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  1. Never mind, really stupid mistake, I was using a read only depth view (because someone made that the default view ).
  2. Unfortunately yes, I am doing a low resolution pass for which I need depth-tested stencil buffer masking. That's what I thought, and why I'm so surprised I can't get it to work. I checked pix (and GPUPerfHud). The depth buffer values stay the same, the value I write to oDepth when I debug the pixelshader is correct (though oDepth seems to be listed as Name TBD, Value (_,_,_,_) and Type TBD in the Registers tab). I enabled DX11 debug, and I get no errors or (related) warnings.
  3. Already read it, I am doing none of that. Also, the shader is nothing fancy, it's 4 depth texture reads, min and max instructions, and then outputs the same value to SV_Target's R component and SV_Depth. I've even tried just outputting the texture fetch result, which still didn't work (even though the color buffer contained the correct value).
  4. I'm trying to render to a depth buffer (D24S8) using SV_Depth in de pixel shader (for doing a selective downsample), but the value isn't written (I'm 100% sure of this). The value itself is correct (I output it to a color buffer as well). Depth writes are enabled, depth testing is disabled. Enabling / disabling stencil doesn't seem to matter. Does anyone know of any limitations that might cause this? Or anything else that might go wrong? If there's some limitation are there any alternatives for doing (selective) downsamples of a depth buffer? I need a stencil buffer with the downsampled result. Thanks
  5. I am creating and releasing a lot of textures, but something appears to go wrong because I get out of memory errors from DX after a while. I made some simple code, just to check what's going on, that i execute every frame: window->g_pd3dDevice->CreateTexture2D( &Desc, NULL, &window->g_dummyTex ); if(window->g_dummyTex) { hr = window->g_dummyTex->Release(); } window->g_dummyTex = NULL; Using this code for a few hundred frames results in out of memory errors (and windows telling me that i should save stuff because my memory is low). I checked Release's return value but that's always OK. Does anyone have an idea on what might cause this (or what I'm doing wrong)? And I know it's always better to not create and release textures a lot, but in this case that would be difficult, and I would assume that this should just work...
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