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  1. kingnosis

    Can Python handle...

    I'd be interested in hearing more input in the rest of his question: Quote:Original post by Pete Michaud I don't have the low-level knowledge to implement something like that, and I'm not familiar with how a game is tiered... <snip> as far as a well structured game, I'm lost. Are there any resources that address a person in my situation, or am I stuck reading books geared toward total newbies, in order to pick up the things I've missed?
  2. kingnosis

    Is August 22 the beginning of the end ?

    Quote:Original post by SticksandStones Everyone calls Ahmadinejad crazy, but never provide any proof. What has he done to be labeled crazy? Calling for Israel's destruction? Seriously, does anyone have any proof the man is crazy? Well, one thing that's always mentioned is his denial of the holocaust. Here's a link to plenty of news stories that make reference to it.
  3. kingnosis

    Windows Slipstreaming?

    Probably your best bet for slipstreaming is to use nLite. It will add SP2 to your installation, plus do a bunch of other stuff, and then make an ISO for you at the end. I've used it several times. Never got the automatic hotfixes or drivers to work, but everything else works great.
  4. kingnosis

    I noticed this while watching Spider-Man 2

    IBTLOL (but wouldn't you remember that mole?)
  5. kingnosis

    The verdict on SDL?

    I used to worry about SDL being sort of noob-ish, but I think that was more just an ego problem. Never done OpenGL, but for 2D, SDL is the way to go. Basically, unless you KNOW that SDL isn't fast enough (ie, your company tells you), it'll be fast enough.
  6. kingnosis

    I had the most freaky thing happen to me...

    Quote:Original post by t_wilson She has a boyfriend. I have a girlfriend. Quote:Original post by Stonicus Threesome! Can't you count? [grin]
  7. kingnosis

    I had the most freaky thing happen to me...

    Isn't there a forum for posts on girls yet? It could be filled with great lines like this: Quote:Original post by t_wilson Like a pre-programmed memory of the other had been included in us since birth. Anyway, you have to follow your ROM and go after this new girl, even though you might regret it. If you don't go after this new girl, you will definately regret it. EDIT:Quote:Original post by slowpid how did this guy manage a ban in two posts during his first few hours as a memeber, impressive. Must have been a duplicate account of someone who's been banned before.
  8. kingnosis

    Silly OOP problem

    Quote:Original post by kzar Each entity has a draw() function so ovbiously its going to need to know what sprites its using and everything. No! Don't do it! [smile] The whole point of OOP is that the entity does NOT have a Draw() function. Sprites LoadImage() and Draw(). Entities Move() and Turn().
  9. kingnosis

    tough situation..

    Well I don't know about avoiding him all together, but you definately don't want to be his safety blanket. If you fake it and act like his best friend, not only is it 'bad times' for you, but Joe's going to see through it sooner or later and it'll probably do a lot more damage at that point. I'd say the best option is to treat him like any other acquaintance or casual friend. Still talk to him and stuff, but don't be there for him, you know? If he's really so bad off that he can't find any shoulder to cry on, send him to get professional help - that's what they're paid to do, and they can Joe get back on his feet so that he can start getting some friends, and get his emotional life back under control.
  10. kingnosis

    Silly OOP problem

    Yeah, I'd say restructuring the hierarchy is definately in order. If you want good OOP (and not just the use of classes), then don't pass that pointer, don't derive your entities from your resources, and for Pete's sake don't make 'em friends. What does a game entity need to know about textures anyway? Nothing! You want your game entities to do stuff like Move() and Rotate(), and never RenderToScreen(). It can really be a problem to figure out how to get all this stuff organized. I've thought about it a lot, and the best solution I could come up with is a three-tier system: On the top, you've got your stuff that's just pure game: the ships, the elves, whatever. You should do this level of programming without any reference to the screen or to resource files or anything like that. These are your game entities, and if you want to derive all the specifics off a base class for an easy EntityManager, then great, go for it. On the bottom, you've got all your fun stuff: sprites, textures, meshes, sound effects, and so on. This is where you put all your D3D/OGL/SDL code. Now the key is the middle layer, and that's where you've got your shared data. This is going to be stuff like position, rotation, alive/dead/dying flags and what not. What you do is you have your System contain three objects: the EntityManager, the DataManager, and the ScreenManager. The System first calls EntityManager.Update(), and here you can pass a pointer to the DataManager if you want, (or you can make the DataManager a singleton, or static, or whatever you want to do). The entities in the EntityManager are what manipulate the data. You put your collision detection, your physics, etc in here. The System then calls ScreenManager.Update(), and the ScreenManager responds to the data and presents it on the screen all pretty like. And that's how you begin to make a wonderful OOP system for yourself. It's hard to find any information on this sort of thing. All those little tricks that you read in books like the "factory method" or the "observer pattern" are fantastic ways of structuring the smaller parts of your program, but games are often too complex with too many different types of parts to base your whole program on something like that.
  11. kingnosis

    Just to Clarify ...

    Coating the walls with the viscous residue of your love. Nice.
  12. kingnosis

    how to make a rect.

    You're going to want a triangle strip. Take a look here for how to put two triangles together as a strip. How much do you know about DX? That's actaully a great tutorial all around, so if the code on that page doesn't make sense, take a look.
  13. kingnosis

    Trouble w/ forward declarations

    Great. I'm just going to forward-declare the SDL_Surface, since that's a pointer anyway. Thanks to both.
  14. So I'm trying to do a simple forward declaration. The idea is to keep all the SDL-specific stuff out of the header file since that will be included all over. This is the basic setup: the header: struct ScreenData; class CScreen { public: CScreen(); ~CScreen(); private: ScreenData m_Screen; }; the source: #include "screen.h" #include "SDL.h" struct ScreenData { SDL_Surface *surface; int x, y; }; The problem is that I'm getting a "field 'm_Screen' has incomplete type" error from the compiler (MinGW). It's showing the error in the class declaration in the header. There's also a bunch of errors in the source about m_Screen being undefined, but it starts at the header. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
  15. kingnosis

    Picture war (56K Warning)

    Quote:Original post by frob Quote:Original post by nickvbs Legos on fire Remember the Maniac?
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