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  1. Calexus

    C++ Alternative to Unity?

    Have a look at shiva3d   Its basically the same concept as unity3d.   C++ and Lua, exports to pretty much every platform. On the downside the GUI is a bit aged and the new version is about a year behind schedule.
  2. Codeblocks 10:05 is over two years old. Try installing a "nightly" build instead.
  3. xcode uses the GCC or LLVM compilers so it all depends on what versions of the compilers you have.
  4. Calexus

    Code modelling software

    Pretty much any UML software should work for you, just ignore the features you don't need. Personally I like ArgoUML, easy to use, open source, multi platform, but very much work in progress so some features are a bit bugy. But for simple class modeling it works like a charm.
  5. Calexus

    So who is still around these days?

    Floorcaek[/quote] I just have to ask. What (or should that be who?) is a Floorcaek? I've seen it before but that was several years ago and I never cared about what it was... kind of regret that now, feels like I'm missing out on some of nerd culture :/
  6. Calexus

    Compile times?

    Personal projects: Rarely over a couple of minutes for a complete rebuild. At work: Rebuild after modifying a couple of files ~2-4 minutes complete rebuild of all modules ~40-50 minutes.
  7. A quadtree would probably fit your needs perfectly. It is easy and straightforward to implement and performs well for "normal" scenes. When working with none point size objects you simply use there bounding volumes, aabb in your case, and insert them either in the last nod containing the entire bounding volume (be it internal or leaf node) or in all the leaf nodes the bounding volume intersects. You could also use a combination of both but that is probably not very useful. If you don't want to use a quad tree there are other alternatives like the good old grid structure, the bsp-tree, bounding volume hierarchies or spatial hashing. Or you could probably just iterate all the objects ant test them all if you have lets say less then 20k objects but then I would use bounding spheres instead as the are much cheaper to test. Actually it's usually a good idea to always test spheres first, even if you have an aabb you test the bounding sphere of the aabb before you test the aabb itself.
  8. Calexus

    Codeblocks lack of compile

    Check if you actually have mingw installed. In any case you will probably have better luck getting an answer over at the codeblocks page.
  9. I'm in the process of debugging a rather massive system and I keep getting back to a part of the code that makes heavy use of std::map<std::vector<long>, std::long<long> >, the code itself compiles perfectly well and for what I hear it has been working fine for years. But still... is it really legal to use an std::vector as a key? I have never seen anyone use it before but I guess its legal as long as all the needed operators are provided. Edit >> Sry forgot to say this is C++.
  10. Calexus

    Custom file formats

    Sqlite also make for a pretty sweet custom file format. Depending on your data stuffing it into a file based database might not be the best solution but it's really nice to be able to access data using sql queries.
  11. I don't know if its possible but maybe you can use gcov (?)
  12. Calexus

    .cpp to .app on mac

    If you don't know how to turn your c++ code into an executable I think you will have better luck posting in the Beginners Forum. Basically what you want to do is compile your source code, exactly how you do that depends on what toolchain you are using. As somebody posted you can use xcode. I think it's apples official development tools (?) or you can use (for example) gcc, perhapses together with codeblocks which is a really nice open source IDE.
  13. Calexus

    .cpp to .app on mac

    I'm no expert on mac but isn't .app what they call executable files?
  14. Calexus

    Gdnet Black (Alpha)

    Awesome! Much appreciated, a lot easier on the eyes... but maybe it's a bit to dark? Anyway far better then the default plasma-beam skin.
  15. Calexus

    What Does Everyone Think About The New Site Layout?

    It's to bright and strains my eyes. And the most interesting part of the front page, the resent posts, should be at the top of the page. But I do like the airy design.
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