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    Career Advice!!1

    I am about to graduate college with a cs degree. I work fulltime and my work pays for my school. I'm wanting to go to grad school and I'm trying to decide between mathematics and computer science(The school that I go to doesn't have a Software Engineering program but teaches some software engineering classes). I am not in love with SE or mathematics, but enjoy learning about both. MY GOAL IS TO OBTAIN A MASTERS DEGREE IN SOMETHING THAT WILL GIVE ME THE MOST JOB OPPORTUNITIES. So from stating my goal, what should I pursue a masters in mathematics or cs? Also, If I went the mathematics rout, I could take 6 hrs of CS graduate courses that count toward a ms in mathematics. Thanks to all who have read this far and reply!!! :o)
  2. I have done web programming for school, ie. mysql, php, html,css, etc. One thing that I have never done before is setting up a website from scracth and so i'm confused about something that I was hoping some of yall could help me with. 1)I dont understand how you install software on a remote server. For example if I host my website on godaddy.com and I want to install forum software on the space godaddy has givin me for this site, what would I use to install the software(ssh, ftp)? This might be really simple, but I'm having a hard time figuring it out and I'm not use to this kind of stuff.
  3. joeyg2477

    Masters degree(MATH OR CS)?

    I'm going to be a senior in cs this coming fall and plan on going to graduate school. I am equally interested in cs and math and chose cs for my undergraduates because It seemed like it would be easier to find a job when I got out of school. Now since i'm fixin to graduate I really don't know what I would really want to do in cs, which is why I'm considering going to graduate school. My question is should I get a masters degreen in mathematics or cs? More background: I am really just wanting the degree that will open up the most job oppurtunities. I would only need to take 2 extra classes(prereqs) for the mathematics.
  4. joeyg2477


    I'm new to hd tv's and just bought a new hd ready tv. I have a xbox 360 and am outputing to 1080i right now. I can't find on this product website http://www.insignia-products.com/pc-67-7-insignia-30-widescreen-hd-ready-flat-tube-tv-with-component-video-inputs.aspx if my tv handles 1080i or any of the other ones. So can someone describe hd ready for me?
  5. im trying to implement a slider on a jframe and it's taking up the whole window. I've searched for information on it, but I can't find the imformation I need. So, how can I add a jslider to a jframe that only takes up a little space on the side of the window?
  6. I am creating a application with a bunch of cubes that im drawing on the screen. When I make my window bigger I want the cubes to scale up. Not only fit the window (which I figured out), but also the cubes become bigger too. I have no idea how to do this. Can someone push me in the right direction?
  7. joeyg2477

    What would you get(macbook, i9400, xps m170)

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Ask yourself: what do you want to do with the machine? Then figure which machine facilitates that best. Well I currently have a inspiron 9300 and its nice, but the main reason I bought it was to play games and I haven't had time to play a game for about 2 months(because of school. I'm not even a big gammer anymore. I'm currently a junior in a cs program and I find myself doing more productive things. So, basically I plan on using my new laptop for: 1)Taking notes at school. 2)I will be doing some webpage design this summer. 3)I will be doing some opengl programming. 4)I code alot. 5)Multimedia(watching movies/listening music) 6)I will use this for doing presentations in class. I am really thinking about making the switch to mac because: 1)tiger comes with some cool apps 2)tiger is nice to interact with(gui) 3)apples are sexy 4)since tiger is based on unix, I won't have to dual boot linux and windows when doing some serious command line stuff. I want to stay with windows because 1)I already use it ALL THE TIME(work, school, play). 2)If I do want to play a cool game(like if diablo 3 ever comes out) i can. Basically, Macbook is top of my list, but i'm hesitant to make the switch because i've never own a mac. So more help would be appreciated.
  8. joeyg2477

    Is iPod's Fame Justified?

    i had an Ipod video and I returned it. I saw alot of people at school listening to them all the time and started thinking how big of a fad it was. After awhile when I listened to my ipod at school I was almost embarrassed to be wearing them, like in the back of my mind I was thinking people thought I was trying to be cool or something, so I returned them. Now im no longer a cookie cutter cool person.
  9. If money was not an issue would you get a macbook, dell e1705, or xps m170. I don't play games alot and I'm really looking for something I can use at home, work, school, basically everywhere. macbook http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/6014004/wo/q14vdXhhUZqj2y9nYWR1M77yGUk/0.SLID?mco=7ADAF62A&nclm=MacBookPro i9400 http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?c=us&cs=19&l=en&oc=e1705s2&s=dhs xps m170 http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?c=us&cs=19&l=en&oc=iMX170S0&s=dhs
  10. Im using jpanel and jframe and im trying to scale my program to the window when I resize it(not necessarly full screen). Can someone help me?
  11. joeyg2477

    Why is os x better than windows?

    the reason why i ask is because im trying to decide between gettin a dell or a mackbook pro.Also I don't play alot of video games on my pc anymore, I get more enjoyment out of being productive now that I ever have. Here is what I do on my laptop now and what I will do in the future(in order of most done on laptop): Surfing net C++, Java(right now mostly command line compilers) Watching movies, listening to music opengl programming postgress, sql(database junk) web development presentations I can get a more powerful dell for cheaper, but the macbook is way more stylish. So in 3 years which will last the style or the power. I am a cs major so I guess that should be considered.
  12. joeyg2477

    Why is os x better than windows?

    I've never used os x and I really don't have access to a mac to try it out. So I was wondering if someone who has used both or is knoweledgable on this subject explain to me why I hear alot that os x is better than windows?
  13. joeyg2477

    Should I get a macbook?

    Well, when I bought my I9300 I had games in mind. I currently have halflife 2, civ4, and guildwars loaded.What I have found out is that I play those games every know and then and I use my laptop for other things like music and programming. To be honest I don't think I would miss the games, but if I did I went to the games site on apple.com and there are some pretty cool games for the mac. I'm the kind of person that doesn't have to have the lastest and greatest, games are just for relaxing sometimes.
  14. joeyg2477

    Should I get a macbook?

    I've never used a mac on a reqular basis, but this thing is just sexy. I currently have a dell i9300 with 1.6pm processor, 1gig ram, and 256mb vid card. I thinking of selling it and getting the macbook and therefore making the switch. Some of the reason why is because I like the programs that the macbook comes with(ilife, frontrow, etc), the builtin camera, the cool little remote, and i'm tired of crap breaking on windows. I also take my 9300 to school and when i'm using it at a desk it seems like I put up the great wall between me and my professor. So I have some questions for people. 1)For people that have gone from windows to mac, was it a easy transition? 2)I know that os x is based off of unix. I've messed around with linux, is the command utility for mac os x as usefull as linux's? 3)Should I do it?
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