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  1. The Constituion of the United Forums of GDNet

    There would be several subpositions in each genre. I'm not very good at actually programming said games, so I would fit in under the good playing area. Only those with a good balance of creation and playing skills would hold the ultimate postions on the council. Let's say there are 3 levels on the council. Say, 5 Ultimate Masters for each genre, 10 Masters, and 20 Sub Masters each. The ultimates get 4 votes each, the normals 2, and the subs get 1. That makes 60 votes each genre. Lets assume that we have around 10 genres, that makes 600 votes total, a reasonable number for a legislative body.
  2. Research Paper on File Sharing

    Quote:Original post by googlyeyes Definitly #4. I couldn't care less about legal action, and routinly download No-CD cracks because I can't stand putting in the cd every time. Assuming I ever make a game good enough to sell, I wouldn't want someone to pirate it, I wouldn't get fed that day! just common sense. and since it's against the rules to admit to piracy: hpothetically a friend of a friend in a dream talked about someone who might have only pirated 3 things in his life, felt bad about it, and deleted them. two of the three things were later bought legally :) They were two old SNES games, and an old DOS game that was never released in the states. [ignore] Simply use the term "questionable legality" and I think you're covered.
  3. Common misconceptions in Christianity:Part 1

    Firstly, I already explained how works interworks with grace. Also, oftentimes the term works, as seen in the passages you quoted, are likely refering to the "works" of the Law of Moses, such as sacrifices and circumcision (Acts 13:39, and I'm getting tired of hyperlinking...). It is saying that men are no longer justified simply by following the law, but they must also have faith ad they require the atoning sacrifice of Christ.
  4. Research Paper on File Sharing

    The only one that would really deter me is the morality one. I oftentimes download things of "questionable legality" and justify it with thoughts like: "It's from an ancient system that they don't sell anymore, they are no longer making money off of it, so you aren't hurting them." Then, I see them make a remake of said file for a current system and I feel very guilty. The other issues are a non-factor. And now you just made me aware of a gaping moral deficiency of mine... thanks a lot jerk(just kidding). You certainly did make me reconsider what I use p2p for... EDIT: to sum up, 1, 2, and 3 are non-issues for me, and 4 gives me some consternation and guilt, but has never really stopped me from using p2p for "questionably legal" purposes.
  5. Common misconceptions in Christianity:Part 1

    Not always. By repeated sins, we become desensitized to the rightness and wrongness of our actions and feeling true sorrow becomes harder and harder. How often have you done something wrong and not felt guilty about it until you got caught?
  6. Halloween decorations

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight I'm suprised more people aren't decorating their houses in disturbing ways. I was considering buying more $5 baby dolls, painting them to look like skinned carcasses, and hanging them upside down in my garage. Sorry, but I've got to say this. What is the difference between a Porche and a pile of dead babies? Answer: I don't have a Porche in my garage.
  7. Common misconceptions in Christianity:Part 1

    Yes, but God knows all that we do, and there is no way to "get away" with disobeying him. The question I am asking is how can we be forgiven for violating God's commandments if we do not repent? And repentance is not simply "asking". It has several steps, the primary onesbeing recognizing your sin and admitting it to God, feeling truly sorry for what you have done, making restitution to the best of your ability, and never committing said sin again. If you fail on that last step, you start the process over again.
  8. Common misconceptions in Christianity:Part 1

    Quote:Excuse me? Even when God gave us the 10 commandments, we were free to disobey them. When God told Adam that eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil would cause him to sureley die, Adam still had the choice to eat of it. You're comparing oil and water, and its not mixing. Of course we have free will, this is infact the whole purpose of law. Read Romans, particularly chapters 5 through 9, to get a better perspective on free will and how it relates to law. One important quest I failed to originally ask: Why did God give us commandments if we were not required to follow them? Even though Christ fulfuilled the Law of Moses, he still gave other laws to live by. Why did he give us those laws if we weren't expected to follow them? The very idea that we can do all kinds of evil and still be saved defies all logic and reason.
  9. The Constituion of the United Forums of GDNet

