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  1. Dave84311

    Realistic Lighting

    So your talking about the ambient light right? Changing the ambient light really has no effect when I was using DX 8.1. I will have to test it when I get time in the next few days. I spent most of the day converting my engine to work with DX 9.0 because, I intend to use both static lighting and at the same time the features DX 9.0 has to offer such as more advanced shaders and other more complicated methods to get the quality I need. I guess a better question would be yes, what kind of static lighting and settings should I use for optimal realism say in a normal day, with the sun shining in the blue sky. E.G. Ambient settings, directional lights, point lights, spot lights, whatever.
  2. Dave84311

    Realistic Lighting

    Are you talking about a directional light? I set the range as 1.0f, Attenuation0 as 0.0f and Attenuation1 as 1.0f.
  3. How would you guys suggest putting lighting in a game to even create an effect of realism. I have been messing with lights for the past few days with no good luck. Setting my ambient light to RGB(25, 25, 25) and putting a directional light in lights up my whole scene however shadows and what not do not show up so well and on lighter textures the transition from light to dark is too extreme. What do you suggest I do?
  4. Dave84311

    Calculating Y Position

    I now know why it doesn't work. We imported new models for our game, the map however has only certain faces that can be checked for intersections. Now I am going to have some fun trying to find out what side does what.
  5. Dave84311

    Handling Clothing

    I'm not too sure, but what I'm probably going to do is just render clothing on the models. My team having to remodel or even chop up the models after intensive rigging would just be a waste. From games I've seen that use the swapping technique have noticeable quality differences from those that use whole models. Code properly written could distinguish nonrederable faces from renderable faces.
  6. Dave84311

    Calculating Y Position

    Yes, I wrote something similar to that, I plugged in the characters position 0, 0, 0 when at that coordinate. However when walking no change occurred. I'm not sure if me not setting my character far above or below the map has anything to do with it. It worked before but oddly it stopped working a couple days back when adding newer components. After two days of messing with it I decided to post here. Anyone know why it wouldn't work or where I should set it.
  7. Dave84311

    Calculating Y Position

    Thanks for your reply. What I mean more then anything for starters is getting the base point under my character so gravity has no effect. I understand the equations of planes e.g. Ax + By + Cz = D even to do that I would require 3 points and not being able to even get one it wouldn't help. This is a DX question more then anything. I was pretty sure using D3DXIntersect() I could get it working because I have before; Out of no where it stopped working. Lets say I have a plane 20 x 20 which is located at 0, 0, 0 Now I have a camera located at -1, 0, -1 The camera should fall off the map if treated with gravity correct? How do I detect if the object is still on the map - not using bounding boxes or any of that junk because the plane can be unevenly formed or curved making the character unable of traversing upwards. Example code would help probably most. Thanks.,
  8. Dave84311

    Calculating Y Position

    Actually the question is more along the lines of; How would I go about getting the Y position of a mesh face.
  9. I have a tad of an issue. I am wanting to calculate the Y position a character should have. This character needs to be able to walk on land, climb up land and go down slopes. Right now the character is being moved across a plane whereas the scenery and plane are in a static position. I can easily get the Y position of the character, but I need to get the Y position of the point where the character is over. D3DXIntersect() isn't working too great so I am looking for an alternative.
  10. Dave84311

    Handling Clothing

    Even then it would require me to set a skeleton for the clothing mesh. I meant copying the animation as in loading the animation set for this particular character and playing it for both the clothing and the character.
  11. Dave84311

    Handling Clothing

    I think I am going to end up having to copy the animation of the main character to the clothing and armor. It may be a waste but its too difficult any other way.
  12. Dave84311

    Handling Clothing

    Not much as clothing physics yet but attaching clothing to bones, thats the stage I'm currently at right now. I need to figure out how clothing is going to attach to the bones of my characters and as a arm moves at an angle the sleeve of the clothing bends as well.
  13. I am not sure why but... I downloaded your exporter while browsing the forums. I installed it while using 3ds, closed it when it prompted to. However, when trying to use 3ds Max and export my model with 3ds Max I am encountering errors out of no where. I noticed that the installer downloads a package off the internet. What exactly is this package, it may be causing conflicts with panda exporter :/
  14. I am wondering, how would YOU handle clothing and dynamically manipulating clothing on the run. I know several games actually model characters with clothing on them which is a total waste. I am thinking of making clothing, attaching bones to them and copying the same animation set to the models, however that would be a waste as well. The only fairly artist friendly method would be to make an object and placing the same bones that you would have in the character and attaching each bone to the parent model, but that would involve quite a bit of code :/
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