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  1. darkzim

    AP Comp Sco

    Whew, its over! I think the questions in my review book (Baron's)were way harder than the actual test. I don't think I got any of the Big-Oh questions, though (left one or two of those blank).
  2. darkzim

    AP Comp Sco

    I take the AP CS test (AB) Tuesday morning in Java.... Is anyone else taking it then? From people who have already taken it, how was it? Im really worried about it, because I haven't had a teacher this semester...
  3. darkzim

    Getting in shape (again)?

    Original post by chessnut Somewhat true. Anaerobic exercise(brief strengthed based) exercises definitely speed up your metabolism faster than aerobic exercise(long duration, moderate intensity), thus giving you greater fat loss, but aerobic exercise directly consumeing "fat" for fuel/energy is NO myth. Aerorbic exercise will strengthen your heart muscle and make your lungs more efficient, definitely things not to ignore if you want to truely be healthy, as opposed to just looking healthy like most body builders. quote] My assertion that high rep movements would not be beneficial is not based on the fact that aerobic exercise does not work. Obviously, performing aerobic exercise properly can burn body fat and make your cardiovascular system more efficient. However, using low weight-high rep with weights to do this may not be the easiest way to elevate one's heartrate. Furthermore, compound movements with lower repitions (say 3-5) build muscle faster than isolation movements at a higher rep range (10-12 or more). More muscle equates to a faster metabolism. It will also elevate your metabolism for much longer after the period of exercise than aerobic exercise. However, high rep movements can be used to build muscular endurance, too. Obviously "being fit" is very important, so all-round muscular fitness would be important. That all depends on what you're willing to put in, though.
  4. darkzim

    Getting in shape (again)?

    Body-building type training programs are definitely not the way to go. If you're starting fresh with a strength training program, you need to start with the basics: the squat, deadlift and other basic olympic moves. These moves stimulate muscles all over the body, promote the realease of hgh and testosterone, and help increase your metabolism by activating a large amount of your musculature. Stick to compound movements. You'll also probably want to stick with lower to medium reps than high reps. The "high reps builds definition by burning more calories and thus fat" idea is a myth. Compound (NON ISOLATION) movements will increase your strength and elevate your metabolism like high-rep programs can never do. Here is a great beginning program from the bodybuilding.com forum, and it explains the above in much greater detail. Lastly, I highly recommend you check out CrossFit. This is a training protocol used by elite athletes, military, and police personnal to develope practical and functional strength and fitness. It works and can be scaled to all fitness levels. Off to the left side of the screen is the FAQ and "Start Here!" link. Browse these and definitely download the free issue from their journal entitled "What is fitness?" Darkzim
  5. darkzim

    New computer

    Hey guys, thanks for the advice.
  6. darkzim

    Photoshopped movie posters

    Quote:Original post by SamLowry In honour of an imdb thread that's disappeared, for the ones who saw OldBoy: LOL. That was one screwed up movie before you did this to it.
  7. darkzim

    New computer

    I'm thinking about getting a new computer, but am not sure whether it would be better to build one or buy a prebuilt one. Trying to match up all of the RAM/mobo/CPU configurations for best performance and price sounds like a nightmare. My budget is around $500-700 (USD) and I want to be able to play newer games at around medium detail. My current specs (you will laugh): -Pentium4 1.5GHz (Williamete) -512MB PC133 RAM (I'm not kidding) -Intergrated Audio -Geforce 6200 256MB AGP8x -80GB HD Also, is a 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo good enough to play games that require around 2.5 GHz recommended processor speed? I hear that these processors are top-of-the-line, so does this change anything? Thanks
  8. darkzim

    Help Me Name My Cat

    I think someone mentioned Jesus earlier.
  9. darkzim

    Loading a Skinned Mesh

    This tutorial should help: Working with .X files and Animation in DX9 Basicly you derive your own frame structure, create your own allocate heirarchy, and use D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX. It's very compicated, I know, but loading and rendering is only a quarter of the work. The hardest part will be getting the damn exporters in whatever modeling program your using to work.
  10. Quote:Original post by Riviera Kid Lack of fear has a great impact on gameplay. Anyway to solve this? simulated fear ingame? perhaps by a fear-bar? There's an easy way to solve this. Make the rounds long, and have no respawns. Then, make it so that you die very easily (this is a given if we are talking about a realisticly designed simulation). Players don't want to die and sit out for 10 minutes, so they develope a "fear" of doing anything overly dangerous. If you have ever played America's Army, then you know what I mean. Quote:Original post by Riviera Kid Irl people dont have the luxury of knowing where all the furniture is placed before entering a hostile building. If we are talking stricly about simulating room-clearing and other CQB related material, then it wouldn't be too hard to build a large random "database" of rooms, and randomly generate them into a level. If you make it so all the rooms look the same or similar on the outside, then players won't know which room they are entering. Just my two cents.
  11. darkzim

    Sniping In Online Games?

    Probably the most realistic FPS I've played with sniping in it is Operation Flashpoint (XBOX). Jesus, it is sooo difficult. You even have to use all of the special marks on the draganov to calculate bullet fall, etc.
  12. darkzim

    Moussaoui given life in prison.

    The death penalty isn't just for homocide. The article says that the six counts of conspiracy made him eligible for the death penalty. Either way, him rotting in a cell for the rest of his life is probably better than making him into a martyr (sp?). He said "I won.", but I'm pretty sure he would have said the same thing if they had decided on the death penalty. EDIT: @Mithrandir, I think they said he would be sent to max-security solitary-confinement prison. That means no cell-mate. Or any other contact.
  13. The verdict is in: life in prison. CNN
  14. darkzim


    I found this amazingly simple, yet fun, flash game. The site is in Japanese, but the game is pretty simple -- avoid the balls. YOKO2 and here's the index to the other games on the site. here BTW, my score was 1400. EDIT: now 2000[lol]
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