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  1. Quote:Original post by mind in a box Quote:Original post by M2tM Quote:Original post by mind in a box Quote:Original post by taby Tetris. I always fail at making Tetris! [sad] I have made Pong, Snake, even a total conversion for UT3, and I am writing my own engine (Which has it's 40k LoC), but I don't get that damn Tetris D:< ! My last attempt wasn't so bad at all, but when it comes to rotations and block removing + score stuff... meh. D: Yes, Tetris seems to hate me. Someone know any Tutorials of how to make Tetris? [grin] Gamedev giveth (and taketh away) make sure you actually know what you're typing since it's easy to follow tutorials blindly. Also I don't think there is any actual bitmap rotation done here, but I'm sure you can find tutorials about that elsewhere. EDIT: here's another one.
  2. I believe Jonathan Blow (The guy that made Braid) made the game first using placeholder graphics, then hired somebody to make the artwork and used the time the artist needed to improve the puzzles in the game. So if you feel like you're getting bogged down in art get somebody else to do it. I'm sure there must be artists willing to make some 2d art for games as long as you give them a credit Edit: saying stuff twice is silly
  3. picklejuice

    Eye floaters, health anxiety & motivation (oh my)

    Quote:Original post by Wan Happy birthday!! Thank you :) I'm feeling less worried by them now, I can't say they're hardly noticable or don't annoy me but I'm hoping that'll come with time and patience.
  4. picklejuice

    Eye floaters, health anxiety & motivation (oh my)

    Cheers guys, I think I will do some regular meditating & exercising and see where that takes me. It helps to know I'm far from the only one experiencing this. I apologize if the thread seems whiney, I typed it in a moment of frustration.
  5. picklejuice

    Eye floaters, health anxiety & motivation (oh my)

    Quote:Original post by necreia Personally, I've had (noticed) them since early teens and they have only gotten worse with time If you control the anxiety, you don't notice the floaters as much. And when you DO notice them, you'll not really care. I'm sorry to hear they are getting worse necreia. I was wondering if you could tell me a little about the progression of your condition & what mental tools/books/etc you use to deal with this anxiety? Quote:Original post by Ryan_001 [...] So I don't think its just a wikipedia copy 'n paste job. That said, your best bet to ease your conscious is to see an eye doctor. I don't imagine too many MDs spend their time browsing this forum. I didn't mean to imply that the medical community doesn't know too much about this condition. In fact it's one of the most common complaints ophthalmologist have to deal with. I was referring more to the claim that the type of floaters I have will go away. They are not floaters in the true sense since they're located much closer to the retina (which makes them appear bigger to me and virtually impossible to detect by my doctor) It's probably because so little is known about these that I come across the same lines every so often. As for what you said about MD's browsing these forums: I wasn't actually looking for medical advice. I've had my eyes examined some number of months ago. I wanted to talk to people in the game development community who also have to deal with this because I thought it would help alleviate some of my worries knowing that other people have gone down this path before me. Quote:Original post by Taby I don't get them anymore. They just went away on their own. if they dilate your pupils with drops so that they can get a good look inside your eyes, don't drive yourself home in a snowstorm!! It feels a bit like you're being stabbed in the eyes over and over with sewing needles (or so I imagine). Perhaps check this out... It's a story about something similar: So what's your blood pressure like? Go see a doctor! :) I was very surprised to read that yours went away. I guess it's true that the people who don't have them anymore don't talk about them in the places I went to read up. I can't recall having any problems with light sensitivity after my dilation exam, but the whole "let me put this lubed up lens thing on your eyeball" was difficult to get through. My blood pressure is fine by the way ^^
  6. Hi folks. I suppose I should start with explaining the title of this thread. (I apologize if there are any mistakes - English is not my native language) For a while now I've had eye floaters (you can find more information on those here). The kind I have are big, semi-transparant snakes & clouds (one of each in both eyes) and one "real" (meaning located in the vitreous humour and not transparent) floater in the periphery of my right eye. I wouldn't go so far as to say they're a serious problem to my vision but the anxiety they bring on affects my ability to focus on work. I'm quite young to be having these (turning 22 on wednesday) and even though most websites claim the big ones will go away with time I've yet to find anybody who can actually back this up with his/her own experience. The fact that I see the same pieces of text re-occur in different places also does not inspire confidence in the validity of this claim. (since it means most websites just copy wikipedia). Pretty much all the people who have floaters say they stay the same or get worse. It's this latter scenario which has been greatly bothering me. The floaters are most visible against a light background (thank you every website or piece of software ever) so every time I get behind my computer I start feeling like I'm inside a snowglobe and start obsessing about my eyes. This is what brings on my anxiety and ultimate lack of motivation. The actual anxiety I experience is difficult to put into words. I suppose it comes down to feeling like I'm working towards nothing. I start feeling like my chances of actually succeeding are so small there's no point in bothering at all. I completely lose whatever enthousiasm I had because I have a worst case scenario playing in my head constantly. (interestingly I experience this anxiety mostly when working on things I like to do such as coding. When I'm doing something that I don't particularly care about it doesn't get to me as much) Now I know that: a)people who had their floaters go away probably wouldn't spend their time talking about it online so the floater forums are most likely skewed. b) anxiety and myodesopsia (the perception of floaters) are linked so this worrying actually makes them more visible. In a way it's a self-fulfilling prophecy c) there are people in the game industy with way bigger problems than mine who succeeded d) if they ever become truly bothersome I have treatment options e) obsessing about failure so much that you're not going to even try is kind of retarded But I guess my brain has a mind of its own. Anyways, I was wondering if you guys had similar experiences to share or wanted to tell me I'm crazy =) (typing all this actually kind of helped) [Edited by - picklejuice on September 13, 2010 5:37:35 PM]
  7. I probably won't state anything that hasn't been said already, but it is my understanding that a prototype is developed in order to tweak the gameplay without having to adjust your assets/story/whatever accordingly. If your prototype isn't that much fun it seems likely to me that your final game will have the same issues (there are a few games where the graphics create such a feeling of immersion that is makes up for flaws in the gameplay, but this doesn't strike me as a good design strategy). In other words: I would recommend that you make it fun before you start adding content.
  8. picklejuice