    No way man. It'll be an oligarchy, with the leaders based on specific genres. Those who have the most "1337" skills at playing and/or making games of a certain genre will get high positions in the government. Vice-President of Turn-Based Strategy Ownage(TBSO), here I come!!!
  10. A Discussion on Discussion

    Also, make sure people use decent grammar and spelling. This should really be a rule for all posts and not just debates. An occasional slip up or jumbling is ok, but when your post is "dud tht int col man i leik that stuf", the person should get a warning and we should all mass derate him(just kinng about that one). Also, when making very long posts on a topic, multiple paragraphs paragraphs should be required. Perhaps giving a warning rating to people for that is a bit extreme. Maybe just a verbal warning would be enough, and if they don't clean up their act, then you raise their warning level?
  11. Are people starting to rate me randomly???

    Quote:Original post by Spoonbender Quote:Original post by dudedbz1 I dont get it. I had a rating of 1002 and now I have 990... What am I doing sooo wrong? I'll tell you. You're caring. It's 12 points. Out of 1000. Who gives a damn? Just makes you look like a big crybaby, which tempts a lot of people to rate you down. Other than that, it should be obvious. People rate you down if they think you deserve to be rated down. From memory, the rating page says you should rate people based on friendliness and helpfulness. Så logically, either you've come across as unhelpful or unfriendly to someone. (And that someone might even be one single person. 12 points is nothing) And finally, people might not read your posts in the order you write them. You might be rated down for a post you made 3 months ago. (Oh, and posting in political/religious threads in the lounge is an excellent way to make your rating fluctuate. You can get rated up/down by dozens of people for saying a single word there. You might have 990 now, 1100 tomorrow, then 950 the day after, before stabilizing on... who knows what...[wink] Too true. After my common misconceptions in Christianity Thread, my rating dropped to somewhere around 950 from about 1010. Now it's back up to 1003!!!
  12. A great thing has happened in my life! =)

    I wish you the best of luck. Keeping a relationship like that thriving despite all that takes real courage. Howeever, courage will not be enough. You must persevere through all the problems that young couples have to face, except that yours will be multiplied. Just always, always, keep your col and never get angry and your wife or your daughter. Also try to get as much help from others as you can without being too much of a burden on them. I regret that you did not save that until marriage, but I am glad that your eyes have been open. Perhaps there are some books or articles on teenage pregnancy/marriage that I can find that will be useful. i'll get back to you on that. Congratulations on the beautiful girl.
  13. I feel like doing something stupid.

    Also, get a poncho. A decent one is maybe 5 bucks, and it works even better than a trash bag, and you can put it over your pack so that it doesn't soak your gear.
  14. Common misconceptions in Christianity:Part 1

    I'm trying to remember what it was under, but I really can't at the moment. It may be one of the subsections under "Signs of the Times", but I really can't remember. I just remember it's somewhere in there, and it gives a pretty good explaination. EDIT: also, the wars starting with the Civil War have been of much greater scale and magnitude than all those previous. The only wars that I can think of of comprable magnitude are the wars that destroyed the Nephite and Jaredite civilizations in the ancient Americas. SECOND EDIT: I think there might be an article titled "Prophecy on War", try that one. That might explain why you didn't find it under prophesy
  15. The Constituion of the United Forums of GDNet

    Quote:Original post by jfclavette I don't care about the constitution, but I want a letter of marque. Finally someone else who knows what a letter of Marque and Reprisal is!!! For those of you who don't know, a letter of Marque is basically a government sanction to be a pirate. It should be part of the GDNet constitution. To elaborate, let's say the US was at war with France, and you owned a boat. If you could get a letter of Marque from congress, which would give you liscense to prey on the commercial vessels of France. Now I like the idea of being a sea pirate, but should the GDNet constitution's letters of Marque also apply to internet piracy/hacking? like say game development site x said nasty things about us, so we crash their servers? Let me hear your thoughts.
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