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  1. Snaily

    Magical traffic

    I've been using Django as a Python equivalent of RoR, and I find it easy enough to use. Documentation is good, but I imagine it might be a bit smaller in scope. Check it out for an alternative to TurboGears.
  2. Snaily

    I'd like to go on record as saying...

    Agreed; I saw then live a moth or so ago. I'm kind of partial to Endless Skies, myself.
  3. Snaily

    The promised files

    Anyone else getting small pauses every now and then?
  4. Snaily


    Apparently, I need to get to a place where there are decent clubs. <3 futurepop. Luckily, VNV nation should be giving a concert here in april...
  5. Snaily


    I've always been partial to Å.
  6. Snaily

    Enough to show off

    Best puzzle yet. This might actually get me hooked.
  7. Snaily

    OneNote, DInput-Hooking

    I've been using a tablet PC with OneNote to take notes during lectures since november, but I'm not fully satisfied. I can live with it not being able to recognise my Swedish handwriting (which I knew before getting it), but damn, does it have to _try_? Also, it seems to be locked to some kind of otherworldly note-taking where you should double-space your writing and jump three rows down to start a new paragraph. Not much after-lecture corrections have been made, either - since it's so damn stubborn in it's way of working I can't move my text nor my equations without them screwing up like there's no tomorrow. Maybe it's more for taking textual notes than fourier analysis - I don't know. Meh. I'm still taking the notes, though - but I'd like something even more freeform.
  8. Snaily


    I'll be putting my first brew (a brown ale) fermenting this weekend. Care to share how you went about your IPA? Extract?
  9. Snaily

    Top 20 geek novels

    Quote: 14. Consider Phlebas -- Iain M Banks 34% (35) Never heard of it. Why would they pick *that*? The player of games is way more interesting (and readable).
  10. Snaily

    Atmosphere II

    One thing that weirds me out is how the atmosphere's default color (i.e. at the unlit side) is black. Now, I realize that this might very well be the case in reality, but I think it would look amazing if it was see-through instead. Still awesome, though.
  11. Snaily


    This, combined with your new avatar makes me really uneasy.
  12. Snaily

    Planet texture, again

    How long does it take to generate?
  13. Snaily

    Aren't they beeyooteefull?

    I beg to differ. Until you've learnt to distinguish them by color, they look all too similar to me.
  14. Snaily

    MakeDeez Games

    This might very well be one of the best ideas during my time on Gamedev. If nothing else, it is genuinely inspiring.
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