    Absolute Beginner Guidence

    I didn't read all of that, but I got the important parts. 25 hours a week is pretty good, depending of course on whether you spread this over a number of disciplines or just one. 25 hours a week for 25 different things is not as good as 25 hours of programming obviously :) I find it's important to first establish what it is you want to do, I find so many things about game development interesting I often feel that there aren't enough years left for me to learn them all. This also makes it alot harder for me divide my time. So pick what you want to do most of all, build up your skills, and then move to the next thing you want to learn. It's good that you're fine with just having fun with the code, because it will be a little while before you can actually start making games. First you need to learn the language, standard library, an API (directX for example), ... It's definitely a process that can take a few years. Math is a skill which can be very useful in programming. I'm thinking of trigonometry, matrices, etc. For example if you want to scale something, you can use a tranformation matrix on the collection of points that make up that object. A working knowledge of mathematics will save you time in situations like this. As for the book, I'm not familiar with that one, but since you seem to learn alot from it I would recommend you finish it. If you want to get a good grasp of the standard c++ library, I found "accelerated c++" quite helpful. Be warned though: all the exercises in this book are in the console window, which most beginning programmers find a little boring. amazon link also - I speak only for myself of course - but it's better to be quick and to the point in forum posts, you'll get more readers that way. EDIT: spelling
  9. picklejuice

    What I need to know to make that game...

    I'm not entirely sure that you're being serious, but just in case you are let me start by saying you can pretty much forget about undertaking such projects on your own. Take a good look at the credit screens for games like gta. That is how much people it takes to make a game like that in roughly 2 years. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it would take an experienced coder at least a couple of years. So put those ideas you have for a mmorpg on the backburner for now, learn a programming language and start/join a game development team once you feel you're skilled enough. I recommend making some design documents for any ideas you have though, they might come in handy when you do finally begin making games.
  10. picklejuice

    Need ideas for my first game

    Quote:Original post by DeaconLinkhorn Thanks for all the responses, but i should have listed the things i have done already. They are tic-tac-toe, blackjack, a game lobby simulator, and a critter caretaker program (plus some more extremely small programs). I was hoping to do something in c++, maybe another card game, or something like a text version of sims. what are your thoughts about the sims game? Text based rpg's seem like a good way of honing your skills, as they have randomized encounters, inventory systems, etc. The text version of the sims could also turn out pretty cool, with the added bonus of honing your game design skills rather than simply copying a pre-existing game.
  11. Hey guys, My summer vacation just started, and I figure this would be a great time to teach myself some new things. I've found this book "Game Programming All in One, 2nd Edition" which teaches the reader to build up a 2D game engine in C. I'm not entirely new to coding, and have made a game using a pre-existing engine from school, but this was coded in C++. My question is: are the similarities between c and c++ big enough that I can read the book to grasp the basic design concepts and then translate that to c++ code, or would it be smarter to teach myself c syntax first? (this would probably look good on a resume and it would potentially make understanding code from libraries easier). Also, any suggestions for books that teach the reader to build up a (2D) game engine using c++ would be very welcome.
  12. picklejuice

    Coding an "every" function in C++

    I think you'll find what you're looking for in this thread: c++ timer
  13. picklejuice

    how do the game engines work

    Quote:Original post by neerajshastry Guys please tell me how companies make use of game engines like game bryo,blender,etc.....and how is it an advantage???? An engine is basically a collection of code which handles things like (for example) drawing bitmaps, so that a game programmer can use it more easily, like writing GAME_ENGINE->DrawBitmap(myBitmap, x, y), rather than handling all that win32 stuff himself. Because these sort of things are needed by every game, it's much easier to use an already existing engine rather than writing this from scratch every time.
  14. picklejuice

    GTA4 Modding Question?

    I've never made a mod before so I don't know all the options avaible to you, but a quick google search turned up this: constructMod from the page: "constructMod is a world editor for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV by Rockstar Games. This modification allows you to manipulate the existing objects or create new objects, with a full-blown ingame gui and mouse movement, the choices are yours." Though (after making this post) I realized that it doesn't seem to be avaible to people who didn't donate code, but the same website offer this alternative: get g4mhook (direct download) "This SDK is designed to enable you to compile GTA modifications in C++, packaged are visual studio 2008 project files for convenience. This SDK is based on Aru's Scripthook version 2.1. A lot of you might be wondering what makes this hook so special, well I am glad you asked! ..." This leads me to believe the editor that came with the game is unsatisfactory to the mod community, but you might want to look around before starting your mod. You will find more info on the main page, and I'm sure there a couple of gta modding communities out there. edit: looks like bbcode doesn't work, anybody know how I can make a link? edit2: checked the faq :)
  15. picklejuice

    Flight patterns for school shmup project.

    Thanks for your help guys. As for the Strategy pattern approach, from what I've seen so far I think the enemies in Raptor don't change flight patterns. But it's an interesting option which I might play with in my spare time. Also captain P thanks for suggesting a better way to control flight. I'm still relatively new to programming so I'm not always aware of the options I have.
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