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    Wi-Fi Latency (Local Network)

      I mean if user A hits their button first, but shortly there after user B hits there button (I'm talking a 10th of a second).  Could packet A hit the router, sit because the router is 'busy' and packet B hit the router and get filtered out to the PC first, then packet A.   Also, when you say things COULD happen or delays MIGHT happen, how much time are we talking?  1-10 millseconds, 10-100 milliseconds, seconds?  Obviously if we're talking a few milliseconds then that's acceptable, but if we're talking a few seconds on occasion then things won't work.   Thanks!
  2. webjeff

    Wi-Fi Latency (Local Network)

    Thanks for the responses!   Does anyone here think that a router could cause a long enough delay such that if you pressed a button on both devices (same mobile device hardware-wise) but one device you pressed slightly faster, that the router could become congested and deliver the wrong packet first?  Or is any issues like that really so fast (sub 10 milliseconds) that its imperceptible?   Should I just use TCP instead of sending out my own multiple packets as well?   Thanks again for the help!
  3. Hello,   I'm working an a time sensitive project over Wi-Fi.  For my example, imagine a button on two mobile devices (same devices) connected to a local Wi-Fi router as well as a PC connected to that same router.   Everything is offline and locally connected.  The PC is hardwired.   I am trying to find the best way to use Wi-Fi so that the PC application will know which mobile device's button was pressed 'first'.  Like who buzzed in first in a game show for example.   I understand enough to know the limitations of Wi-Fi, but I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions on how to make this work with extreme precision?  Ideally, I'd like the mobile devices to sync up to the CPU tick time and then send a packet containing the exact tick the mobile device was on when the button was pressed then when the PC gets both packets of data, the PC can evaluate the data and return the results.   Is this possible?  Or is there any other ideas?   Thanks!
  4. webjeff

    software contract (good or bad)

      Frob, I wasn't aware of this.  Thank you.   My particular situation is that while we did verbally agree to the %, the rest of the terms in our contract were still being negotiated and never fully agreed on.  So, I think I'm safe.  However, in the future, I'll request more time to think about the entirety of the of the project before agreeing to any bullet point on any contract.   To anyone wondering, I have officially decided to walk away from this project.  I don't believe we can come to an agreement on all the terms.   Thanks again for all your guys comments and suggestions, it's given me a fresh perspective on working with royalty based projects in the future.  I especially like the idea of money up front that would come from the royalty stream later, puts the risk back on them more or less.  Probably would need to take less % for the lesser risk, but still worth it IMO.   Thanks
  5. webjeff

    software contract (good or bad)

    Thanks again for your feedback, VERY helpful!     I was actually seeking % based projects because I wanted to start looking for more passive income.  I'm tired of the straight cash for contract work gigs :(.      Interestingly, at the time I didn't think it was a bad % ... well, I kinda did, but I convinced myself that 15% of something is better than 100% of nothing ya know.  The part I didn't really factor in, was the part that I'm really doing 100% of the work, haha.
  6. webjeff

    software contract (good or bad)

    Thanks for the feedback guys!   I probably painted a slightly grimmer picture than it is, but the facts are facts.  I do feel bad because they have been nice to me (relatively speaking).   To be honest, the contract we are working on isn't something that would hold up in court, since it's just a document of bullet points.  I think it's more of a gentlemen's agreement that I would honor if I sign and would expect the same, but I certainly will not sign unless I'm satisfied.   Although, I did verbally agree to some of the terms, in specifically the % split.  To which now I do not agree with, glad I didn't sign anything!  However, I think they will be upset :(.  Life isn't fair I suppose.  Problem is, they will probably want to know what I want and I'll probably have to say at least 40% to 50%.   Thanks
  7. Hi guys,   I'm not sure where else to post this, I'm working with a client and have started on an application (not game) for them.  The terms of the deal between us was that I'd receive 15% from the sale of the software, I had to negotiate up from 10%.  We have not signed anything yet, will be doing that soon, however I already started on the project and frankly had to see if I could even do what they wanted and yes I can, after testing and working on it.   I'm now hesitant doing business with these guys anymore, I'm sure they mean well, but I think they are now expecting me to do a lot of work, in multiple phases and I no longer see 15% being enough.  Considering, this is their only software line for their company.   I feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick.  I have to write the entire first phase product which won't include all the features, but still need to finish it before they can sell it.  I'll have to deal with the bugs and deal with them adding features (feature creep).   They want to own the code as well, give me 15% of the sales and have me deal with any financial costs for development that I cannot do.   What do you guys think?  They are bringing to the table an existing customer base that they want to push to upgrade to this product.  I don't know exact numbers and frankly, I have a concern with some customers moving to an all software solution, their current product has a VERY old software and small device.   Frankly, I could finish and sell this product myself.  Not that I would, but just pointing to the fact that they are not bringing much to the table other than their existing customer base which may or may not upgrade (probably will).   One last thing, their last developer which they are moving away from gets a fixed amount per sale (not %) and they do not like that, I feel the % is to save them money and again, I feel like it's not enough.   What do you guys think?  I know it's hard to say one way or the other; anyone have a gut feeling?   My fear is that I'll be doing a lot of work, for very little money in the end.   Thanks  
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