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  1. mrmrcoleman

    Processing a file full of XML

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I managed it in the end by Googling a combination of SED and AWK and learning just enough. It's not pretty, but I didn't have to do any coding, and I've learned something!
  2. Hey guys, I have a file full of XML with seemingly random carriage returns and spaces, just one big mess basically. What I need to do is find every instance of <a>foo and then skip forwards in the file and output the matching <d>bar</d> for that record ignoring any carriage returns or whitespace encountered on the way. I believe my saving grace here is that each XML record has the same fields for every record so, do you guys have any ideas on how I can achieve this on the command line in Linux? I could hack together a small tool but I'd really rather avoid that! Thanks in advance for any help on this, Mark
  3. mrmrcoleman

    SVN Server Outages

    I can get root access to the server if necessary, does this help?
  4. mrmrcoleman

    SVN Server Outages

    Hey, This post may well be in the wrong place, but I wasn't sure to put it, so feel free to move it if necessary! I am running a continuous build system which needs to talk to a server running svn. I am seeing odd service outages with no real pattern that I can see appearing. The svn server simply refuses my connections but gives no indication why. I could write a script to simply sit at make requests all day, and log the results, by my question is this? Is there any software which will do this for me? Kind regards, Mark
  5. mrmrcoleman

    DOS Batch Fun.

    I'm used to BASH but unavoidably I've been asked to write a small batch script. I need an if statement which takes the current %CD% and a string say "foo". I want to do this, any ideas? I have no idea how the "OCCURS IN" part is done in DOS and Google seems to have failed me this far. if "foo" OCCURS IN %CD% then do something else do something else endif Thanks, Mark
  6. mrmrcoleman

    BATCH script problems...

    taby, Thanks, my original test was flawed, you are right when you say that net does create an error level. Fortunately in the meantime I found a way around this! Regards, Mark
  7. Hoi! I am currently running a couple of batch scripts from my application. I would rather be using BASH but as far as I can tell there is no way to share a windows directory and then map it as a network drive from BASH. If I am wrong, PLEASE let me know!!! I am using 'net share' and 'net use' and as far as I can tell they do not report an error level on failure, but I need some way to figure out if they failed or not. Does anybody know how to do this in DOS Batch? I have considered grep'ing the output for certain strings but this seems like a fairly painstaking way to proceed. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Mark
  8. mrmrcoleman

    BATCH script variable woes!

    rip-off: I don't know those languages and this is a very small script. LessBread: Thanks for the link.
  9. mrmrcoleman

    BATCH script variable woes!

    I actually couldn't agree more about DOS batch scripting being god awful, but unfortunately I am stuck with it as I can't do what I need to with Cygwin. The code worked, and you were right about the extra %i, it was needed at the end. Big thanks, Mark
  10. Hello, I am trying to get the result of a call to hostname in DOS into a variable. Typing hostname on the command line give me PC-COLEMANM which is exactly what I want, but I need to be able to put this in a variable. So far I have tried: SET HOST=hostname SET HOST="hostname" SET HOST=`hostname` SET HOST='hostname' And all of the above with '.exe' appended. Unfortunately instead of getting the result of the hostname call I just get whatever is on the right hand side of the equals sign. Does anybody know how I can get this working? Kind regards, Mark
  11. mrmrcoleman

    BASH selective copy question.

    That did it. Thanks.
  12. mrmrcoleman

    Find woes...

    Found it! I wasn't logged in so my path/bin wasn't loaded so I was accidentally executing the DOS find. Slaps forehead, hard.
  13. mrmrcoleman

    Find woes...

    Ok, I am in bash through Cygwin. I am in a directory which I KNOW contains a file called and yet when I try this: find . -name "" -print I get.... "FIND: Parameter format is not correct" Can anybody see what I might be doing wrong here? Surely this is the easiest find examples of all time??? Thanks in advance, Mark
  14. Hello, I am trying to copy one directory tree to another, but I don't want to copy any file which has .svn in it's path. If anybody has a solution, could you also possibly point me towards some good material on this subject? I'd rather know how to do this in future instead of sapping the collective talents of the GD boards every time I have a BASH question! Kind regards, Mark
  15. mrmrcoleman

    Selective deletion in BASH.

    Thanks. :)
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