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  1. Rampage M Development

    Development screenshots and images of Yas
  2. Rampage M demo video

    No sorry, but it is just as easy to connect two computers over LAN or Internet ;)
  3. Rampage M demo video

    Thanks for the feedback. "Hotseat" as in "taking turns"? I haven't really given that a thought yet (didn't really think anyone would do that nowadays, especially when cooperative multiplayer is available) but I will think about it and suggest it to the designers to see if we can come up with something that fits our game. We will have cooperative multiplayer up to 4 players with in-game joining and we do our level design especially with this option in mind.
  4. Rampage M demo video

    As promised, here is a video which gives an impression of our game! We are still in an early phase of our project (pre-alpha) which means we have a very long way to go, but a video like this is always good to show other people what we have and to align new team members in the right direction. Unfortunately only allows uploads up to 2 MB, so a one minute video isn't going to fit unless you want to look at only 2 pixels so I have put it on YouTube. Don't forget to change the quality to HD (720p) [media][/media] The maps in the video are missing a lot of detail (some walls are even solid color) have a lot of texture misalignments and placeholder materials. But this video is just to give an impression of our work so far. Also there is no in-game sound or music yet. Music excerpt borrowed from Total Recall and solely intended to give an impression. We are looking for a skilled 3D environment artist to help us out. If you're interested, please read for more information!
  5. Stability issues with Jitter Physics, tried many things but could always push bodies through walls/floors. Now going to give Bullet Physics a try...
  6. [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Previously we called this the 'Monthly development update', but I skipped last month because there isn't always as much news more interesting than just another model or concept. So let's just call it 'development update' from now on and I'll write when there is stuff to write about.[/font] [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Now we do have big news! We have named this project Rampage M. "Rampage" for the destructive rage of the enemy and the "M" for Mercury. The website is now[/font] [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]We are still in the early phases of our project, were we need a lot of concept art to see what things will look like and a lot of testing needs to be done to see how things will work out. This is a very steep hill to climb for everyone in the project, because there is not much completed material to work with (but we are recruiting a 3D envrionment artist for that) and the progress is slow. This is a hobby project in which team members only have their spare time to work on the project. As much as I want more progress, I cannot (and will not) beat anyone to get things done faster. We'll just have to deal with a long development time.[/font] [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]However, there is some new art for you to check out though! Here is a concept of our first level and a concept for a fence. In the screenshot below you can see the fence and in combination with some other test material in a complete setting.[/font] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:3064] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:3065] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:3066] [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Yes, we have now have spot lights and point lights. And next month is all about physics. I am working on the implementation of Jitter Physics and after a few days it is already looking promising. Next week I hope to upload a movie which shows a little bit of gameplay and atmosphere, so keep your eye on my gallery ;)[/font] [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Rex Claussen joined our project as a level designer who will pick up our first level where Yoeri left off last month. And Tom Clercx has joined us as animator, so we'll be getting nice character animation as well! Oh and did I already mention that we are looking for a 3D environment artist? Well we are ;) So please check out our website if you're interested![/font]
  7. Screenshot showing fences

    From the album Rampage M Development

  8. Fences concept art

    From the album Rampage M Development

  9. Paintover for first level

    From the album Rampage M Development

  10. Begun my work on Jitter Physics implementation. All looks very straight forward, but still it is going to take a while before my code compiles again...
  11. Yes, I know we skipped posting an update last month... which makes next month's update even better ;)
  12. Renaming our game from its working title to our chosen title... that is a lot of changes to make everywhere and making sure it all still works :S
  13. That's it. No more auto-updates from Skype. They keep resetting all my preferences.
  14. Yas alien interior 2

    From the album Rampage M Development