weight 97.8 Not too sure how much I was actually working out over the month. Most weeks it was 3 2-hour american football training sessions (yes, a brit who plays american football) and 4 gym sessions of varying length.
  8. Mazzachola

    Tiny 3D First Person Shooters

    Ok, makes a bit more sense now. Cheers
  9. Mazzachola

    Tiny 3D First Person Shooters

    Could someone please tell me how it is possible to fit that demo into 96K.
  10. Mazzachola

    The 1-month body-building contest: IS OVER!!

    Is it too late to join? Weight: 95kg Abs: 88cm Height: 194cm Arm: 41cm
  11. Mazzachola

    The gmail thread.

    Quote:Original post by ju Hey Ho Let's Go! To the one who took it : You're welcome Oops! [embarrass] Thanks a lot. [smile]
  12. Mazzachola

    The gmail thread.

    If there are any more invites around, could someone please send me one. michael_achola at hotmail.com
  13. Mazzachola

    Gamedev Fantasy Football league

    I've gotta say I'm stunned. I've been away from a computer for about a month and I come back to find my team is in joint second place.
  14. Mazzachola

    Drunk Bear

    Hehehe. Imagine it's hangover, it'll literally be a bear with a sore head! [grin] Sorry, couldn't resist.
  15. Mazzachola

    Gamedev Fantasy Football league

    Joint second!!! [cool]
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