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  1. MrRowl

    Capsule Inertia Tensor

    Thanks for this. However, eq 14 has an error! Where it says H^2/2 that should be (H/2)^2. The code is correct, but of course nobody would just pinch that
  2. A quick search came up with this so it looks like it's been done. I don't use Unity so can't offer any opinion on it, though. Why do you think Bullet would be better than PhysX (that's not a loaded question - just interested!).
  3. MrRowl

    How we Built an iOS game on PC

    Very useful article, and well written too - many thanks!
  4. MrRowl

    Welcome To The New Gamedev.Net!

    Sorry - I don't like it either. Wish I did. I use another forum that uses IP.Board so am already pretty familiar with it, and don't like it any more now than at the time of the migration (in fact posted I there after their migration pointing to game.net as an example of a nice forum/site to use). I guess I can only hope that you guys can customise it better...
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